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If you have KBS Tour shafts in your irons then you’ll love the KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid shafts in your hybrids.  Just make sure you get properly fit.


After creating one of the most popular iron shafts in golf, the KBS Tour, Kim Braly wanted to keep the magic rolling into the hybrids section of the bag.  The KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid shafts are exactly that extension of the Tour series Braly was looking for, and also KBS’s first graphite shaft.  The Tour Graphite Hybrid is designed to have the same coveted feel and stability of the KBS Tour to make that transition from the steel iron shaft easier.



KBS is known for a plain shaft with a simple red label, and the KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid is no different.  The biggest visual differences are that the Tour Graphite Hybrid is black graphite and it has the “Prototype” label.  I’m sure once these shafts are officially on the market, they will have a more familiar KBS shaft label.  For now, I love the cool prototype shaft labels on the black shaft.



Obviously everyone will have their own preferences, but I felt more comfortable attacking the ball with the 95g KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid shaft whereas the 75g felt a little too “loose” because of its lighter weight.  Players using hybrids as fairway wood replacements are more likely to get along better with the lighter 75g KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid shaft.  The heavier weights are going to feel more familiar for standard iron replacements.  Both shafts have that signature KBS smoothness and stability in the flex profile, and I would argue much more feedback than their steel counterparts.



Interestingly enough, the KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid shaft might be the first time I’ve experienced identical club and ball speeds when comparing two clubs.  As you can see, I had the same speeds, but different flights and results.  I had a consistently higher smash factor with the 75g shaft, but I also hit it higher with more spin.  With the 95g shaft, I had a lower launch angle, less spin, and greater distance.

The important takeaway here is identifying what you are looking for your hybrid to do and getting properly fitted by a fitter like Club Champion for the right shaft to accomplish that.  The range of weights and flexes offered in the graphite Tour Hybrid should provide plenty of options for everyone.



My first thought when I hit the KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid, before I knew anything about the shaft, was “Wow, this has a strangely similar feel to the KBS Tour iron shaft.”  When I read the product description saying that was exactly KBS’s goal, I had to tip my cap to them.  They nailed it.  In all honesty, I’ve never gotten along well with the KBS Tour steel shaft, but I thought the feel and performance of the graphite Tour Hybrid was excellent.  I can see where fans of the Tour steel shafts could love these graphite hybrid shafts.  As mentioned before, I think it’s crucial to be fit for the right shaft in your hybrid, so you make sure you get the proper feel and results you’re looking for.

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  1. Glenn Morgan

    I am 72. I have a Taylor Made Hybrid GAPR 4 and 5 with KBS Hybrid by FST 70/R shafts. I need a lighter shaft for both hybrids (Senior). Is there KBS Hybrid shafts to meet my criteria?

  2. Hey Matt,
    Thinking about either a KBS prototype 85 stiff or a Fujikura Atmos TS blue 85g. How would you compare the stiffness profile and feel?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re referring to the ATMOS hybrid shaft, I haven’t reviewed it, so I can’t offer a comparison.



  3. Cameron Finch

    Hey Matt,
    How does the KBS 105g prototype X – flex compare to the HZRDUS smoke black 6.5 90grams and the evenflow white 6.5? Or in general, how do these shafts compare?
    Thanks in advance

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