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KBS Tour FLT Iron Shaft Review


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The KBS Tour FLT iron shaft is a close relative of the KBS Tour steel shaft, but with higher launching long irons and lower launching short irons.



KBS has a strong reputation for irons with good feel and control, but almost all of their shaft lines have had very specific performance characteristics.  While it’s very difficult to make equipment that has a widespread appeal and benefit in the golf market, KBS attempted to make an iron shaft that would work for a broad range of golfers ranging from the amateur player to Tour pro.  That shaft is the KBS Tour FLT which is designed to make 6 irons and up higher launching and softer landing while the 8 iron and down will have a lower, more penetrating flight.



Interestingly, the feel of the KBS Tour FLT is very similar to the KBS Tour shaft.  To be honest, if it wasn’t for the differing performance, I’m not sure I would be able to tell the difference.  I thought the standard Tour shaft was fairly smooth, and you could feel distinct action toward the middle of the shaft throughout the set.  With the FLT I found that it seemed the action (kick point) shifted lower and higher to accommodate the intended performance design of the shaft set.



To test the KBS Tour FLT shafts, I got on the launch monitor with the Tour FLT, the KBS Tour, and a third set of shafts (my control set in the experiment, my gamers).  Sure enough, I was hitting the Tour FLT long irons with an apex about seven feet higher than the other shafts, and I found the results to be consistent.  As a result of the added height, I got a little more carry and a little more distance.  With the shorter irons, I didn’t have the same gap, but there was a clear difference.

With the Tour FLT, I saw an apex about three feet lower than my other shafts, but that small of a difference doesn’t have me totally sold on whether it was me or the shafts.  That said, the principle of changing flight characteristics throughout the set is definitely there and the Tour FLT shafts performed as advertised for me.



Whether or not the KBS Tour FLT is good for you can only be discovered through work with a qualified fitter.  What I will say is that if you love the feel of the KBS Tour shaft, but you’re looking for a different ball flight, the KBS Tour FLT is definitely worth a try.

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  1. Tom Galloway

    The shaft band on my steel shaft irons says KBS Tour FLT but does not say what the weight is or what flex it is.

    • If you’re asking how to tell what flex or weight the shaft is, there may be something printed on the shaft under the grip. You’d obviously have to remove a grip or two to see that.

  2. Stephen Shedid

    Hi ( i am french also i am sorry for my english ^^) i made a fitting for taylormade p770 and the man told me that kbs tour flt 120 will be good for me. But my current shaft is DG S300 (130g) so i would like to know if the flt 120 is not to light for me. I am playing on a golf course where there is always 30knots of wind. I am 4 handicaper. I hope that i have success to be understood. Thank you for your answer.

    • Your fitter is providing you better in-person information than I can from my seat. If that’s what you were fit for and you were hitting well, it seems reasonable to go with their direction.



  3. Harry wagner

    I had a set of irons with kbs 90 shafts. They fit me perfectly. What does the 90 stand for. Also I’m considering kbs tour flighted regular. Is this shaft similar to the kbs 90 regular? Help ! Thanks Harry

  4. J. Dooley

    How does the scale work im.about to buy tour fly x 130 shafts . Are they stiff and made of steel ? How does the scale work ?

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