Kaenon Hard Kore Sunglasses Review


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Combining outstanding optics and a lightweight active lifestyle frame, the Kaenon Hard Kore is all about function and fit on the golf course.



Kaenon (pronounced KAY-nun) wasn’t a brand I was familiar with before seeing them in a magazine recently.  Turns out, 15 years ago two brothers became determined to develop a lens that offered the optical clarity of glass with the weight and impact advantages of plastic.  The result is Kaenon’s proprietary SR-91 lens that’s used in all their frames.  There’s a variety of lens colors to choose from and the Kaenon website offers good visual tools for deciding which is right for you.



The Kaenon Hard Kore is designed for outdoor pursuits.  The frames are sturdy, substantial, yet still light weight.  Wrapping further around my head than other frames I’ve worn, the Hard Kore has a secure grip.

For golf, the grey G28 polarized lenses are recommended for bright sunny days and are what I tested.  True to the brothers’ goal, the lenses are very clear, keeping the view sharp.  The combination of grey lenses and polarization maintained an accurate, neutral color contrast.

Overall performance with the frame and lens was outstanding during sunny conditions and I wore them comfortably for the entire round.


Style & Fit

The Kaenon Hard Kore is designed for outdoor pursuits.  I don’t see myself slipping these on with a blazer for an outdoor reception.  The style is more in line with surf, turf, and slopes.  Although I love the grey color and matte finish, there’s a bit too much branding for my taste.  The temples are thick top to bottom creating a unique look that I grew to like as it blocks out light from the sides.  The gentle curve of the temples aids in the light blockage and overall fit.  The downside is there’s less air flow around your eyes creating some extra sweat in hot, humid conditions.



With 100% UV protection and extra coverage at the sides of your eyes, the Kaenon Hard Kore provides excellent sun protection.  The G28 grey polarized lens keeps your eyes stress free for an enjoyable round of golf (swing issues excluded).  The more substantial frame may not suit everyone’s style, but there’s no arguing that these are high quality, great performing sunglasses.  Even the packaging is top shelf.

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  1. bouvet christophe

    bonjour, comment et ou je peux commander une paire de lunette kaenon hard kore
    et a quel prix
    merci de votre retour

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