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The Indi StingRay wedges produce premium spin for the recreational golfer.


The objective of Indi Golf is to bring products to the game that are superior in performance and increase players’ overall experience.

StingRay Wedges are designed for the 99+% of golfers who love golf but don’t make their living playing the sport.  Designed as a premium solution for the recreational golfer, StingRay wedges feature large open square grooves that increase spin by 50% on a full swing.


When you look at the Indi wedges, the first thing you notice is the grooves stretch across the entire face.  The shape of the club is clean with a thick top line that instills confidence in any shot that you want to hit.

One difference that stands out on the Indi wedges is the straight leading edge.  Most of today’s wedges have a slightly rounded leading edge.  I like the straight edge as I felt I could “square up” the face on any of my shots.

You might be concerned that the straight edge would dig into the turf more than normal, but I did not find that to be the case.  From the rough, through the fairway, and up by the green, the StingRay wedges made solid contact without digging or getting caught up in the grass.

Sound & Feel

The StingRay wedges produce a solid feel on impact.  Shots flush on the face gave great feedback in sound and feel.  You’ll know you got all of it, when struck well.  Off-centered shots stayed mostly on line, but at a sacrifice of distance.

With the deep square grooves, you can feel the ball climbing the club face on full swings.


On the range, the StingRay was solid and started to build my confidence from the first swing.  I can say that I have never backed up a ball on the driving range until I hit the StingRay wedge.  These clubs have some serious spin.  The StingRays are really fun to hit.

I was hoping for more help around the greens.  Even with my flat swing, I was still stopping the ball faster than with my previous “big name” wedges.

For me, distances of 50+ yards is where these clubs really shine.  Balls get up fast and high toward the target and stop quick.  My ball would finish within two feet of my ball mark every time.  You can definitely go pin hunting with these wedges.  You know that the ball is going to land soft and stick.

I was very impressed with how well the wedge cut through the sand.  I felt that my ball gained more height out of the sand with the StingRay wedges.  Bunker shots from 50-80 yards were not a problem.  I love that solid top edge.  The top edge just gives you confidence to take a big swing and know a good swing will give you good results.

Tight lies close to the green can be intimidating.  I really like the bounce on these wedges.  I was able to pick the ball from tight lies to play bump-and-run shots or lob and stop it close.

With great spin comes the only negative: the wedges generate so much spin, that it can actually rough up a soft cover ball.


The StingRay wedges are easy to hit with great feel and better than average results.  If you are a recreational golfer looking to add some extra “stopping power” to your game, the StingRay wedges could help you put up some great scores.  These wedges really do create some amazing spin. Due to the TractionGrooves technology, the StingRay wedge is not approved for USGA competitions.

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Michael Feland

Born in Houston, TX, raised in New Orleans, LA, Mike and his family currently live in Orlando, FL. Mike is a First Tee Level 1 Certified instructor and enjoys sharing his love for the game with the Orlando area youth that participate in The First Tee of Central Florida program.

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  1. Sheelagh elmes

    Can you get this in a 47/48 degrees

    • Michael Feland

      Yes. According to the Indi Golf Website, the StingRay wedges are available in 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degree lofts.
      I have the 52, 56, and 60 in my bag. The 56 is probably my go to wedge, but the 60 is special. I found it easier to hit than my current 60° wedge.

  2. Nice review. I have the Indi Stingray wedges in my bag – 56 and 60 degree. They are sensational clubs. You can really make the ball dance with these wedges. Those difficult, low running chips that bounce and check are a cinch with these wedges, and as the author said, they’re terrific out of the sand.

  3. Hi Michael,
    If the ball is climbing up the face, wouldn’t this imply that grooves (teeth) are not biting the ball? I would assume that climbing would reduce spin and distance consistency.

    • Michael Feland

      Yes, I see what you are saying. I probably did not use an accurate description.
      The feel / impact off the face is “noticeable.” I felt it stayed on the club face longer. I liked that feedback. The Stingray’s felt different off the face than my wedges. I let one of my playing partners try it. He has a great short game. He noticed it too.
      Thank you for your comment.

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