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Incrediwear makes socks designed to promote blood flow, increase energy, and reduce pain and inflammation.  Very comfortable.  High quality.


Golf can be rough on the body.  From walking up and down hills to the stress of the swing, many of us wake up feeling it the next day.  Incrediwear is a line of apparel designed to ease the pain of golf and everyday life.  I tested their socks to see if they perform as promised.


The golf socks from Incrediwear are black with grey toes and a few neon green accents.  This commitment to black and grey holds true throughout their entire product line.  These are garments meant for performance, not style.

It is worth mentioning that golf socks are only a small part of the Incrediwear line up.  Their full range includes shorts, pants, sleeves, knee sleeves, gloves, back braces, wraps, and more.  If you have a body part that’s sore or tired, Incrediwear has a piece of gear to wrap it up.


With products like this, I try to do most of my testing before reading the claims so I can avoid the placebo effect.  I pulled on a pair of Incrediwear Golf Socks in my preferred Low Cut style, and immediately noticed the light compression.  To me, they had more compression than the CEP Compression Socks (review HERE) that I tested, but they were far from being uncomfortable.  I also appreciated that they were designed for the right and left foot individually and that there was some structure built into the sock.

I wore Incrediwear Golf Socks for several days and in a variety of situations.  My takeaway was that these are very high quality socks, they’re comfortable, and they have a little something extra.  That something extra is most noticeable with the crew length socks where the feeling of compression extended up most of my calf.  Wearing these, my feet felt light and energetic, even after a workout or prolonged periods of standing.

After my testing, I read Incrediwear’s literature to see how my findings stacked up to their claims.  I was very interested to read that these socks “do not need to compress to work,” instead relying on “semiconductor elements” which promote blood flow.  While I can’t speak to the mechanism at work, I do agree with Incrediwear’s claims that these socks kept me cool, supported my foot, didn’t slip, reduced fatigue, and generally made me feel good.


Overall, I’m very impressed with the Incrediwear Golf Socks and will certainly be wearing them when I’m planning to be on my feet for long periods of time.  Retailing for $14 per pair ($16 for the crew length), they’re not inexpensive, but they’re worth a try if you’re struggling with fatigue or other ailments in your feet.

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