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CEP Compression socks offer light compression in an effort to prevent discomfort and boost blood flow.  Very comfortable.


Talk to a golfer – especially one who walks – and you’re going to get some strong opinions on footwear.  Those opinions, however, likely stop at shoes.  Not a lot of thought gets put into what goes on first – the sock.  CEP Compression has put a lot of thought into their socks, so I took them for a walk to see if they make a difference.


Is it silly to talk about the look of a no-show sock?  Maybe, so I’ll keep it brief.

Even though no one else will see them, CEP Compression offers their no-show sock in a variety of colors.  They range from boring black/white to the bold orange/blue seen above.  Even if it’s only for my own amusement, I like the bright colors.


CEP Compression gives their socks two major advantages for comfort: they offer them in four sizes, and they’re designed specifically for the right or left foot.  The right foot/left foot thing may seem like overkill, and I’m not going to tell you it’s a night-and-day difference from regular socks, but it is nice.  Each sock fits a bit better with less “slack” in the toe.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled on these socks is how soft they are.  I didn’t have any expectations for a sock that’s 89% nylon, but it’s as comfortable, and much lighter, than any of the other high quality socks I wear.


I’ll get to the compression in a minute, but I need to start with the #1 problem with no-show socks: ankle blisters.  Anyone who has worn no-show socks knows the pain of a sock that’s a little too short and allows their shoe to rub a hole in the back of their ankle.  Because they come in specific sizes, the CEP Compression socks are the perfect height to avoid ankle blisters while staying out of sight.

Two other benefits of these socks are the seamless toe and the targeted padding.  Removing the seam from the toe removes a common “hotspot” for blisters.  I’ve walked tens of miles in these socks already and have had no blisters.  Additionally, I’ve found the padding to be very well-placed and comfortable.

Finally, we come to the namesake feature, the compression.  As much as I like everything else about these socks, I found the compression to be rather…meh.  Is there a difference between these socks and regular socks?  Yes, it’s noticeable.  Did my feet feel markedly different during or after ten miles of walking?  Not in any way that I’d chalk up to the compression.


If you’re a committed walker, I’d strongly encourage you to take care of your feet and invest in high quality socks.  I’d put CEP Compression socks – in whatever length you prefer – on the short list of socks I’d recommend, but for every reason except the compression.  CEP Compression does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in giving them a try.

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