How to Measure Club Length – Golf Club Building 101

Understanding the Basics

Measuring a club’s length seems like a pretty obvious thing, but it’s something that’s easy to get wrong.  Given the importance of club length – and it’s effect on other variables such as swing weight – we need to get it right.  We’ll teach you how to do that with the help of Nick Sherburne, Founder of Club Champion and Dean of Club Champion University.

Tools & Supplies You Need

Club ruler with sole plate

The Tools You Want

Marking jig

The Process

Step 1: Place your club head in the sole plate.  

Step 2: Measure to the end of the club.  It’s important to consider whether you’re measuring to the end of the shaft or the end of the grip.  The butt cap typically adds about 1/8″, per Nick Sherburne.  Club Champion builds 1/8″ under the desired length to allow for the butt cap.

Step 3: Mark the shaft with a marking jig (optional).  A marking jig or marking guide allows you to be a bit more precise when putting your cut line on the shaft.

Now that you’ve measured, learn how to make the cut properly HERE

Common Mistakes

Not using a club ruler.  Measuring with a tape measure or yardstick is fine if you want an approximate measurement.  If you’re trying to measure or build with any precision, get a club ruler.

Pro Tips

Buy a club ruler.  Yes, I know this lesson has been a bit redundant on that point, but it’s important.  If you’re going to do something, do it well.  That means building clubs with precision, and that means being able to measure precisely.  A club ruler and sole plate will run about $100, but it’s a piece of equipment that you’ll use on every build, and it will never go bad, wear out, or need to be replaced.

If you’re ready to move on to more advanced club building, check out our lessons on how to prep a golf shaft HERE and how to install a golf shaft HERE.

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  1. How is the club head positioned in the jig? Is the face ( grooves) facing down or up? Judging by the photo, you have the face down. Does it make any difference which way you do it?
    Thanks in advance

    • Matt Saternus


      Face down is the conventional position. I don’t think it should make a huge difference if you go face up, so long as you’re consistent with all your measurements.



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