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The Maxwell polo gets all the details right in the Holderness & Bourne 2016 Fairway Collection.  Simple styling, a tailored fit, and proudly made in the USA.

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When you see how Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, and Walter Hagen looked in old photographs, the word ‘sharp’ comes to mind.  Golfing with a tie on in the middle of summer in Augusta doesn’t seem pleasant, but man they looked good doing it.  These days pro golfers can rely on fabric technology, bright colors, and white pants to look good, but that’s a tough look to pull off if you aren’t on tour or Justin Timberlake.  Luckily, a couple of years ago a pair of friends decided to get back to basics, focusing on classic styles with an emphasis on quality that allow male golfers to look sharp again.

To really go old school, Alex Holderness and John Bourne decided to produce the shirts in the USA.  I asked Alex what it’s like to have his name on a tag that also proclaims “Made In America” and this what he had to say:

We are proud to support the American economy by sourcing and manufacturing much of our line here.  Our main objective is to offer distinctive, superior quality products to our customers, and if we’re able to do that by partnering with domestic mills and factories, we’re all for it.  We care a lot about the story behind each of our products, and aren’t interested in cutting corners to maximize profit.  We are building a different kind of brand in that respect.

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The Maxwell polo from Holderness & Bourne is 100% polyester with an anti-microbial finish that performs superbly in the heat.  And don’t gloss over the anti-microbial aspect as marketing fluff –  that finish actually helps prevent the microbes that cause odor.  Your game might stink, but you don’t have to.  The micro pique knit fabric is very lightweight and breaths well.  The shirt has a silky soft hand that simply feels good on you.  The fit is discussed in detail below, but for this section, suffice it to say that the shirt moves where you move.  For me, it emphasized the feeling of connectedness between my arms and my torso during the swing.

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Style & Fit

The bengal stripe gives The Maxwell a simple, classic style.  This shirt color, one of five choices that provide a subtle distinguished flair, is Gulfstream Tonal.  I love a self collar and this one has the added feature of internal stays to keep the structure intact wash after wash.  At 5′-10″ and 165 lbs, I typically wear a medium polo and this one fits perfectly.  Holderness & Bourne uses the term tailored fit and I believe it’s true to its name.  It’s not Euro-brand tight and it’s not loose.  A note on their website states that the fit “becomes more accomodative at the larger end of the size spectrum”.  The shirt tail length is extended and always stays tucked in.  Sleeves go down a nice length, just covering your bicep or about 2/3rd’s the way to your elbow.

One other item to note on a Holderness & Bourne shirt is the lack of logos.  With some brands featuring logos the size of Rhode Island, it’s hard to image the absence of outwardly visible logos.  You’d have to get real friendly with the buttons to see what brand shirt The Maxwell is without peeking under the collar.  This does however make it perfect for clubs or organizations wanting their logo to be the featured statement.

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In the crowded golf apparel space, it’s nice to find something different to wear like The Maxwell polo, both in terms of style and fit.  Even the Holderness & Bourne shirt box is different and makes you feel like you’ve acquired a special gift.  Beyond the impeccable quality, knowing the shirt is crafted in America is a real bonus.

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