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The most durable glove I’ve ever used.  Outstanding feel, very thin.  Tremendous value.  Eliminates the need for separate rain gloves.


If you could pick the characteristics for an ideal golf glove, what would they be?  You’d want it to feel good.  You’d want great grip and traction.  And, of course, you’d want it to last forever.

Is that asking for too much?  Not according to HIRZL.

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Does anyone remember those gum commercials from a few years ago where the flavor lasted so long that no one ever stopped chewing their original piece?  Since the gum lasted so long, the employees had to come up with comical ways of getting people to spit out the gum to buy more?  Anyone?

Either way, that’s HIRZL.  These gloves last so long that I wonder how the company stays in business.  I still have the first HIRZL glove (TRUST Control) that I got over 3 years ago, and, aside from some dirt, it still looks brand new.  This has been my go-to glove for bad weather and marathon club testing sessions for 3 YEARS and it still doesn’t have a hole, rip, scuff, or scratch.

The durability of HIRZL gloves would be a tremendous selling point all on its own, but then you realize it offers so much more…

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The cynics out there might be thinking, “Sure, it’s durable, but I bet it’s really thick and feels like garbage.”  Sorry, cynics, you’re wrong.

The HIRZL TRUST Feel and TRUST Control are every bit as thin and feel every bit as good as any premium cabretta leather glove I’ve used.  The secret is that the palm is made of kangaroo leather: this is why it can be so durable while still being very thin.

The best endorsement I can give is this: I don’t typically wear a glove when I play, but I feel like I can play in HIRZLs without any adjustment.  It’s the closest thing I’ve found to playing bare handed.

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If durability and feel aren’t enough for you, HIRZL also offers grip far beyond standard gloves.  This is the result of using kangaroo leather, as well as HIRZL’s GRIPPP technology.

I don’t claim to be an expert on leathers or tanning, but I do know grip.  When HIRZL says they have 3X more grip in dry conditions, believe it.  What’s even more impressive is that they have 5X more grip in wet conditions, so if you use HIRZL gloves, you no longer need separate rain gloves.

Possibly the best part of this is that the grip doesn’t go away.  Throwing a HIRZL glove in the washing machine is like buying a new glove.  I know that’s a “need to see it to believe it” type of thing, but I’ve seen it, so I believe it.

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Each of HIRZL’s three models, the TRUST Control, TRUST Feel, and SOFFFT Flex, is currently available through HIRZL’s website for $25.

Is this more than your average glove?  Yes.  And if you enjoy tearing through cheap gloves, then you should definitely let the price dissuade you from trying HIRZL.  However, if you recognize that a glove that is flat out better than other gloves is worth a few extra dollars, you’ll agree that HIRZL is a great value.

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The only question left is, “What are you waiting for?”  For $25, you can have a glove that performs wonderfully, eliminates the need for rain gloves, and will last so long that you’re likely to lose it before you tear it.  HIRZL may be a funny name, but it’s a serious glove.

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  1. Cedric Theofanous

    Wow, thats quite an endorsement. I will pick one of these up before the season starts for sure. Soft and durable just sounds too good to be true!

  2. Henk Verdonk

    I have bought more than 50 gloves from Hirzl during the last 3 years. I play almost everyday you see. I have a handicap 5, so I am not ‘abusing’ my gloves. It is true that most parts of the glove (both control feel as trust feel) are very wear resistant but the seams always let go and the upper parts of the thumb and fingers get holes in them. So overall, most of a Hirzl glove is wear resistant and stays intact but I have to throw them away to quick anyway because other parts let go. Thats a pity. And because of that I think the glove is much to expensive.

  3. Hey guys,
    Right now, I am working on making Golf Glove. I have no intention to sale it. I am just making it for my friend who loves to play golf. I have never played golf and even I have no idea why people use glove in it.
    So feedback from user would be highly appreciated for making the gloves.So I can gift him the Best.

  4. Martin helder

    Ik speel al 32 jaar golf op Spaarnwoude ,maar dit is echt de soepelste ,sterkste, regenbestendigste golfhandschoen die ik ben ooit ben tegen gekomen.

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