Haywood Golf Signature Putter Review

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The Haywood Golf Signature Putter is a quality flat stick at an affordable price.  A well-executed Anser-style putter from looks to feel to performance.


Golf has seen an explosion in the direct to consumer sphere.  Some of this comes from established names like Ben Hogan, but more often it’s a new name like Haywood Golf.  With a line consisting of irons, wedges, and putters, Haywood Golf promises to give golfers more value for their money.  I tested their Signature Putter to see if it delivered.


Here’s the obvious: the Haywood Golf Signature Putter is one of many Anser 2-style putters.  Let’s dig a little deeper.

The first thing I noticed when I set this putter down is that it’s a bit wider than what I consider standard.  This extra width comes from longer bumpers.  It’s not a full-on widebody Anser, but it’s somewhere in the middle.

My one nitpick is the face milling.  I generally don’t like when a milled face is made to look like an insert face – I’d prefer the same milling went all the way across.

Overall, I think Haywood did a good job of giving this putter a premium look.  The branding is extremely minimal – a signature in the cavity and the logo on the sole.  The silver and white color scheme is timeless, and the branded grip looks upscale.  If this putter had a big name on it, the internet would be going gaga over it.

Sound & Feel

Just like the look, the word here is “premium.”  This putter feels soft and solid with a bright “tock” at impact.  As you get into longer range putts, the sound crisps up a bit.  Mishit putts sound more click-y than solid, though there’s surprisingly little feedback through the hands.

Again, I believe that people would be spraying emojis by the dozens about this feel if it came with a bigger name.


With the 4 o’clock toe hang typical of a plumbers neck Anser, the Haywood Golf Signature Putter is going to feel extremely comfortable in the hands of most golfers.  This is the most popular putter design for a reason – it fits most players fairly well, and it provides enough forgiveness to deal with a small mishit.

One thing that makes this putter unique is the dual sight line.  With a line on the top line and the flange, you have a way to check your set up before each putt.  Please do note that this features only works if the lie angle fits you, so make sure you get that dialed in.

The other distinctive feature of the Haywood Golf Signature Putter is the pair of interchangeable weights.  This isn’t unique to Haywood, but it’s another premium feature that they offer in an affordable putter.  10 gram weights come stock in this putter.  For $20, you can buy a kit that includes 5 and 15 gram weights.  This gives you a nice range of head weights to experiment with.  Good luck getting anything from Scotty Cameron for $20.


At $200, the Haywood Golf Signature Putter is a premium putter without the “premium name” up-charge.  I’m extremely impressed with the value that this new company is offering, and it makes me very eager to check out the rest of their line up.

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  1. For a milled putter at $200, it’s a bargain.

  2. David McCutcheon

    I just ordered one of these putters two days before this review came out. Thanks for making feel even better about my purchase.

    The price is amazing and I was able to upgrade to a stability tour shaft for a reasonable price as well. A day after ordering my putter I contacted the founder Josh and added two forged wedges – can’t wait to get these sticks into my hands.

  3. The irons are beautiful.

  4. Comparison to new Ping Heppler Anser?

  5. Brad Barker

    Is it a 303 SS head?

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