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A really good uni-tasker training aid.  Should help golfers with consistency and distance.


While it’s rarely diagnosed by the “pros” that dispense free advice on your local range, the collapse of the rear leg is one of the most common and destructive swing flaws in golf.  The Ground Force Trainer by The Golf Gapper is a clever training aid that will not only rid you of that flaw, but it can add power and distance to your swing.

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Ease of Use/Set Up

The Ground Force Trainer is one of the easiest to use training aids that I’ve encountered.  First, there’s no set up: just drop the foam pad and rotational disk on the ground.  All the instructions are printed right on the rotational disk, so there’s no need to watch a DVD or read an instruction manual.

There is a DVD included in the kit and it provides added clarity and tips for those that want them, but overall, this is a very simple training aid that is intuitive to use.

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I’ve been using the Ground Force Trainer for a few weeks and I do feel that it has helped to improve the stability in my right leg during the swing.  The consistency of my contact has improved, and I only notice a collapse of the right leg when I really overswing.

As for the Ground Force Trainer’s claims of adding 5-15 yards to your drives, I would say that the jury is out.  While I haven’t seen a big improvement in my top end club head speed or distance, I have seen improvements in my consistency and average driving distance.  In fairness, I’ve done a lot of things over the years, be it working out or using other training aids, to add club head speed and there may just not be much left for me to gain.  I expect other players who haven’t already wrung every ounce of speed from their swing could easily see distance gains of 5+ yards.


The Ground Force Trainer is average in terms of longevity.  It’s a good and effective training aid, but it’s not particularly fun to use.  To its credit, it doesn’t take much time to use.  As with most training aids, the real determinant of the Ground Force Trainer’s longevity will the golfer’s desire to improve.

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The Ground Force Trainer retails for $119.  This is a little above what I consider an average price for a training aid, but not much.  It is a unique training aid that focuses on a very real problem, but it’s also a unitasker.  On balance, I would say the Ground Force Trainer represents an average value.


Overall, I really like the Ground Force Trainer and I expect to continue using it regularly to improve the consistency of my golf swing.  If you struggle with inconsistent contact or want more distance, the Ground Force Trainer could very well be the solution to your problems.

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    is the Ground Force Trainer still available for purchase?

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