Golf News – September 2, 2021

Recycled Materials in ZG21 Motion Show What’s Possible for Performance Footwear

CARLSBAD, CA – Earlier this year we introduced our new ZG21 family of products with the focus on offering high-performance spiked footwear that’s lightweight with zero compromises. We were determined to push the industry forward, and we’re doing it again by introducing the newest addition to this collection – ZG21 Motion – to show that creating footwear that’s made in part with recycled materials can still provide the performance golfers need and expect.

Our mission with ZG21 Motion was simple: challenge ourselves to create a high-performance upper made with recycled materials without changing what ZG21 was always meant to be – a lightweight spiked-performance shoe with zero compromises.

We achieved this by designing a technical mesh upper that is engineered to provide comfort, stability, and protection. This textile mesh upper is made with a minimum of 50 percent of recycled materials, furthering our mission to END PLASTIC WASTE and act as another example of how we’re working towards our goal to use only recycled polyester in our products wherever possible by 2024. This upper is also waterproof (one-year warranty), proving that there is zero compromise when it comes to performance.

As part of this release, we’re also introducing ZG21 Motion BOA®, a new version for both men and women. In addition to the engineered textile upper made in part with recycled materials, this new silhouette features a higher cut design and sock-like opening for added stability, alongside the new PerformFit™ Wrap powered by the BOA Fit System. This ‘Y’-strap design offers an even higher level of performance, creating a secure fit over the instep and provides flexibility and freedom in the toe box. ZG21 Motion BOA will also offer players a one-year waterproof warranty to protect them from the elements.

All models of ZG21 Motion feature the key innovations from our original model that make this such a great option when it comes to lightweight spiked performance: LIGHTSTRIKE, UTLRA- LIGHT STABILITY FIN, our BOOST cushioning in the heel, and our SWINGPLANE TRACTION outsole. There will be three silhouettes in total: our laced version alongside a BOA® version for both men and women.

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Club Champion Celebrates Second Annual ‘Putter Fitting Month’

WILLOWBROOK, IL –  There’s nothing worse than a three-putt on a hole that should have been an easy par. Could practice help? Always. But there’s a chance something else is keeping you from reaching your putting potential — your equipment. To solve this problem, the nation’s top club fitter created Putter Fitting Month to focus on the club responsible for over 40% of your strokes.

From September 1-30, 2021, every Club Champion location will waive the putter fitting fee, valued at $100, for any golfer who purchases a new putter or custom putter shaft with Club Champion installation.

So how does it work? It starts with an unrivaled number of putter options, including models from brands like L.A.B. Golf, SIK Golf, Edel Golf, SeeMore Putters, Bettinardi Golf, and more. Those brands, plus putter shaft options from companies like Breakthrough Golf Technology, combine with Science and Motion (SAM) PuttLab technology to help Club Champion master fitters to pinpoint the perfect putter. Their fitters have been trained to understand what each putter brings to the table, and their only goal is to find the best combination of components to lower your scores.

To complement their expansive equipment knowledge and options, Club Champion master fitters are also trained to analyze SAM PuttLab metrics to precisely break down what’s going on with your existing putter. Key criteria about your stroke — club path, face angle at impact, loft, lie angle, consistencies of rotation — should be considered when seeking out a new putter. Data from the SAM PuttLab helps fitters address those things, as well as other elements like head style, weight, putter length, face balancing and even toe-hang. Your Club Champion fitter will explain what areas need to be changed with a new putter or simply adjusted on your current putter.

Whether you are an occasional golfer or on the links weekly, every player benefits from a custom-fitted putter.

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