Golf News – September 17, 2021

MOO! Limited-Edition Stan Smith Golf Inspired by America’s Dairyland

CARLSBAD, CA – For the first time in 94 years, the best golfers on the men’s European and American teams will meet in the state of Wisconsin for one of golf’s most time-honored competitions. Wisconsin’s state slogan is “America’s Dairyland,” earning the designation for being one of the nation’s leading dairy producers. With that in mind, we got our herd of designers together to create a limited-edition Stan Smith Golf that pays tribute to the animals responsible for Wisconsin’s distinctive title: the cows.

This time around, we didn’t look to names like Johnson or Garcia for inspiration. Instead, we looked to names like Ayrshire, Guernsey, and Holstein – just some of the famous breeds that have been awarded the sought-after title of “Wisconsin’s Cow of the Year.”

The Stan Smith is our classic silhouette that we first brought to golf earlier this year. We’re continuing the tradition with this model, which will feature an all-white upper, a playful spotted cow print on the midsole, and a pop of pink on the outsole. We made special sockliners to continue the spotted-print theme, which include a logo of a fictitious club – “Dairyland Golf Club” – in honor of this historic locale. As with all of our Stan Smith Golf models, the upper is made in part with recycled materials, all part of our mission as a brand to help END PLASTIC WASTE.

“Knowing how anticipated this event would be, we wanted to do something different and unexpected,” said Masun Denison, global footwear director, adidas Golf. “We’ve done a few designs around this competition in the past and thought it would be fun to look at the location as a whole, not just something that focused on the two teams. This idea of America’s Dairyland kept coming back to us, so we decided to have some fun with it.”

Our Stan Smith Golf features our adiwear rubber spikeless outsole with traction inspired by the shoe’s original sole design. We included a die-cut PU sockliner and additional PU cushioning in the midsole to provide golf-specific support in every step. This version is also waterproof (one-year warranty) to help keep feet dry “until the cows come home.”

There are some subtle features we included to make these truly unique, like a special “MOOO” endorsement from the cow’s themselves on the tongue and a shoe bag that carries the spotted-print theme with our END PLASTIC WASTE and “Dairyland Golf Club” logos.

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Nemacolin Unveils New Golf Technology and Practice Space

FARMINGTON, PA – Nemacolin, the award-winning resort in Pennsylvania, recently unveiled significant technology and design upgrades to The Nemacolin Golf Academy.

Nemacolin, one of the premier, luxury golf destinations in the mid-Atlantic region, opened this exquisite, 4,000-square-foot space in late summer. With a renovated building design, all new furnishings, seven flat-screen TVs, and dazzling new décor, the luxe learning, practice, and entertainment space has also been outfitted with the most sought-after simulator, launch monitor, and biomechanical feedback technology in the golf industry. This includes cutting-edge hardware like TrackMan launch monitors and simulators, Foresight Sports’ GCQuad launch monitor, and Swing Catalyst’s Balance and Dual Force Plates.

The Golf Academy’s four, spacious, customized hitting bays can open up to the 25-station driving range that sits adjacent to two short-game practice areas and a large putting green. The Nemacolin Golf Academy, which also features a dedicated, 1,000-square-foot putting room, is optimized for expert golf training and club fitting under Golf Digest “Best Young Teacher” Michael LaBella and his team. Meanwhile, the inviting entertainment space with ample seating, room for multiple players in each hitting bay creates a fun and engaging venue for golf instruction, practice, dining, and private groups of up to 60 people.

LaBella’s team utilizes TrackMan’s cutting-edge, golf swing analysis system and full-wall simulators along with the innovative TrackMan Range technology which enables golfers of all skill levels to practice distance control, shot-shaping, and more. TrackMan’s tour-proven swing, ball-flight tracking, analysis, and entertainment technology gives instant access to a golfer’s carry yardage, total yardage, ball speed, trajectory height, launch angle, and launch direction, providing every golfer the ability to improve their game.

TrackMan Range at the Nemacolin Golf Academy also lets golfers play quick, fun, and challenging games, like Bulls Eye, Hit It, and Capture the Flag. They can also play a full virtual round on some of the world’s best courses. “Challenging your friends and fellow members to a virtual round on the simulator is a great way to keep your game sharp in the off-season,” says O’Donnell.

The Foresight GCQuad is the only launch monitor in the industry to utilize quadrascopic imaging for an extremely accurate, detailed evaluation of ball and clubhead performance analysis.  With the infrared object tracking and high-speed, high-resolution technology, golfers will know their ball speed, horizontal launch angles, vertical launch angles, spin, spin axis and carry distance, and they’ll be able to see real-time data on the clubhead’s velocity, swing path, attack angle, clubface angle, smash factor, dynamic loft at impact, dynamic lie at impact, and impact position.

Using the Swing Catalyst Balance and Dual Force plates and the Foresight GCQuad, Nemacolin’s teaching pros can build a virtual 3D model of any golfer’s swing. The technology records foot pressure measurements, generated torque, and ground reaction forces by capturing thousands of images per second to help the Academy pros analyze a multitude of data and produce the most complete understanding of a student’s stance, swing, ball, and clubhead performance.

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