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Tour Edge Develops Upgraded Hot Launch 522 Series with Diamond Face 2.0, VIBRCOR and Houdini Technologies

BATAVIA, IL – Tour Edge, the pound for pound industry leader in performance and innovation, introduces their new Hot Launch 522 Series of golf clubs that will be available starting October 1, 2021.

The 522 Series offers two distinct ranges, the E522 and C522. They are designed to cover both ends of the Super-Game-Improvement and Game-Improvement club categories in separate driver, fairway, hybrid, iron, and wedge designs.

Both the Extreme (E) and Competition (C) ranges feature new technologies and setups designed to produce different playing characteristics targeting a specific player looking for game-enhancing qualities.

The 522 series is the 6th iteration of the best-selling Hot Launch line. Each iteration has raised the standard of excellence for mid-tier price point golf clubs in the golf industry. The Hot Launch 522 Series continues to raise that bar.

With Hot Launch 522, Tour Edge is employing several key technologies from their tour-preferred Exotics brand, including Diamond Face 2.0 and VIBRCOR, while also upgrading current innovations like the game-changing Houdini Sole and the acoustic-enhancement of the product.

  • The E range are Extreme Spec Super-Game-Improvement clubs that boast an extremely low Center of Gravity (CG), super-shallow faces, and offset designs with shorter shaft lengths designed to get the ball launching in the air with ease.
  • The C range features premium, state-of-art Competition Spec Game-Improvement designs with a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) in classically shaped clubs that sit square at address, while providing the ability to launch the ball with added forgiveness and power across the face.

Hot Launch offers the pound for pound best pricing to performance in golf and is designed to be the leader in performance-value custom fitting. The entire Hot Launch 522 Series will be available in over 1000 authorized fitting locations.

Hot Launch E522 Metalwoods (Extreme Spec Driver, Fairway Metal and Hybrid)

Hot Launch E522 is all about ease of use. The Extreme-Game-Improvement Hot Launch E522 metals feature extreme MOI properties with a major emphasis on ease of launch, playability and correcting mishits and slices to go straighter.

  • Houdini Sole Technology – The Houdini Sole design innovation pushes weight back as much as possible in a driver design. This design creates extra mass to precisely position weight in the head for an ultra-low and deep CG, optimizing launch conditions and greatly improving forgiveness off the face.
  • Diamond Face 2.0/Cup Face Technology – The Hot Launch E522 metals feature Diamond Face 2.0 technology with 42 different thick and thin diamond shapes behind the face of the metals for an enhanced sweet spot.

Diamond shapes of varying thickness create “mini-trampolines” behind the face, combining with a Cup Face construction to produce greater face flex, faster ball speeds and better performance on off-center hits.

  • Heel Weighted/Slice Fighting Offset/Shallow Face Designs – Offset designs are combined with a heel sole weight to provide the ultimate in slice fighting technology. The strategically placed heel draw-bias weighting of the E range allows the face to square up at impact for straighter ball flight that helps right-handed golfers avoid the right side of the course, and left-handed golfers avoid the left side of the course.

The super-shallow face design produces higher launch angles with extreme ease of launch.

  • High Moment of Inertia – An extremely high MOI rating makes the E range metals extremely stable and powerful. This increased MOI will increase ball speed on mishits and will keep shots straighter, while the back and low CG positioning creates high-flying, powerful shots.
  • Control Length Shafts  The Control Length shafts have been optimized with shorter shaft lengths that were designed specifically for the E range metals to greatly improve accuracy, control and to offer maxed out Smash Factor ratings for the club head.

The Control Length shaft system leads to more players hitting the center of the clubface.

Hot Launch E522 Iron (Extreme Spec Iron-Woods)

The E522 Iron features the game-changing Houdini Sole in conjunction with a super-shallow face, slice-fighting offset design, and heel weighting for added draw bias.

These amped-up iron-wood designs put a major emphasis on ease of launch, playability and correcting mishits and slices to go straighter for the ultimate in ease of use.

  • Houdini Sole Technology – The raised steel mass area of the Houdini Sole at the rear of the clubhead reduces the amount of sole area to reduce drag and turf interaction. The Houdini Sole design element has proven to be one of the most effective technologies at getting balls out of tough lies by reducing turf interaction by 35%.
  • Hollow-Body Design- Hollow-body perimeter weighting produces distance properties of a metalwood in an iron design for maximum ball speed. The hollow-body design makes for an extremely low and back Center of Gravity, helping to create a very forgiving and powerful face.
  • Shallow Cup Forged Face – The super-shallow Cup Face design in the Hot Launch E522 Irons produces higher launch angles and extreme ease of launch. This super-thin forged face design produces the pinnacle of extreme ease of launch, increased apex heights, hang time and distance.
  • Slice-Fighting Offset Design – The offset design of the E522 Irons works in conjunction with the heel weight in the clubhead to help players avoid hitting slices and to increase launch conditions.

Hot Launch E522 Wedge (Extreme Spec Wedges)

The Extreme-Game-Improvement Hot Launch E522 Wedge features a super-wide Houdini sole that puts more weight below and behind the ball making it extremely easy to get the ball into the air and out of tough lies.

The dual-flange sole design features 14-degrees of bounce allowing the wedge to glide through the turf or sand without digging in and promotes extreme open-face wedge shots.

  • Houdini Sole – The patented Houdini Sole and its curved leading edge reduced turf interaction by 35%, promoting a “no dig” design and leading to significantly less “duffs” caused by hitting up on the ball and hitting the turf at a lower point before the ball.
  • Super-Wide Sole – The super-wide sole and heavier head weight of the E522 Wedge helps to eliminate flubs for superior contact. It is engineered for versatility by adding extreme performance benefits to chipping, pitch shots, explosion shots out of the sand, shots out of the rough, flop shots and bump-and-run shots.
  • Super-Deep Undercut Cavity – This extremely deep undercut cavity dramatically lowers the Center of Gravity for the ultimate in wedge forgiveness. It redistributes mass for enhanced flight control and to create a higher launch with increased spin for extreme playability from the sand and rough.
  • Extra Large Face Design – An oversized face design on the E522 wedge provides more striking area for enhanced consistency and accuracy. It also raises the MOI for tight precision around greens and enhances playability from the sand and rough.
  • Full-Face Maximized Grooves – The full-face coverage grooves of the E522 Wedge are maximized to USGA depth and sharpness. They provide exceptional spin and control across the entire face of the wedge.

Hot Launch C522 Metalwoods (Competition Spec Driver, Fairway Metal and Hybrid)

The Hot Launch C522 range is for the player seeking optimal launch and spin rates, while still enjoying the benefits of extreme ease of use, forgiveness, and accuracy.

The C522 metals feature minimal offset designs for medium+ tempo swing speeds to attain maximum ball speed and increase forgiveness.

  • Diamond Face 2.0/ Cup Face Technology – The C522 metals feature Diamond Face 2.0 technology with 42 different thick and thin diamond shapes behind the face of the metals for an enhanced sweet spot.

Diamond shapes of varying thickness create “mini-trampolines” behind the face, combining with a Cup Face construction to produce greater face flex, faster ball speeds and better performance on off-center hits.

  • High MOI Rear Sole Weight in a Deep CG Casing – A back weight is strategically placed to the extreme rear of the C522 driver, fairway, and hybrid.  The extreme rear weight is housed in an all-new Deep CG Casing that places more mass at the extreme trailing edge of the clubhead.

The back weight and Deep CG Casing creates an extremely high M.O.I. rating for top in-line stability. The lower and deeper CG positioning of the club dramatically affects ease of launch and added forgiveness off the face at impact.

  • Acoustic Resonance Channels – Upgraded acoustic engineering is achieved through Acoustic Resonance Channels (A.R.C.) Engineering. The A.R.C. sound channel system is a visible technology that can be seen on the sole of the clubhead. Internally, these channels bounce sound on the inside of the club head to provide top-shelf sound and feel.
  • Power Channel – The Power Channel on the sole of the club behind the club face is deeper for better weight distribution and increased face flexing. The Power Channel delivers amplified ball speed and less spin, as well as added forgiveness on shots struck lower on the face.

Hot Launch C522 Iron (Competition Spec Irons)

The Hot Launch C522 Irons are maximum distance and forgiveness irons in a traditional cavity back design. The C522 Irons are made with the extremely soft 431 stainless steel, providing the optimal feel for players of all levels.

  • VIBRCOR Technology – VIBRCOR tech comes to the Hot Launch line for the first time with the C522 Iron. VIBRCOR is a high-grade TPU strategically placed in the deep undercut pocket to create a new speed-inducing and feel-enhancing internal technology.

VIBRCOR creates a distinct feel of the clubhead at impact that dampens sound and shock, while also creating perimeter weighting around the entire clubhead for maximum forgiveness and power and ball speed enhancement off the face.

  • 360-degree Undercut Cavity – The deep 360° Undercut Cavity promotes a myriad of game-enhancement benefits in a classic iron design. The expanded undercut cavity provides maximum forgiveness and consistent performance. It also delivers an increased repulsion effect for high-speed power off the face and a higher launch angle and enhanced forgiveness.
  • Wide Sole Design – A wider sole design on the C522 Iron lowers the Center of Gravity and offers superior bounce and increases launch for cleaner, high-flying shots. The wide sole design leads to cleaner turf interaction for more consistent shot making.
  • Advanced Toe Weighting – Advanced toe weighting technology in the C522 Iron maximizes stability on impact and provides better off-center hit distance from the face of the iron. The strategically placed toe weight elongates the sweet spot and provides a pure feel off the face of the irons.
  • Power Lofted – The lower and deeper Center of Gravity allowed the C522 irons to be power-lofted for added distance and lower spin with the same launch characteristics as a standard lofted iron, making for a modern long-distance iron design that will provide extra distance with the same apex height expected from each iron.

Hot Launch SuperSpin VIBRCOR Wedge (Competition Spec Wedges)

The new Hot Launch SuperSpin wedge offers an extremely forgiving wedge with enhanced feel for every level of golfer looking for more control in their short game.

This cavity back wedge will be available in six lofts featuring VIBRCOR technology that provides a soft feel at impact with great feedback that will provide better control around the green. 

  • VIBRCOR Technology – VIBRCOR tech comes to the Hot Launch line for the first time with the Super Spin wedge! VIBRCOR is a high-grade TPU strategically placed in the deep undercut pocket to create a new speed-inducing and feel-enhancing internal technology.
  • Beveled Leading Edge/Cambered Sole – The wedge’s beveled leading edge reduces digging and makes for an exceptionally versatile design for every type of wedge shot. A cambered sole means a curved and more rounded sole will glide more smoothly across the turf. The more rounded sole will help every level of player get out of tough lies and bunkers.
  • Rear Weight Pad – Extra weight is centralized behind the top portion of the face. This added weight in the upper center of the face expands the sweet spot vertically, so shots struck higher on the face maintain exceptional control and feel.
  • Maxed CNC Grooves  Computer-milled grooves are at the maximum depths allowed by the USGA. These maxed out CNC grooves provide perfect control and spin around the greens for every level of golfer from pro to beginner.

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SuperStroke Signs New Ambassador Agreement with PGA Tour Superstar Jordan Spieth

SAN DIEGO, CA – SuperStroke – the leading manufacturer of high-performance golf grips – has re-signed Jordan Spieth to a multi-year partnership, wherein the three-time major champion will continue to use the company’s grips on all clubs during competition, as well as appear in company marketing initiatives.

Spieth – who first signed with SuperStroke in 2014 – is one of the most recognizable golfers on Tour with 12 career victories including the 2015 Masters, 2015 U.S. Open and 2017 Open Championship. So far this season, he has six top-five finishes including a win at the Valero Texas Open. On the course, Spieth uses SuperStroke’s S-Tech grips on his full swing clubs and the Traxion Flatso 1.0 on his putter.

Designed for golfers who demand the ultimate in feedback and control, the S-Tech club grip is constructed using a premium engineered rubber compound that provides just the right amount of softness and tack. The added Cross-Traction surface texture offers incredible non-slip performance in all weather conditions.

Featuring a distinct pentagonal profile with a wide, flat front grip shape with five pronounced edges, the Traxion Flatso offers incredible stability, feel and feedback. The Flatso has been the grip of choice for Spieth in all three of his major championship victories.

One of the most trusted brands on all major tours around the world, SuperStroke’s team of ambassadors also includes, future hall of famer Sergio Garcia and world-renowned putting coach Phil Kenyon. In addition to the company’s beloved putter grips, SuperStroke offers a full lineup of club grips allowing golfers to experience the benefits of SuperStroke technology in every shot.

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