Golf News – October 22, 2021

More Forgiveness Is in The Bag with PXG’s All-New XF GEN4 Fairways & Hybrids

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – PXG, the global golf research and development powerhouse, has revealed its all-new Xtreme Forgiveness GEN4 Fairways and Hybrids. Expanding upon PXG’s flagship GEN4 lineup and in compliment to the X models, these golf clubs are more forgiving and deliver outstanding ball speed, ideal spin, and smooth turf interaction.

When PXG introduced its GEN4 Golf Clubs in Spring 2021, the new drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons marked the apex of the company’s club lineup. Because PXG engineers have the freedom to approach club design with limitless creativity and without cost and time constraints, GEN4 presents significant advancements in materials and technology innovations, as well as personalized performance.

Based on positive feedback since the lineup deployed, a decision was made to augment the existing collection to include PXG XF GEN4 Fairways and Hybrids. The all-new golf clubs are designed to work in concert with PXG’s extremely popular 0811 XF® GEN4 Driver and 0311 XP® GEN4 Irons – prioritizing more forgiveness across the set.

“For those who need more forgiveness, our XF GEN4 Golf Clubs are our highest achievement yet,” said PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “Our new fairways and hybrids not only pardon a multitude of sins, but also round out the lineup so you can take sharper aim, hit it farther, and score lower.”

PXG 0341® XF GEN4 Fairways present a deep face design for faster ball speeds and a high-performance head shape that positions the center-of-gravity low and back for high launch, mid-spin. A Railed Sole Geometry notably improves consistency of contact.

PXG 0317® XF GEN4 Hybrids feature a larger and longer squared face design for added confidence at address and maximum ball speed on off-center hits. A Railed Sole Geometry increases the initial angle to the lead edge and prevents digging into the turf.

Both XF Fairways and Hybrids feature an HT1770 face material and an AM355 steel body. These more forgiving golf clubs also incorporate PXG’s proprietary Hybrid Crown Construction with Aluminum Vapor (AV) Technology, which supports optimal spring and faster ball speeds. Patented Precision Weighting Technology further enables golfers to fine-tune spin and bias, while a Honeycomb TPE Insert works as a vibration dampening polymer to enhance feel and sound.

PXG 0341 XF GEN4 Fairways are available in 16°, 19°, and 22° loft options.
PXG 0317 XF GEN4 Hybrids are available in 19°, 22°, 25°, and 28° loft options.

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Titleist Introduces Innovative Pro v1 Radar Capture Technology

FAIRHAVEN, MA – New Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls with Radar Capture Technology (RCT) – developed by Titleist Golf Ball R&D engineers and validated in collaboration with a team of TrackMan experts – are designed to enhance the data capture of launch conditions in an indoor environment and deliver the most accurate information possible.

Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT golf balls improve the TrackMan experience for dedicated indoor fitting specialists committed to a premium, precision fitting; coaches and instructors aiming to give their players even better tools to work with; and Tour professionals and golfers seeking precision data capture from their indoor practice sessions.

About Pro V1 Radar Capture Technology (RCT):

Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT models offer the same design, quality and performance as Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls but with the enhanced benefit of indoor radar signal capture:

  • Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT do not require application of reflective spin markers or precision orientation, benefitting indoor-only and seasonal golf facilities that operate a TrackMan simulator and enhancing the golfer experience.
  • Testing of Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT models shows a 99 percent signal capture that delivers true spin, resulting in even more accurate carry and total distance calculations.
  • Spin is critical to deliver an accurate data set indoors, contributing to key data points such as peak height, angle of descent, carry distance, roll out, and overall distance.
  • RCT has enabled TrackMan to improve the spin detection algorithm to require less ball flight to measure spin rate, benefiting, in particular, high ball speed/low spin rate scenarios.
  • Pro V1 RCT ball models conform with USGA and R&A rules.

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