Golf News – October 19, 2017

Callaway Announces X Forged Irons and Apex Muscleback Irons 

CARLSBAD, CA – Callaway Golf officially announced the new Apex Muscleback Irons and X Forged Irons.

The new X Forged Irons are engineered with a tremendous combination of performance, control, turf interaction, and feel in a triple net forging. It’s a design that continues to be popular with Tour players around the world. This single piece, cavity back iron features Tour configurations for the soles, CG progression for precision shot-making and accuracy, with just the right amount of forgiveness, and a classic finish. Clean and classic, with a smooth, appealing look at address, inspired by some of our most popular forged irons.

The Apex® MB Irons, a true muscleback, are only suited for the best of the best players, which is why they are so prevalent on the professional Tours. The pros know exactly what they want from the precision and performance in their irons, and we relied heavily on their input in developing our new Apex Muscleback Irons. To achieve this exceptionally high level of performance, we have advanced our CG positioning process for aggressively flighted shots with pinpoint control and exceptional spin characteristics. This classically crafted, premium forged design comes in a beautiful chrome finish, with a thinner topline, and the smallest blade that Callaway has to offer. This players iron was engineered for a remarkably soft feel that Tour players want, with the exact craftsmanship and precision they expect – only achieved through our premium forging process.

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VA Composites Releases SLAY – A New Series Of Performance Shafts

Pinehurst, NC – October 18, 2017 – VA Composites, Inc. maker of advanced performance graphite golf shafts, announced SLAY, its newest addition to their high performance shaft family.

With years of composite design experience, Victor Afable has designed yet another high performance composite golf shaft called SLAY. SLAY is designed with a stiff butt profile similar to the acclaimed RAIJIN shaft, yet it provides a softer mid and tip profile allowing for increased active kick. SLAY’s characteristics are high launch and low spin, resulting in acceleration at the tip section and maximum club head speed. SLAY is offered in weights of 55, 65 and 75 grams and is available for fittings in our worldwide network of authorized dealers.

“We are excited to introduce SLAY to the VA line of shafts. It allows more fitting flexibility for our dealers to give golfers maximum distance and tighter dispersion when getting custom fit. SLAY is available now at our dealers worldwide! SLAY’s introduction to the market has been incredible. We are so lucky to have such loyal dealers and followers,” states Victor Afable, Founder and CEO of VA Composites, Inc.

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Trion:Z Magnetic Ionic Gear Is Back And Better Than Ever!

Thousand Oaks, CA – Trion:Z has developed three new bracelets that will enter the US market this Holiday season. The new products that will be introduced are the Maxi-Loop, Zen-Loop Solo and Zen-Loop Duo.

What makes Trion:Z/Colantotte magnets unique?
Other magnetic devices use magnets with minimal magnetic field penetration or cause like poles to repel, therefore creating a dead zone between the magnets. Trion:Z/Colantotte uses an alternating north-south polarity orientation (ANSPO) to maximize the magnetic field flow.

Our unique alternating north-south polarity orientation is a feature in all our magnetic powered products, ensuring the magnetic field flow is maximized. In simple terms, the reason Trion:Z and Colantotte products are so effective is because of the medical grade magnets we use and the unique orientation of the magnets.

Trion:Z is looking forward to reintroducing our amazing new products, as well as, helping our customers to better understand the concept of magnetic therapy.

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OnCore Golf Announces Project Launch For The Game’s Most Innovative Ball

Introduces the “Ball with a Brain” – the Genius Ball™

BUFFALO, NY – OnCore Golf Technologies, Inc., has announced plans for a real “game-changer” – the Genius Ball™. OnCore is developing the Genius Ball™ with embedded electronic sensors and measurement systems, including a GPS chip, that will determine a wide range of data for each shot, including the ball’s distance, flight path, velocity and spin rate, and will communicate over Bluetooth to player’s mobile devices in real time. Beyond the ability to locate an errant shot anywhere on the course, the Genius Ball™ will deliver a array of shot data that the company expects will initially include:

– Ball location
– Time in the air
– G force at impact
– Angle of descent
– Initial velocity
– Carry distance
– Roll distance
– Degree of draw or fade
– Spin rate
– Height apex

In addition to developing their own proprietary software interface for mobile devices, OnCore expects to work with other golf app developers to allow the Genius Ball™ data to be easily integrated with other GPS and course visualization applications.

While a number of companies have attempted to create “smart” golf balls, the extreme g-forces encountered at club-impact are enough to damage or destroy most embedded electronics. OnCore has solved this issue utilizing an advancement of its patented hollow metal core technology. Creating a protective housing that will not interfere with the performance or feel of the golf ball, the OnCore engineering team is confident that golfers will be very impressed with playability of this unique ball.

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    Does it float? will it swim back to me out of the water hazards?, Yes I’m being facetious. At $25 each, I think they will be relegated to the golf inventions museum relatively quickly.

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