Golf News – October 10, 2019

Comfort Reigns Supreme with the All-New Contour™ Series Line of Golf Shoes and ContourFLX™ Golf Glove from FootJoy

BROCKTON, MA – FJ, the #1 Shoe in Golf, is reinventing the best-selling golf shoe category of all time, Contour Series, crafted with the same obsession to create the best fitting and most comfortable golf shoe imaginable, now wrapped in refined leather and relaxed hybrid styling.

Available in a cleated Contour™ and a spikeless Contour Casual™ version, both feature slip-lasted construction found in most sneakers to deliver ultimate flexibility and super-soft cushioning for all day comfort on or off the golf course.

Starting from the ground up, the Contour line of golf shoes each feature contemporary cup sole construction and an ERGO-sole that is proven to be comfortable and durable. The updated outsole has been modified with a wedge-shaped EVA insert to improve cushioning, reduce weight and add ergonomic support.

Next is the famous Contour Last, which provides a proven fit appreciated by the millions of golfers who have worn Contour over the years.

With an upper construction that features a proprietary NappaLUXE Leather, the Contour Series combines a one year waterproof protection with an ultra-soft look and feel.

Both the cleated Contour and spikeless Contour Casual products will be available in October.


  • NEW Cup Sole DuraMax Rubber Construction
  • Ultra-soft NappaLuxe Leather upper
  • 1 year waterproof protection
  • Lightweight PU FitBed for soft underfoot cushioning
  • Popular Contour Last proven by millions of golfers
  • Pulsar LP by Softspikes cleated traction (Contour only)

ContourFLX golf glove features a CabrettaSof Palm, providing a soft, comfortable feel, and a breathable FiberSof™ material on the back of the hand to deliver a consistent fit and added flexibility.

Designed to deliver where it matters most, the ContourFLX glove uses precision placement of PowerNet mesh along the back of the hand, with finer elastics across the knuckles for increased moisture control.

ContourFLX uses a 3-Directional proprietary angled ComforTab Velcro closure to secure the perfect fit.


  • CabrettaSof Palm™: Provides a soft, comfortable feel, durability along with excellent water and perspiration resistance
  • PowerNet™ Mesh: Precise placement of finer gauge elastics across the knuckles increases moisture control, fit consistency and breathability
  • FiberSof™: Material located on the back of the hand delivers soft feel, consistent fit, breathable comfort and added flexibility
  • Moisture Management: Moisture-wicking elastic cuff improves fit and comfort, and strategically placed perforations improve breathability
  • 3-Directional proprietary angled ComforTab™ Velcro® closure: Secures a perfect fit

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Putters Like No Other MORE GOLF Launches ‘The Detroit Collection’

FARMINGTON, MI – For decades, Bruce Sizemore has been designing putters for the best golfers in the world. The Metro Detroit native is now launching MORE GOLF, an ultra-premium golf equipment start-up that’s bringing design and manufacturing of the world’s finest golf equipment to Michigan.

MORE GOLF’S initial offering is The Detroit Collection, a limited-edition release of 99 ultra-premium putters that were created from start to finish in the city of Detroit.

Each one-of-a-kind The Detroit Collection Putter is created with Mokume Gane, an ancient Japanese art form that dates back to the 16th Century. Originally, this meticulous metal-making method was used to construct ornate hilts on Samurai swords. The more ornamentation featured on a Samurai sword, the more gifted the Samarai owner. Mokume Gane inserts for The Detroit collection putters are crafted from 14 layers of the purest copper and silver to create a look and feel like no other. Each layer starts as a sheet of precious metal that is meticulously prepared, stacked, and fusion bonded at its virtual melting point. Through heating and pressure, the molecular structure of the copper and silver is bonded to form a solid billet.

To create the unique ornamentation of each putter insert, the Mokume Gane billet is hand-carved to establish a three dimensional surface pattern before being forged and then machined flat. The resulting “starburst effect” present in each insert is the result of the different layers of materials expressing their distinct character on the surface.

The Detroit Collection putter heads and necks are 100 percent CNC Milled from a solid billet of 303 stainless material to the most stringent tolerances. The head and/or necks of the putters can be customized in one of two finishes: Satin Pearl or Patina.

Each Mokume insert is available in one of two finishes: Raw Mokume or Belgian Black Patina. Length, loft, and lie angle will be customized to order. Custom laser etching is also available.

The Detroit Collection putters feature a prototype putter shaft from OBAN that was developed specifically for MORE GOLF. Each putter shaft is created from a seamless Japanese braided steel tube that’s extruded to its final shape to offer the highest level of quality, feel, and consistency.

MORE GOLF also collaborated with U.S.-based Best Grips to create signature putter grips and headcovers for The Detroit Collection. Handmade from the finest cowhide, they offer golfers a distinctive look and a premium feel.

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