Golf News – November 21, 2023

Sacks Parente Golf Launches New Golf Shaft Division with the Introduction of Newton Shafts

CAMARILLO, CA – Sacks Parente Golf, Inc., a technology-forward golf company with a growing portfolio of golf products, including putters, golf shafts, golf grips, and other golf-related accessories, proudly unveils a significant expansion of its product portfolio. Introducing “Newton,” SPG’s latest business division and the Company’s first foray into the world of golf club shafts.

The Newton Motion driver shaft, the first Newton shaft to debut in the market, is a carbon fiber shaft designed to enhance a golfer’s performance by promoting straighter and longer shots with reduced effort.  Using the Company’s proprietary shaft design and construction, the Newton Motion shaft features four essential technologies:

  • Elongated Bend Profile – SPG has created an extreme elongated bend profile that is central to the shaft’s design. Because of SPG’s proprietary Kinetic Storage Construction (see below), the shaft will bend over a longer span of its length, resulting in improved club speed. The added flexibility of the carbon fiber gives the impression that the golfer doesn’t need to exert excessive force during the swing, leading to a more predictable and less jarring experience. This, in turn, enhances the smoothness of the swing.
  • Kinetic Storage Construction – The kinetic storage profile is the engine of Newton’s Motion Driver Shaft. This proprietary construction empowers the fibers to store more energy that is harnessed through elongated bend, resulting in a significant boost in exit velocity. In contrast to most carbon fiber shafts, SPG’s technology ensures perfect symmetry, eliminating the inconsistencies in flex and spin rates that can often lead to decreased accuracy and distance.
  • Newton Symmetry360 Design – SPG’s Newton Symmetry360 design ensures consistent flex, regardless of the driver’s clocking position. This stand-out feature allows for seamless adjustments to both the bend and torque (twist) when most flex changes occur, providing a truly versatile and adaptive solution.
  • Variable Bend Profile – The Newton Motion driver shaft is equipped with a variable bend profile meticulously designed to match the bend and torque requirements of each flex. This innovation ensures that every player’s driving performance is optimized, adapting seamlessly to the unique demands of the swing. Golfers with slower swing speeds need more torque while higher swing speeds need the opposite. Whether a slow or high swing speed, the Newton Motion technology tailors to the torque.

“Countless golfers grapple with a common predicament – a rushed transition at the pinnacle of their swing that triggers an alarming signal in their minds, leaving them uneasy about their swing,” said Aki Yorihiro, SPG’s Director, Chief Technology Officer. “With the combination of our four technologies, we replace those signals with a clear message to the brain: ‘Your swing is in harmony – trust the shaft.’ The result? Achieving straighter and longer drives effortlessly.”

In addition to the four aforementioned technologies, instead of using the traditional categorization of shaft flexes of ladies, senior, regular, stiff, extra-shift, etc., the Newton Motion shaft uses a DOT system. Ranging from one to six dots, the system allows for a seamless transition from the most flexible shaft at one dot to the stiffest at six dots. SPG’s innovative DOT system, employed by SPG’s expert shaft engineers, optimizes golf shaft performance by fine-tuning it to golfer’s unique abilities, leaving traditional flex systems in the past.

The Newton Motion shaft is visually captivating. When in motion, the shaft undergoes a mesmerizing color transformation from green to purple and various shades in between. The coloration not only adds a dash of style to a golfer’s game but it also distinguishes itself from other shafts in the market.

Top PGA TOUR Champions player Ken Duke used the shaft for the first time in the TOUR’S Constellation FURYK & FRIENDS event and ranked first in driving accuracy. Since he put the Newton shaft in his bag, he’s finished first, third, tied for 12th, and tied for first in driving accuracy on the PGA Tour Champions.

Visit Sacks Parente Golf HERE

Stay Longer and Save More With Pueblo Bonito’s ‘Black Friday’ Deals

LOS CABOS, MEXICO – When is the best day of the year to book a trip to Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts? Today!  Get a jump on the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

Pueblo Bonito marks the start of this festive season with a special offer that lets guests save more, the more they buy, or as we say, “save more and stay longer in paradise.” With no blackout dates and visits good from November 16, 2023 to January 1, 2025, this a deal that should not be missed. Bookings are subject to resort availability.

Eight Pueblo Bonito properties are participating in the Black Friday Sale.  In Cabo San Lucas, the adults-only Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort is the ideal setting for a romantic getaway, while Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort, with its large, all ocean-view suites, is perfect for families. In addition, within the Quivira Los Cabos community, stunning three-bedroom Montecristo Villas are perfect for groups of up to 8. Pueblo Bonito Rosé Resort & Spa and Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos, both located on El Médano Beach, are perfect for vacationers looking to be in the middle of all the Cabo action.

In Mazatlán, the Emerald Estate Villas offer a residential feel, while the elegant Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort & Spa overlooks the Pacific Ocean and has a private beach. The charming Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán is in the famous Golden Zone. The three resorts are great for family vacations and romantic getaways.

The Black Friday savings are progressive, with rates up to 50% off, plus $450 in spa, golf, and resort credits.

Here’s how it works:

  • Reservations of three (3) nights receive $225 in credit ($75 spa credit, $75 golf credit, $75 resort credit).
  • Reservations of four to six (4-6) nights receive $300 in credit ($100 spa credit, $100 golf credit, $100 resort credit).
  • Reservations of seven + (7) nights receive $450 in credit ($150 spa credit, $150 golf credit, $150 resort credit).
  • Resort credits may be applied to room category upgrades, subject to availability.

In both Los Cabos and Mazatlán the spa credit can be applied at Armonia Spa, a sanctuary of wellness and tranquility that offers rejuvenating treatments and exclusive organic products designed to relax, unwind, and revive.

In Los Cabos, the golf credit can be applied at Quivira Golf Club, the award-winning, epic Jack Nicklaus Signature course at Land’s End that meanders through huge windswept dunes and along sheer granite cliffs high above the surging sea. The course offers a thrilling, unforgettable experience and is among Golf Digest’s ‘World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.’

For information or to book the Black Friday Sale, starting at 12:01 a.m. PST on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023 (sale ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023)

Visit Pueblo Bonito Resorts HERE

Give The ‘Fit’ That Keeps Giving From Club Champion

WILLOWBROOK, IL – Club Champion has you covered this holiday season with their Black Friday sale! For a limited time only, receive a 20% bonus card when you purchase a Club Champion gift card. Additionally, the leading club fitter is offering $100 full bag fittings or other fitting types for just $50 with a purchase — that’s a savings of up to 80%. You can take advantage of both offers November 17 through December 4.

Club Champion fits, sells, and builds custom golf clubs using brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, Cobra, Fujikura, Golf Pride, and many more. The company delivers a Tour-level fitting that produces longer, more accurate shots with a nearly 100% satisfaction rate for golfers of any ability level, making a gift card purchase the perfect gift for any golf-enthusiast in your life.

Ranked by Golf Digest as one of the 100 Best Club Fitters 12 years running, Club Champion has a unique coupling system used to combine any head and shaft together, so golfers hit the precise combination to be custom built for them. They are the only fitter in the country to offer 65,000 interchangeable head and shaft combinations at all locations.

Whether the golfer in your life is an avid or casual player, a fitting or gift card to Club Champion can help improve their game this holiday season. Don’t miss out on a 20% bonus card on Club Champion gift card purchases, or the $100 full bag fitting offer. Terms apply. Fitting can be booked and gift cards can be purchased online.

Visit Club Champion HERE

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