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Golf News – November 12, 2020

New Putter Design Incorporates the Celebrated Technology Featured in PXG’s Battle Ready Collection

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – PXG, an innovative golf company dedicated to developing high-performance equipment and apparel, has released the second putter in its Battle Ready Collection. The new One & Done Putter is a 100 percent milled, high MOI, mallet-style putter with visually prominent alignment features to dramatically increase confidence on the green.

“With alignment aids for putts at every distance and a deep CG position for outstanding stability, the new One & Done Putter is designed to help you seal the deal on the green,” PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons shared. “Drop it in with one stroke, and you’re done. The name says it all.”

Like all putters in the Battle Ready Collection, the One & Done has been fully optimized for maximum performance – from the center-of-gravity (CG) and moment of inertia (MOI), to stability, balance, and weighting. The One & Done features a bi-material construction, integrating aerospace-grade aluminum with high-density tungsten to support a deep CG. The heavier tungsten material effectively shifts the CG position .58″ farther back, benefitting both swing and stability dynamics.

PXG’s innovative Pyramid Face Pattern has been optimized to increase hit velocity across the face by reducing the groove depth. The updated face design further supports consistency in all significant factors that affect roll, including initial ball velocity, launch angle, spin rate, and skid distance.

At address, the One & Done presents a golf ball-sized disk, high-contrast parallel lines, and a single sightline. These intuitive alignment aids work together to enhance accuracy for short, mid, and long putts.

To further dial-in the One & Done for a player’s unique stroke style, the putter can be configured with one of four PXG hosels – Plumber’s Neck, Heel Shafted, Double Bend, or Armlock. In conjunction with the hosel chosen, the clubhead and PXG’s signature sole weighting dictate the overall club head mass.

Four weights, found in the One & Done sole, offer 70 grams of adjustable mass. These weights also help fine-tune the putter to support desired launch conditions. Players who typically pull putts may benefit from adding heavier weights to the toe side of a putter, while those who push putts may add heavier weights to the heel side.

As with all clubs in the Battle Ready Collection, the sole boasts PXG’s distinctive Darkness insignia – a skull with the number 26 – commemorating Parsons’ combat service in the 26th Marine Corps Regiment during the Vietnam War.

Built to spec, the One & Done retails for $525 but is being introduced at a special price of $395.



Shot Scope Launches The Course Hub Social Community For Golfers

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – Shot Scope (, a leading international manufacturer of GPS-based golf management systems, and maker of the V3 – golf’s first Smart Watch featuring Artificial Intelligence – has unveiled Course Hub, a free social community within the Shot Scope app where the brand’s more than 50,000 golfing customers can come together virtually to share game information, view and store stats, compete against other golfers and access golf course information from around the world.

Fueling the Course Hub, Shot Scope captures over 1 million golf shots around the world every 10 days from customer base of smart watch users, and to date has over 65 million shots recorded by players using drivers, irons, wedges and putters. Through Course Hub, a golfer can now uncover valuable data on how to play any course, while becoming part of an engaging golf community.

Thanks to the unmatched game tracking technology featured in both the V3 and V2 GPS Smart Watches, Shot Scope data has shown that golfers improve their scoring by 2.7 shots over the first 30 rounds of use. With the addition of this new social community, golfers will have access to even more data from thousands of other users that can help improve their game.

The Shot Scope Course Hub is unlike any other social community in golf, as users can simply search for a golf club and instantly gain access to a wealth of data, such as gross and net course records, longest drives, hole-by-hole statistics, birdies and much more. This will allow golfers who are going to play at a specific course for the first time to view how other users have played it before and pick up useful course management tips.

Today, all data captured on Shot Scope V3 and V2 GPS watches is automatically synced to Course Hub after golfers opt to share their round data. This feature helps to build a massive database of information on how best to play golf courses, while also allowing users to immediately view their round data and compare their statistics with other golfers.

In addition, all 18 holes represent an opportunity for golfers to participate in friendly competitions with Course Hub. In fact, every par 5 becomes a long drive competition with the implementation of driving records, while a Top-10 leaderboard is available on each course page.

Golfers can access the Course Hub through the Shot Scope app for free. Course Hub is housed under the ‘compete’ section of the app, alongside Leaderboards and Medals. The new Shot Scope V3 Smart Golf Watch, which is available now, comes with 16 pre-labeled Club ID tags and five stylish watch strap options, including black, blue, red, gray and purple. Suggested retail price for the Shot Scope V3 is $219 and can be purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, PGA Superstores,, golf specialty stores or online.

Visit Shot Scope Golf HERE

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