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Honma Introduces New TW757 Iron Line

CARSLBAD, CA – An iron set that is perfect for the best players. Honma’s new T//World TW757 Irons are available in three sets. Three models of the tour driven TW757 irons meet the needs of the best players around the world.

T//World 757P Irons
The multi-material TW757P Player’s Distance irons are designed for players in pursuit of consistent distance and added control, while still demanding the look and feel of a traditional iron only Honma’s experienced Takumi (Master Craftsmen) can deliver.

Inlaid 12gr. tungsten sole weights along with an undercut pocket cavity creates a low-and-deep CG in a relatively compact iron, which generates high trajectory in conjunction with a modern spec loft package.

The steel body also houses a 6gr. toe-weight to precisely center the sweet-spot, and a 2.2mm thin L-cup face insert generates consistently fast ball speed across the face for the better player looking for added distance with a measure of forgiveness.

T//World 757Vx Irons
Forged from the softest premium S20C carbon steel, the TW757Vx Iron is a true players iron. The beautiful, tour-approved address profile in the one-piece cavity back forging features a 7gr. tungsten weight in the toe. The tungsten toe-weight serves to pull the CG towards the dead-center of the face (#4 – #8 iron) for consistency throughout the bag. Optimal heel and toe weighting inside the cavity reduces energy loss on off-center hits, and generates high launch windows, with optimal spin and exquisite feel Honma T//World irons are known for.

T//World 757B Irons
The TW757B is Honma’s advanced next-gen muscle back blade design. Featuring a thin top-line in a traditional-shaped blade, ideal CG placement is achieved by inserting a 7gr. tungsten weight and resin insert into a strategically placed port in the toe (#3-#7 iron). With additional material removed to lighten the heel to further optimize CG placement, the TW757B iron presents an ideal balance of performance and feel to let the best players in the world dictate their preferred trajectory and distance control. Honma Takumi have crafted the TW757 blades from the softest 8620 carbon steel for the ultimate in player feedback with tighter tolerances than any previous muscle back blades in company history.

The exclusive VIZARD for 757 50 Shaft was holistically designed to synergize the TW757 Driver and Fairway Woods from grip to tip. The strong mid-section in conjunction with a sub 5.0° torque value stabilizes club delivery and maximizes energy transfer at impact, while a softer tip provides for high launch and optimal spin. This versatile shaft has a smooth feel and is playable for a wide variety of players looking for a premium ultra-lightweight shaft. As with all VIZARD shafts, this proprietary shaft is spine aligned at 6 o’clock for added stability and Made in Japan.

To complement the standard VIZARD for 757 50 Shaft, Honma produces some of the very best shafts in the world for players looking to take their game to the next level through Sakata’s world-renowned Custom Department. Produced in-house in Honma’s Sakata factory to the industry’s tightest tolerances, the VIZARD MA, MP, FZ and Platinum hold their own on professional tours around the world.

VIZARD MA is designed for High Trajectory and Mid Spin. Well suited for players who prefer a firmer handle or tend to have a descending attack angle or struggle to release the golf club, the VIZARD MA features Ni-Ti alloy for shape retention in the tip-section to allow for higher launch and easy release while still maintaining ample control. Offered in 40-, 50-, 60-, and 70-gram weight classes.

VIZARD MP is built for the player with a neutral delivery looking for a shaft offering High Launch and Low Spin in a smooth feeling shaft. This shaft’s slight draw bias is achieved by extensive layering of ultra-high strength TORAYCA®T1100G materials to provide stability and feel in this popular custom shaft. Offered in 40-, 50-, 60-, and 70-gram weight classes.

VIZARD FZ was born to accommodate the strongest swings on tour and is now available to players around the world. The rigid tip-section of the FZ shaft is created by layering the high-strength and elastic TORAYCA® M40X carbon fiber material in the tip area. This shaft creates a mid-launch condition and very low spin. Offered in 50-, 60-, and 70-gram weight classes.

VIZARD PT (Platinum) is an exciting new concept in ultra-premium custom shafts that helps players maximize clubhead speed. This shaft contains ultra-elastic carbon TORAYCA® M40X in the bias layer for added tip reinforcement, and the ultra-high strength and elastic TORAYCA® T1100G in all layers. This unique shaft features a stiff tip and butt section with very low torque, paired with an active mid-section to help increase swing speed. Offered in 40-, 50-, and 60-gr. weight classes in a single uniflex profile targeted at players with current clubhead speeds of 82-116 mph.

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Big Max Scales New Heights With Dri Lite Summit

McARTHUR, CA – Continental Europe’s #1 golf bag and push cart brand BIG MAX is known for designing golf equipment that reaches for new heights of innovation and excellence, so when they bring out a golf bag called the Dri Lite Summit, you know they must be pretty happy with the results!

“I don’t know if we’ve reached the top of the mountain, but we’re definitely not far off,” comments Rick Oldach, CEO of BIG MAX U.S.A. “The Dri Lite Summit brings together several BIG MAX core technologies in one place and combines them with a stylish European look. This bag does everything you want of a cart bag, a stand bag, and an all-weather bag. And it looks fantastic while doing it.”

The Dri Lite Summit benefits from BIG MAX’s water-resistant Dri Lite technology. Featuring waterproof material, waterproof zippers and a detachable rain hood, it’ll keep your equipment 100% dry on all but the very wettest days. And it’s completely washable, so any dirt picked up on the course wipes off with ease.

The Summit features award winning BIG MAX Hybrid technology meaning it performs just as well as a stand bag as a cart bag. A flat, footless base sits perfectly square on a push cart and clever positioning of the stand mechanism lower down the bag than standard models allows the bag to rest in the upper bag brackets with zero twisting. A sturdy handle on the 14 way top and fabric grab handle on the body of the bag aid positioning and lifting to and from the car trunk or locker.

Off the cart, the Summit performs just as well. Padded straps with air channel for breathability deliver comfort while the weight of 4.4lbs is incredibly light for such a feature rich model. 14 way divider top and 7 spacious pockets takes care of all your equipment organisation while the 100% waterproof, lined valuables pocket protects your most important items. An oversize cooler pocket gives plenty of space for chilled beverages and neat features such as glove holder and umbrella holder provide comfort and convenience on the course.

Available in: Black, Charcoal – Black – Red, Silver – Black – Red

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