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Shot Scope Debuts Strokes Gained Tracking System For V3 & V2 GPS Smart Golf Watches

EDINBURGH, UK – Shot Scope, a leading international manufacturer of GPS-based golf management systems and laser rangefinders, including the award-winning V3 Smart Golf Watch, today introduced the Strokes Gained Tracking System for users of both the V3 and V2 watches.

The new system, which is an integral part of Shot Scope’s overall performance tracking platform, integrates trends and insights to support golfer performance. This allows Shot Scope to break down front-nine and back-nine strokes gained data, as well as specific strokes gained for Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5 holes, while providing more in-depth analysis on each quantifiable category. For example, information on tee shots over a period of time, tee-to-green statistics and tee shots by hole distance (the same sub-categories will apply to approaches, short game and putting). The system also tracks green success by distance/lie type, proximity to hole by distance/lie type, short game proximity by distance/lie type and up & down % based on distance.

The Strokes Gained Tracking System includes benchmarking against 6 different golf handicaps, including: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.  The benchmarking allows Shot Scope users to see where they compare to golfers of a similar ability and set goals based on each defined benchmark. Golfers can identify the areas of the game they perform strongly in compared to others, but also compare against a lower handicap benchmark to help identify key areas for improvement. This allows realistic performance goals to be set, when aiming to reduce their handicap.

The launch of the Strokes Gained Tracking System marks the final phase in Shot Scope’s Performance Tracking Platform that enables users to review ‘strokes gained’ data for all facets of their game on the Company’s mobile app, which also includes new performance pages, round overviews and social features. Users can evaluate strokes gained for tee shots, approaches, short game, putting for individual rounds and includes filters such as the last five or 10 rounds.

Adds Hunter, “Thanks to the performance tracking capabilities of our smart golf watches, thousands of golfers have reduced their handicaps. The progression for our performance tracking platform is based on direct user-feedback which signifies strokes gained as a hugely important aspect of game improvement. With Shot Scope golfers have the ability to assess their game against others at the touch of a button which helps identify areas of their game that need to be developed and leading them to play better golf.”

The centerpiece Shot Scope’s performance tracking platform, and one of 2020’s breakthrough golf innovations with an industry-leading $219 price, is the V3 Smart Golf Watch which features artificial intelligence that makes real-time swing performance tracking and distance measuring easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

Backed by patented Power-Sense AI strap technology that captures data on every shot, V3 delivers golfers instant feedback to better understand their swing and reach optimal performance. The technology creates an ever-increasing volume and accuracy of data collected from the golfer during play, leading to more insights and statistics that help the player understand their game better, improve on-course strategy and shoot lower scores. The more rounds the golfer plays with V3, the smarter the AI technology becomes, eventually producing highly refined individual golfer settings.

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Duca Del Cosma Launches Limited Edition Independence Day Golf Shoes

VREELAND, THE NETHERLANDS – To celebrate the forthcoming Independence Day next month, Italian golf fashion brand Duca del Cosma is giving U.S. golfers the opportunity to wear the Star Spangled Banner, with the launch of its new 4th July UNITED (Men’s) and UNITY (Women’s) golf shoes.

The stunning limited edition shoes were designed to honor Independence Day, with both the UNITED and UNITY models reflecting the inspirational design and colors of the American flag with prominent Stars & Stripes on either side. Handcrafted in soft Italian Nappa leather, the shoes feature exceptional attention to detail, matched with eco-friendly materials to provide the ultimate fashion statement both on and off the course.

“We set out to make sure Independence Day can be celebrated by American golfers with pride, and what better way to do so than wearing the Stars & Stripes out on the course,” said Evelien Lauwers, General Manager of Duca del Cosma in North America. “This range features styling that is truly unique, while never compromising on the quality and comfort that Duca del Cosma has become famous for,” she added.

A golf shoe for a true patriot, the UNITED shoe allows men to carry the American flag when walking on and off the golf course. Striking design is paired with outstanding workmanship to deliver golfers with a shoe that looks good and performs well. The style features a recyclable cork heel support that helps deliver stability and balance during the swing, as well as a waterproof Sock System with recyclable On Steam breathable membrane lining, for comfort in all conditions.

The UNITY model provides women golfers with a shoe like no other in terms of style and national spirit. In addition to the patriotic Stars & Stripes design, the shoe offers a number of performance enhancing features, including an ergonomic ARNEFLEX® high intensity foam insert sole that delivers long-lasting comfort. An eco rubber lightweight outsole also gives cushioning across the sole, while cone-shaped nubs ensure optimal grip. The shoes also come with contrasting pairs of red and white polyester laces to match up with different outfits.

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