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New Air-X Driver and Fairways Are COBRA’s Lightest and Most Forgiving Club Lineup, Designed for Players With Moderate Swing Speeds

CARLSBAD, CA – COBRA Golf, a leader in golf club innovation and design, introduced today, the new AIR-X franchise, the latest evolution of its popular lightweight club category. Continuing its focus on weight-savings and forgiveness, COBRA’s new AIR-X men’s and women’s Drivers and Fairways each boast an additional 8 grams of total weight savings. At just 277 grams, the AIR-X driver delivers a new level of lightweight performance to improve feel and maximize clubhead speed and distance for players with moderate swing speeds.

COBRA’s AIR-X line is anchored by new and improved metalwoods that have been re-engineered with new weight saving technologies. The AIR-X drivers now feature a lighter and thinner ply carbon crown that is 30% thinner than the previous generation (F-MAX). The new thin-ply carbon fiber saves a total of 5 additional grams compared to last year’s carbon fiber construction, allowing COBRA engineers to reduce the clubhead weight by 2 grams (190g total) while maintaining a high MOI of 5,000 for maximum stability and forgiveness.

To add to the weight saving technologies, the driver now utilizes a standard size 37g Lamkin grip, which is 4 grams lighter than last year’s model, and a sub-50-gram ULTRALITE shaft. Together, the lighter grip (-4g), lighter head (-2g), and lighter shaft (-2g) combine to bring the total overall weight to an unbelievably light 277 grams – 8 grams lighter than its predecessor. In addition, the AIR-X Drivers feature heel-biased weighting and an offset hosel design to help correct a slice and make it easier to hit straighter drives down the fairway.

Updated for 2022 is an offset that is increased by 20% delivering even more slice correction for those who need it. For players who prefer a traditional, square setup at address, the AIR-X Drivers are also available in a straight neck model.

COBRA’s new AIR-X Fairways employ similar weight-saving innovations as the driver, including the updated lighter weight carbon crown, and a 6-gram lighter 41g Lamkin grip. Additionally, a low profile, shallow face design lowers the CG for higher launch while back/heel weighting creates draw bias to help correct a slice.

COBRA’s AIR-X Drivers and Fairway Woods are available as stand-alone products or as a part of a 12-piece Complete Set. See below for details:

  • Men’s AIR-X Driver ($349) – Available in both right-hand and left-hand versions with a COBRA ULTRALITE 40 shaft in stiff, regular and lite flex. Comes in a sleek Revolver Grey/Arsenal Red colorway. Player’s choice of offset or straight neck hosel comes standard. Available lofts include 9.5°, 10.5° and 11.5° in right-hand and 10.5° in left-hand.
  • Men’s AIR-X Fairways ($229) – Available in both right-hand and left-hand versions with COBRA ULTRALITE shafts (50-gram in stiff, regular and 45-gram in lite flex,). Comes in a sleek revolver grey/arsenal red colorway. Available lofts include 16° (3wd), 20° (5wd) and 23° (7wd) in right and left-hand.
  • Women’s AIR-X Driver ($349) – Available in offset only in both right-hand and left-hand versions with a COBRA ULTRALITE 40 shaft in ladies flex. Comes in a striking black/lilac colorway and 11.5° (RH only) & 15° of loft (LH/RH).
  • Women’s AIR-X Fairways ($229) – Available in both right-hand and left-hand versions with a 45-gram ULTRALITE shaft in ladies flex. Comes in a striking black/lilac colorway and available lofts include 19° (3wd), 23° (5wd) and 27° (7wd) in right and left-hand.



Evnroll Expands Award-Winning Product Line for 2022

Evnroll Adds New Models, Expands V-Series and Midlock Offering, Plus Introduces Ladies and Left-Handed Options

CARLSBAD, CA –After a hugely successful 2021, Evnroll has added to its awardwinning product line for 2022 with two new models – ZERO and ER11vx. The California-based putter manufacturer has also expanded its V-Series line with new hosel and black finish options, added two models to the Midlock product line as well as new ladies and left-handed putter options.

New models – ZERO and ER11vx
New for 2022, the ZERO Putter from Evnroll showcases FaceForward Technology. FaceForward is when the shaft is aligned very close to the Centre of Gravity but toward the toe of the putter instead of the face. This causes the face to point forward toward the target line.

The patented Gravity Grip further enhances FaceForward Technology as the downward gravitational pull of the steel rod virtually locks the putter face to the target line.

The ZERO putter head features an ultra-light, precision milled 6061 aluminum body with a 30-gram steel weight positioned in each of the four corners of a clean, modern design. By hollowing out the center of the putter, MOI is maximized for unmatched stability. The golf ball-sized hollowed-out center is surrounded by a bold, white, ball-sized “zero” against the black anodized aluminum body. By adding a white, center line the golfer is rewarded with effortless alignment.

The new ER11vx builds on the success of the ER11v – the hottest member of the 2021 Evnroll V-Series. Using this elegant design platform of the ER11v, Evnroll has amplified its high MOI to extreme MOI, hence the addition of the “X’ in its name. The body material is ultra-light 6061 aircraft aluminum, incorporating a single dramatic sightline.

The rear, heel/toe adjustable 303 stainless steel weights have been redesigned to reposition mass further outward to enhance stability and forgiveness. The new ER11vx will also feature the inline short-slant, the latest addition to the V-Series hosel family – see below. Combined with extreme MOI, this heel-biased shafting will virtually eliminate the pull, the most common miss in putting.

New V-Series Hosel Options
Evnroll is introducing two new hosels to the award-winning V-Series range of putters for 2022 with a view towards further expanding options for golfers looking to improve their putting accuracy and performance.

  1. Inline Short Slant hosel neck creates the greatest amount of toe-hang and therefore the most amount of face rotation. This swing path helps avoid pulling the ball. This design has a hosel pin that fits inside the shaft for a seamless presentation at address.
  2. Mid Slant hosel neck creates a mid-toe hang that produces a moderate amount of face rotation. This type of shafting does not promote a pull or a push. The collar-type hosel fits over the shaft with a forward slanting hosel arm that produces a one shaft offset.

Inline short slant and mid slant join short slant, short plumber, long plumber and long slant hosel options in the V-Series line. Evnroll’s V-Series of putters, with V standing for versatile, delivers exceptional choice for golfers.

Eight of Evnroll’s most distinctive head shapes are available within the line and, from 2022, there will be a choice of six different hosel options. Because HOSELS MATTER.

V-Series Black
New for 2022 are V-Series black options. The hugely popular ER2v and ER5v models will be available in a black “murdered out” finish with black shaft and black head cover in the full array of V-Series hosels options.

New Midlock models
Evnroll has added the new ER11vx and the popular ER10v models to the Midlock product line. Midlock, the breakthrough innovation, is Armlock made easy for regular golfers. The secret to the Midlock putters is in the patented grip design. The Grip features the deepest pistol dimension allowed by the USGA. By positioning the grip sideways, the deep pistol pushes the shaft angle away from the mid-forearm reducing the typical 9 degrees of loft in an Armlock putter to just 4 degrees; similar to a simple forward press. This comfortable setup allows for an effortless one piece putting stroke with no moving parts.

Ladies and Left-Hand Classics
New for 2022, the award-winning ER2 blade and ER5 mallet head designs are available, custom-made for ladies. They will come in 32” and 33” lengths with custom aqua blue paint-fill, TourTac grip and headcover. Meanwhile the ER2B blade and ER5B mallet head designs will be available in left hand. They feature a “murdered out” black design with black shaft and headcover.

All new models will be available at retail from Mid-March 2022.

All Evnroll putters are CNC milled in Carlsbad, California. Each features Evnroll’s groundbreaking, patented ‘SweetFace Technology’ – an innovative and unique mill pattern engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face for unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion.

Nothing rolls like an Evnroll.

Visit Evnroll Golf HERE

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