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SuperStroke Launches Next Generation Zenergy Putter Grips

WIXOM, MI – SuperStroke, the No. 1 Putter Grip in golf and the leader in innovative Tour-proven golf grip technology, proudly introduces Zenergy, its next generation line of game-changing putter grips.

SuperStroke’s first new hero line in three years, Zenergy replaces the mega-popular Traxion line that has seen countless wins on professional tours – including numerous majors – since its introduction.

Zenergy’s multi-layer grip construction – with a soft, tacky outer layer for extreme grip, and a firm rubber inner core for crucial stability and feedback – was developed with invaluable feedback from the world’s best golfers. Designed to provide players of all abilities total, unparalleled performance, Zenergy’s proprietary technology adds unmatched confidence to quiet a golfer’s hands – and mind – during every stroke.

Zenergy’s new Spyne Technology has an improved, embossed ridge along the grip’s underside that guides golfers to natural, repeatable hand placement and making it easier to square the face at impact. Meanwhile, new Multi-Zone Texturing translates to strategically placed texture in high-sensory areas to optimize feedback and comfort from the incredibly soft polyurethane outer layer. This careful attention to variable textures and feels across the grip surface puts unrivaled control, responsiveness, and confidence in the hands of every golfer.

Patented No-Taper Shaping minimizes grip pressure with an advanced parallel design that allows golfers to quiet their hands and add stroke consistency. Located at the top of SuperStroke grips, the useful Tech-Port allows golfers to easily add game-improvement options, including the patented CounterCore weight system or performance tracking sensors.

Golfers will also notice that eight new colorways and redesigned graphics have been introduced to celebrate the arrival of the Zenergy grip line, including Orange-Blue-and-White, Purple-and-White, Grey-and-White, and White-and-Silver. SuperStroke has also made personal customizations (name, image or custom logo) available for the Zenergy line. SuperStroke’s personalized golf grips can be customized in a variety of ways using images, text, and colors to make something truly unique. The customization process is simple. After selecting the size and color of their SuperStroke grip, instead of clicking ‘Add to Cart,’ customers may choose the button next to it that reads ‘Customize Your Grip’ and follow a step-by-step process to add an image or text to the grip.

Several players on golf’s major professional tours have already put SuperStroke Zenergy grips in play. SuperStroke grips are trusted by legions of top professional golfers, including three-time major winner Jordan Spieth, eight-time winner on the PGA Tour Patrick Cantlay, and 2019 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Sungjae Im. Even before SuperStroke’s first PGA TOUR win by K.J. Choi in 2008, the brand was a pioneering force in putter grips. Zenergy grips now mark the culmination of that relentless innovation, fueled by feedback from more than 450 tour pros in the past year. From signature shapes and sizes to the cutting-edge materials, SuperStroke delivers unprecedented features into every Zenergy grip while connecting golfer and putter like no other product on the market.

Introducing SuperStroke’s 10 New Zenergy Putting Grip Models

Zenergy Tour

  • Original No Taper Design
  • Available in four sizes: Tour 1.0, Tour 2.0, Tour 3.0, and Tour 5.0
  • Tour 1.0 is not available with Tech-Port

Zenergy Pistol

  • Classic pistol shape with no taper technology
  • Ideal for players seeking a more traditional putter grip shape
  • Available in three sizes: Pistol Tour, Pistol 1.0, and Pistol 2.0

Zenergy Flatso

  • Pentagonal profile with a wide flat front and five pronounced edges
  • Available in three sizes: Flatso 1.0, Flatso 2.0, and Flatso 3.0

Zenergy SS2R Squared

  • 1″ square profile
  • Accommodates players who prefer opposing hand placement

Zenergy Claw

  • Graduated shape – Pistol shape at the butt end gradually transitions to a square shape
  • 100% designed to provide comfort and stability for golfers who prefer a claw-style grip

Zenergy XL Plus

  • Extended 13.5″ length
  • Ideal for golfers who use mid-length putters or want a little extra counter-balance
  • Available in three sizes: Tour 2.0XL, Tour 3.0XL, and Flatso 2.0XL

17″ Zenergy Flatso

  • Extra-long length measuring 17 inches and a wide-front design
  • Ideal for golfers who position the putter grip against their lead forearm

Zenergy WristLock

  • WristLock is 3″ longer than standard grips and has a pronounced butt section designed to lock your wrist during the stroke
  • Works for both right-handed and left-handed golfers as well as most putting styles
  • USGA-approved

Zenergy 1.0PT

  • 1.0PT has a smaller overall profile and features a pistol-style with a more pronounced arc under the top hand extending into the grip’s butt area

Zenergy Tour 1.0 2pc

  • 2-piece split putter grip
  • Classic 1″ diameter

CounterCore Weight

  • Sold separately
  • With three weight options, quickly and easily back-weight Zenergy putter grips to accommodate golfer preference
  • All CounterCore weights come with a wrench

SuperStroke Zenergy grips will be available to retailers in February 2023.

Visit SuperStroke Golf HERE

Srixon Announces New Generation of Soft Feel Golf Balls

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – SRIXON®, a global leader in golf ball technology and innovation, is set to launch the latest edition of SOFT FEEL golf balls Feb. 16 in North America.

Srixon’s SOFT FEEL provides golfers comfortable feel at impact and confidence at address. Equipped with a premium FastLayer Core, Speed Dimple Pattern and a soft, thin cover for enhanced greenside spin, SOFT FEEL delivers impressive ball speeds while balancing distance and feel.

Added core resiliency also plays a key factor in the SOFT FEEL. The FastLayer Core snaps back into shape more quickly after impact, delivering more ball speed, and reducing unintended long game sidespin.

SOFT FEEL golf balls include Srixon’s signature Speed Dimple Pattern, the 338 aerodynamic dimples improve the overall flight performance even in the toughest wind conditions. With a lower drag coefficient, the ball can cut through the air with less resistance, maintain a penetrating launch, and hold onto ball speed without sacrificing distance.

Two additional SOFT FEEL options are available in the SOFT FEEL LADY and SOFT FEEL BRITE. SOFT FEEL LADY is for women golfers who still want the softness of the SOFT FEEL, but a slightly higher launch for more distance. SOFT FEEL BRITE features Matte Visual Performance Technology, designed for those who prefer enhanced visibility on the course, while maintaining the exceptional feel and distance of SOFT FEEL.

Key Technologies:

  • FastLayer Core: With a soft center that gradually transitions to a firm outer edge, the FastLayer Core gives SOFT FEEL incredible softness and distance off the tee.
  • Speed Dimple Pattern: For more distance and better performance in the wind, Speed Dimples reduce drag at launch and increase lift during descent.
  • Soft, Thin Cover: Provides more greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches, chips, and putts.

Visit Srixon Golf HERE

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