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TRUE linkswear Introduces Products and Programs for 2024

TACOMA, WA – TRUE linkswear (TRUE), creator of ultra-comfortable, modern golf footwear designed for walking on the course and off, is proud to debut two new breakthrough footwear offerings, a rain jacket, as well as an exclusive event customization program for 2024.

TRUE CEO Jason Moore says that 2024 will include TRUE’s most robust offering ever. It represents a culmination of a full decade of ideas, effort and energy into an expansive line that serves players of every level. “We’re here to make your next round more enjoyable,” he says. “For that to happen, you need comfortable shoes that look and feel good. You have to have apparel that functions and fits your style. You have to have knickknacks too, from rain gear to head covers and golf gloves, and everything in between. In 2024, TRUE exists to make your next golf trip as enjoyable as possible. If you’re packing TRUE gear, it’s going to work, it’s going to hold up, and you’re going to feel good wearing it. For our team, that’s the ultimate testament. If you fill up that duffel bag for your next golf trip with nothing but TRUE gear, we’re going be extremely proud as a brand who prides itself in outfitting golfers with comfortable, functional, durable and timelessly stylish footwear, apparel and accessories.”

The TRUE team will be on hand to discuss and show its new and current footwear and apparel offerings in Booth #4073 at the 71st annual PGA Merchandise Show at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, Jan. 24 – 26.

The latest from TRUE for 2024 is highlighted by:

LUX G Shoe

Launching in April, the LUX G was designed with next-level fit, comfort and performance in mind.

“Utilizing our Tour-level LUX model and incorporating new performance features, it’s designed to take the Tour by storm,” says Moore. “It’s a shoe that you can compete in, wear through the mud and hose down afterwards, and it looks as good as new when you’re done – the wear-and-tear is better than anything we’ve ever made. The durable mesh toe is coated to be completely stain- and water-resistant. It’s fully waterproof and designed with style and performance in mind. We applied our tour-level innovation and two-year waterproof guarantee to a shoe that we felt would actually hold up to the elements. Players will also love the new comfortable fit and feel that are unlike anything on the market. It has a sock fit opening, so it’s snug like a very comfortable, customizable fit that locks in your feet. This shoe combines some of our best ideas from our other popular styles.”

Features include:

  • Engineered Mesh Upper
  • Generous Easy-Entry Sockfit Upper
  • TPU Film Covered Vamp
  • TPU Mudguard and Toe Cap
  • Waterproof Bootie Construction
  • Molded TPU Saddle
  • Cushioned Achilles Heel Lock System
  • Minimal Heel to Toe Drop (6mm)
  • TRUE Wanderlux Midsole
  • Antimicrobial Open Cell EVA Insole
  • Outsole with Tour-proven performance tread
  • Available in three colors, with an MSRP of $175.

OG Cush Shoe

Coming in June, the OG Cush sports an entirely revamped zero drop, wide toe box outsole and midsole construction; a first-ever refresh on the brand’s fundamental differentiator back in 2010.

“The OG Cush is the first refreshed zero-drop, wide toe box model on an all-new outsole,” says Moore. “It’s really our first new iteration, that heritage fit and feel but now with boosted cushioning. Working with podiatrists and foot health experts, we made the OG Cush as a first-of-its-kind cushioned zero drop shoe, meaning you’re in for a comfortable ride while maintaining a healthy, ergonomic fit and feel. The improved cushioning is for people wearing these shoes beyond the golf course – for anyone on their feet all day, these will be their go-to shoe but they’ll have plenty of tread to lace them up and play competitive rounds. It’s a natural, ergonomically inspired fit. The zero-drop platform means it’s completely level from heel to forefoot. Boosted cushioning will wear into your foot shape over time, and you will create your own natural arch. So this will give you more arch support as you’re stepping into the cushion. We also built this to be a great all-weather shoe that you can wear comfortably in the heat or in a mild rain. It’s not a snug fit opening, so it’s easy to get your foot into and then lace up to your preferred level of stability.”

Features include:

  • Zero Drop
  • Extra Wide Natural Toe Box
  • Engineered Mesh Upper
  • TPU Mudguard
  • Combination Leather/ Molded TPU Saddle
  • Wrap Around Medial Toe Tread
  • Non-Slip Rubber Compound
  • Antimicrobial Open Cell EVA Insole
  • Available in three colors, MSRP is TBD.

Future Staples 3L Rain Jacket

Now available, the TRUE Future Staples 3L Rain Jacket is ideal whether you’re facing a light drizzle at your local muni or gearing up for a five-day Bandon downpour. A full-nylon shell with both a 20,000mm waterproof and breathability rating, it keeps you dry in any environment without becoming sweaty or clammy inside. The thermoregulating interior liner ensures your body stays at the proper temperature. It’s patterned for frequent movement with a 4-way stretch material and extra-flex in just the right places for your swing. The cherry on top? The hood clips to the back of the jacket – ensuring it stays in place. This is technical precision perfected. Featuring an industry- leading five-year warranty. It’s available in three colors, with an MSRP of $500.

“We didn’t want to skimp on rainwear,” says Moore. “We live in the wet Pacific Northwest, so we only used the best materials available here. And we wanted a rain jacket you’d be proud to wear after the golf round. A lot of performance golf rain gear looks like something that should be rolled up in your golf bag and never worn elsewhere. And we wanted to make a golf rain jacket that would look great and perform great on the course but also one you wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear to dinner afterwards. Or you actually might actually look forward to integrating into your outfits. Its temperature-regulating liner is my favorite part. We’ve all been in that tropical storm, with rain pouring down and you want to stay dry, but it’s too hot and sweaty to wear a jacket. So our temperature-regulating liner keeps you in the comfort zone so you stay nice and warm on colder days but not too hot on hotter days. It was a pretty substantial investment but is a game changer. Technology has come a long way, so we have 20k waterproof and breathable ratings in this jacket – that’s the type of materials you’d find on high-end performance snow gear or a mountaineering jacket. We’ve integrated an intense amount of spandex so that this actually feels lightweight and comfortable, and moves with your swing with a 15 percent spandex rating. It’s going to feel like your favorite flexible rain jacket.”

TRUE Event Customization

TRUE is also building on the popular elaborate event and pro shop customization experience by adding new custom hoodies, headwear, footwear, apparel and more in 2024. Offering a one-of-a-kind experience featuring a range of unique customization options with low minimums, quick turnaround, and the highest quality gear on the market. This is why courses like Bandon Dunes, Firestone CC, Chambers Bay, Phoenix CC, and Sanderson Farms Championship choose TRUE for their custom gifting and pro shop experience. It includes custom laser engraved footwear, custom headwear, and a new printables program.

“We wanted to provide a more engaging in-person tournament experience, in which people were hyped about getting their next TRUE product at their member/guest or charity event,” says Moore. “And nothing makes people more proud of products than putting their own spin on them. So we created the customization program, so you could throw your alma mater logo, initials or corporate logo on it and have a product that doesn’t just feel like another corporate gift. It feels special and unique to each person receiving it. So far, large scale events are where this program has been the most exciting. People are happy to get in line and actually put their own spin on a product, and they get pretty excited when they reach the front of the line and get to pick out exactly what they want – with respect to a customized logo applique or color, and walk away with a unique item that fits and feels perfect and it only took about 30 seconds to happen.”

Visit TRUE linkswear HERE

Unlock Tour-Level Performance with Srixon’s Q-STAR TOUR Series

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Designed to give moderate swing speed golfers a tour-level ball option that delivers maximum greenside spin, more distance, and more control, SRIXON® is introducing the all-new Q-STAR TOUR and Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE.

“You don’t have to be a pro to have a tour-level golf ball. The Q-STAR TOUR allows golfers to control their shots, still get the distance they desire, and maintain a pure feel around the greens.”
Srixon General Manager, Brian Schielke

The Q-STAR TOUR is Srixon’s softest tour-level ball to date. It starts with the new FastLayer Core. Reformulated for a slightly higher compression rating that promotes better ball speeds off the tee, this core delivers powerful distance while maintaining a softer feel. It also reduces long-game sidespin in Woods and Irons shots for more accuracy and control.

The benefits don’t stop there. For players who enjoy world-class spin around the greens without losing control, the Q-STAR TOUR incorporates Srixon’s specialized Spin Skin coating. Spin Skin helps Q-STAR TOUR dig deep into the club faces grooves, maximizing spin for more control and stopping power on approach shots.

Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE offers the same performance benefits and technologies as the Q-STAR TOUR, but its innovative two-tone cover allows golfers to see the game in a whole new way. With a 50/50 matte urethane cover, players can easily align their shots and see the greenside spin for immediate feedback.

“The [Q-STAR TOUR] DIVIDE has exceeded all expectations since it was first launched. A lot of golfers enjoy the visual feedback they receive when the ball is in the air and around the greens. When you’re putting, you can align more accurately, and when you’re chipping you can see the spin more clearly. It’s a great way to see the game.”
Srixon General Manager, Brian Schielke

To help optimize both ball flight and distance, Q-STAR TOUR and Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE feature Srixon’s 338 Speed Dimple Pattern. This distinct dimple pattern increases lift and reduces drag for a more penetrating ball flight even in tough conditions.

Visit Srixon Golf HERE

Expand the Sweet Spot with the All-New XXIO 13

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – For years, XXIO® has been at the forefront of developing ultralightweight clubs that cater to players with swing speeds of 90mph or less. The all-new XXIO 13 line of clubs adds another chapter to this legacy, offering specialized technologies to amplify performance on the course in a continued commitment to serve moderate swing speed golfers. The result? A pristine collection of Woods and Irons for better, easier golf.

What’s New?

From the very first swing, XXIO 13 helps moderate swing speed golfers achieve their best golf with greater distance, better accuracy, and more speed than ever before. There’s an all-new BiFlex Face which creates a 125% higher COR across the striking area compared to the previous generation. What’s BiFlex? BiFlex acts as a strong frame around the club face, optimizing ball speed and expanding the sweet spot so shots fly higher and go farther.

To increase the chances of striking the sweet spot, ActivWing is featured on the crown of XXIO 13 Drivers and Woods. ActivWing uses an airfoil shape to harness aerodynamic forces during the swing, which helps maintain proper clubhead positioning during the downswing while guiding the clubhead into the ideal striking position at impact.

XXIO 13 Driver
Fly Higher and Go Farther

Confidence inspiring technology is used throughout XXIO 13. Seasoned golfers wanting to get the most out of their rounds will certainly find it here, thanks to technologies like Rebound Frame and Weight Plus Technology.

Rebound Frame, featured on every club, creates a larger sweet spot thanks to its alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones. These layers inject more energy into the golf ball for better ball speeds and distance. Meanwhile, Weight Plus positions mass under the grip, just behind the golfer’s hands to find the ideal spot at the top of the swing and enjoy a more consistent downswing.

XXIO 13 Irons are individually optimized by loft. They feature a remarkably low Center of Gravity thanks to their 4-piece construction and unique weighting setup. That weighting, combined with the Irons’ Rebound Frame structure, creates a satisfying launch, incredible distance, and reliable control, all with a near effortless swing feel.

XXIO 13 Ladies

XXIO 13 Ladies is a lightweight set of Woods and Irons individually crafted to suit a woman’s swing or style. Benefiting the female golfer who swings 90mph or less, XXIO 13 Ladies construction aids in increasing ball speeds, while the higher lofted clubs help boost trajectory for added distance.

A key feature of XXIO 13 Ladies is new ActivWing technology on the Driver, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids. This technology helps guide the club face into an optimal striking position, making it easier to hit the sweet spot consistently and improve ball speed. Meanwhile, XXIO 13 Ladies Irons are meticulously optimized by loft, ensuring that long-Irons provide enhanced ball speed and a lower Center of Gravity for maximum carry, while short-Irons emphasize control with a higher CG for improved high-low MOI.

XXIO’s commitment to getting more women involved in the game of golf is by providing equipment they can feel confident with. XXIO 13 Ladies’ lightweight design, advanced technologies, and optimized performance, provide a premium offering that combines individually crafted components and technologies to help female golfers hit longer, straighter shots, with more accuracy and consistency. Enjoy a better, easier golf experience with the all-new XXIO 13 Ladies.

Rebound Drive II Golf Balls

XXIO’s Rebound Drive II golf balls are a versatile, high-performance option designed to deliver from tee to green. Rebound Drive II features XXIO’s Rebound Frame Technology, which uses a 3-layer structure of alternating high-and-low rigidity areas to produce just the right amount of flex for each shot. This setup promotes higher ball speeds and softer feel at impact. With four color options available, there is a ball for every player and style preference.

Visit XXIO golf HERE

PGA National Resort’s Gold Golf Experience:
An Unrivaled 2024 Winter Getaway

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL – PGA National Resort – South Florida’s world-class golf, pickleball, vacation, culinary, family, weddings, corporate and group events, and spa destination now showcasing the stunning results of its recent $100 million transformation  – is inviting guests to indulge in the pinnacle of luxury and iconic golf with its wildly popular Gold Golf Experience ideal for 2024 getaways.

Tailored for those seeking the perfect blend of leisure and outdoor fun during the early 2024 season, the Gold Golf Experience offers an unparalleled Palm Beach experience. The package allows guests to revel in luxury accommodations, including newly renovated suites and cottages and is complemented by a diverse selection of 99 holes across six renowned golf courses.

Perfect to savor the wonderful South Florida warm winter climate, the offer includes a daily round of golf on a choice of either The Fazio, The Match, The Estate, The Champion (with a surcharge), or The Palmer (with a surcharge) courses. The Golf Golf Experience also includes a complimentary grab-and-go breakfast, golf storage with unlimited range balls.

The all-encompassing golf experience is just the ticket for families, buddy trips and golf enthusiasts. Guests have access to luxurious amenities including the new world-class spa, fitness center, tennis and pickleball courts, pools and world-class dining. Tailor the daily itinerary to the group’s desires for a golf buddies getaway to recreate time and again. Packages start at $543 per person (per day, based on double occupancy).

The resort recently unveiled the stunning results of its transformation touching every aspect of the property including its world-class golf amenities. A nostalgic vibe was brought to the 339 resort guest rooms, 21 private 1,200-square-foot Serena & Lily-designed luxury cottages and common areas, and a focus on superb dining where guests are guided by their palate throughout the day. Among the six new culinary concepts are two signature restaurants: The Butcher’s Club spearheaded by “Top Chef” winner Jeremy Ford and Honeybelle with its seasonal American cuisine.

As part of the exciting evolution, two new bold and innovative Andy Staples-designed layouts were added to PGA National Resort’s acclaimed roster – The Match Course (18 holes) and The Staple Course (nine holes). Both opened to rave reviews and joined the famed Champion Course (host venue of the PGA TOUR’s Honda Classic) as well as three additional “traditional” 18s (The Palmer, The Fazio and The Estate courses). Few golf destinations offer an array of golf courses as celebrated.

The Spa at PGA National Resort – newly imagined and redesigned by V Starr, the award-winning South Florida design firm of tennis legend Venus Williams – offers 40,000 square feet of tranquility and wellness. The serene oasis provides the perfect escape to breathe, heal and rejuvenate with individualized holistic care. The Spa’s extensive menu now includes therapeutic recovery and restorative treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure and cupping. Additionally, the Himalayan Salt Rooms and Waters of the World, the therapeutic outdoor mineral pools using salts imported from the healing waters of the world: the Dead Sea in Israel and France’s Salies-de-Béarn, provide a calm escape to recharge before and after services. All treatments are designed to evoke balance, relaxation and a deep sense of well-being. For gentlemen to look their best on and off the course, Groom Guy offers fresh haircuts, clean shaves, beard trimming and personalized styling from classically-trained barbers.

Additional amenities include its superlative 33,000-square-foot health and racquet club with 18 Har Tru tennis courts (12 lit for night play); twelve new pickleball courts for members and guests to enjoy the game’s burgeoning popularity in South Florida and across the U.S.; 60,000 square feet of indoor / outdoor event space.

One of the many highlights to the exemplary experiences offered on property is The Beekeeping Experience. For up to 6 guests, PGA National Resort presents a behind-the-scenes encounter with 250,000 honeybees and their queens to admire in the exquisite beauty of bees at work. Guests are suited in protective beekeeping uniforms on a guided tour of the four on-site hives with professional beekeeper Sierra Malnove where they will enjoy a tasting of the raw honey that is harvested for the culinary, cocktail and spa skin care programs across the resort.

For ease of travel, PGA National Resort has partnered with BLADE to become the exclusive luxury hotel and resort partner in the Palm Beaches. With Blade’s modern fleet of helicopters, seaplanes, aircraft and jets, guests and members can travel between the resort’s private helipad and Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), and Miami (MIA). From New York, BLADEone, a by-the-seat commercial-sized jet, features a private jet interior, caviar service and Blade’s renowned SkyFX staff.

PGA National Resort additionally boasts an exclusive Members Club with several membership options ideal to continue a vacation lifestyle throughout the year. The Golf Membership includes access to the resort’s six golf courses and Sports & Racquet Club court activities as well as the resort’s myriad lifestyle amenities and rich calendar of social events.

Visit PGA Nation Resort HERE

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