Golf News – February 24, 2021

Titleist Introduces Vokey Design SM8 Wedges In Slate Blue Finish

CARLSBAD, CA – The overwhelming most played and best performing wedges in the game – Vokey Design SM8 –are now available in an ultra-premium Slate Blue finish.

Master Wedge Craftsman Bob Vokey has always stressed the importance of players having confidence in their wedge at address – and finish plays a key role.

The finish on the Vokey SM8 Slate Blue wedges is applied like a PVD finish, but with a unique material and more time intensive process that combine to provide a deep, rich slate blue color that is extremely durable.

“Very often, wedge finishes can be beautiful, but they won’t last,” said Vokey. “At the same time, the most durable finishes often aren’t stunning. Slate Blue combines the two. Not only will golfers love their wedge when they see it in the shop, the finish will last through the course of normal play.”

Consistent with all Vokey Design SM8 finishes, Slate Blue is available in all 23 loft, bounce, and grind options (both RH/LH), while supplies last. Slate Blue also incorporates the technology that sets SM8 wedges apart:

  • Groundbreaking Progressive Center of Gravity (CG) pushed forward of the face for increased MOI, improved consistency and softer, more solid feel.
  • 100% Inspected Spin Milled grooves that are cut with a level of precision that is unique by finish, producing maximum spin.
  • Vokey Design SM8 models are also available in Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Raw and Jet Black finishes.

For assistance determining the right loft, bounce and grind, golfers can use the Wedge Selector tool on

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Swing Align Introduces the GOAL POST for Improved Putting

OCEANSIDE, CA – Creators of the innovative Swing Align training aid (which helps golfers improve and maintain alignment, rotation, swing plane and connection in the golf swing), are proud to release the company’s first training aid specifically for putting, the Goal Post. A simple-yet-effective and compact learning device, the Goal Post attaches easily to the head of most putters to supply instant feedback on the quality of each stroke as the user develops consistent aim, alignment, path and a square face at impact.

The lightweight Goal Post frame rests across the topline with two alignment posts positioned at the toe and heel of the putter face forming a gate. The Goal Post rewards a square putter face and center-face contact. If the putter face is open or closed, the ball contacts the posts on the takeaway or return stroke and veers off-line, providing instant feedback. Users know they have made a good stroke and square, solid contact when they see the ball clear the posts and roll on the proper line.

Goal Post provides immediate feedback on face alignment at address with the device’s bright green posts making it easy to see if the face is square to the target line. To make aiming the face even easier, the adjustable alignment rod attachment hovers above the ball and face of the putter. The combination of three aiming lines (the center alignment rod and the heel and toe posts) maximizes the golfer’s vernier acuity, the ability to easily see when multiple line segments become even the slightest bit misaligned.

Aiming your putter face square to your intended target line was never easier!

The center Alignment Rod mounts on the back and adjusts so regardless of your set-up posture, the length or lie of your putter, it can always be positioned perfectly centered between the two goal posts. As an option, the alignment rod can be lowered closer to the toe to line up with the toe side edge of the putter head to help you see the path of your stroke as you putt.

Practicing with the Goal Post will sharpen a golfer’s ability to make consistent strokes and pure center-face contact that results in on-line, true-rolling putts and better distance control. As the golfer improves his stroke, the small rubber bumpers can be moved from the bottom of the posts (near the putter face) out to the end of each post to create a narrower opening and a more challenging practice session.

The Goal Post:

  • Promotes a square putter face at set-up and impact
  • Helps golfers develop solid, center-face contact on more putts
  • Promotes better roll with improved distance control
  • Fine tunes a golfer’s putting aim and alignment
  • Trains proper setup and stability through the putting stroke

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