Golf News – February 16, 2022

LA Golf Launches Innovative Putter with Larger Sweet Spot

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – LA Golf launches its first putter, solving the three most common problems typical golfers have: 1. Missing the sweet spot, 2. Inconsistent launch angles, and 3. Wiggle in the head. The LA Golf Putter is the most technologically advanced putter in decades showcasing an all-carbon head, large diameter anti-vibration shaft, stainless steel hosel, and Descending Loft Face Technology. To add to the excitement of the performance advantages, the putter is already creating buzz with its sexy design.

The combination of these proprietary components, namely the carbon composite head, allows for an over 50% larger sweet spot, when measured against a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 blade putter of the same head weight. “I would challenge any golfer to try this putter and feel the difference for themselves,” said Reed Dickens, founder and CEO of LA Golf.

LA Golf partner and 2020 U.S. Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau explains, “Most golfers miss the sweet spot the majority of the time, and when they do, it changes the speed and line of the putt. This causes players to regularly miss putts they would otherwise make, even if read correctly.” DeChambeau continues, “LA Golf solved this issue by creating a putter that gives you a higher probability of hitting the sweet spot.”

To solve for consistency of launch angles, LA Golf acquired SIK Golf – the creator of the Descending Loft Face Technology. This technology features four descending degrees of loft, so regardless of shaft lean at impact, it yields more consistent and predictable rolls. This revolutionary technology is what DeChambeau has used for years and credits – along with LA Golf’s proprietary anti-vibration shaft – for improving his game and bringing him his first major win at the 2020 U.S. Open.

LA Golf’s ultra-stiff, large diameter putter shaft prevents wiggle in the head at impact, ensuring the ball rolls straight on the intended line. “My mind was blown when I first tried the LA Golf putter. It just rolls so pure off the face.” said Michelle Wie West, golf icon and newest LA Golf partner.

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Club Champion Unlocks Exclusive Products With The Vault

WILLOWBROOK, IL – Exclusive products from golf’s top brands will soon be available via The Vault, a new from club fitter, Club Champion. This new space combines Club Champion’s mission for better golf with an exclusivity and style that appeal to the discerning golfer. The intention is to partner with golf’s innovators to offer unique, attractive, and limited-edition items to a wide range of golfers.

“This is just another way to truly customize the game of golf for our customers,” said VP of Marketing, Pat Duncan. “The OEM partners we have lined up for these collaborations are bringing incredible creativity to the table and we’re thrilled to have the freedom to create the products we’ve always wanted to see.”

The Vault’s products will be available online only and will be exclusive to the new retailer. The collection opens with a custom colorway on one of the industry’s most-loved shafts: the Fujikura Ventus Blue. This small batch of 100 shafts will feature a “SHAMROCK” green colorway that can only be found through The Vault. Each piece is labeled to signify its limited run.

Future products will include shafts, clubheads, putters, golf bags, apparel, and other lifestyle items that will appeal aesthetically and functionally to golfers looking for the best and most unique options.

“We believe The Vault opens the door to new segments of the industry,” said Duncan. “These products go beyond what Club Champion normally offers and add some flair to what’s on the market today.”

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