Golf News – December 1, 2020

Golf Pride® Reignites Ease of Grip Installation with Innovative Concept Helix Grip System

 PINEHURST, NC – Golf Pride®, a division of power management company Eaton and an industry leader in grip innovation, today announced that it is continuing to pioneer innovative new technologies with the introduction of its revolutionary new Concept Helix grip installation system, providing an exciting and hassle-free way for every golfer to install new grips on clubs. As golfers continue to realize the benefits of re-gripping, Golf Pride aims to make the self-installation of new grips accessible and easy for all golfers.

The new Concept Helix grip system will feature a proprietary formula grip with a unique texture pattern and comfortable feel, similar to that of the popular Tour Velvet. The new grip system incorporates a hassle-free grip installation technology to eliminate the need for tape, messy solvents and specialized equipment, such as a workbench vice, making the process easy and quick. In addition, because no solvents or adhesive materials are used, the new grips are ready for play immediately!

Golf Pride’s new Concept Helix grip system uses a friction and torque-based installation technique that ensures the grips are secure and ready for play. They are designed to be installed with a proprietary new ‘horn’ device that is included with every Concept Helix order.

“Golf Pride gained momentum in 1953 when its Founder pioneered the first ever rubber slip-on grips, fundamentally changing the way golfers could optimize their equipment performance. New technologies in grip construction and materials have further advanced grip performance, and now Golf Pride aims to provide a new, easier way to install fresh grips on golf clubs,” said Brandon Sowell, global director of sales and marketing for Golf Pride. “We continue to explore new technologies that benefit golfers, both on and off the course. Concept Helix, in this regard, is this next step in exploration of best practices for grip installation.”

Sowell added, “We are excited to get Concept Helix into the hands of consumers, get their feedback, and continue the extensive R&D process as we look for new solutions to lower the barriers to regripping.”

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