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PING Introduces 2021 Putter Models

PHOENIX, AZ –With a focus on maximizing MOI through multi-material designs and minimizing the frustration that comes with missed putts, PING today introduced the 2021 putter series. Available in 11 models, the custom-built putters are available for pre-order beginning today at authorized PING golf shops around the world.

High MOI, Multi-Material Designs
Each model in the series is built using aerospace-grade materials in a variety of shapes and sizes to achieve new levels of forgiveness. The three Anser versions (Anser, Anser 2, Anser 4) combine a stainless-steel head with tungsten heel and toe weights to elevate the popular design’s MOI to its highest ever. In the Kushin 4, DS 72 and Tyne 4, a steel weight is used in the heel and tungsten is applied to the toe to better optimize the CG location for higher performance. The Fetch and Oslo H join a cast 304 stainless steel body with an aluminum sole plate to position mass around the entire perimeter to create highly forgiving mallet-style designs. In the new CA 70, a dense stainless steel sole weight lowers the CG of the aluminum body for more forgiving results. The Harwood delivers the highest MOI in the line due to its 6061 aluminum body and 93g tungsten weights in all four corners of the fully-machined design.

Dual-Durometer Insert for Soft, Solid Feel
The soft, responsive face in every model is the result of an innovative dual-durometer PEBAX insert material and uniform, shallow grooves. The softer front layer of the insert ensures the precision necessary for shorter, delicate must-makes. The firmer back layer offers the solid feedback and distance control required for holing longer-range putts and improving overall consistency.

Premium Appearance
A dark, stealth PVD finish on the heads and a black chrome shaft create a sleek and attractive look from head to grip. All models come standard with a fixed-length shaft that can be custom built from 32” – 38” in ¼” increments. PING’s patented adjustable shaft, which adjusts from 32” – 36”, is available as a custom upgrade.

PING Pistol Grip Options
Three proprietary PING grip designs allow golfers to dial in their optimal fit and feel. The PP58 Mid (87g) is a standard-sized pistol shape made of rubber and designed to help square the face at impact. It is the standard grip on the Anser, Anser 4, Kushin 4, CA 70, DS 72, Tyne 4 and Tyne C. The PP60 (86g) is a midsize, pistol design with a rubber under-listing with larger flat surfaces for increased face awareness. A new rubber outer layer features a unique texture to enhance a golfer’s sense of touch. It comes standard on the Anser 2, Fetch, Oslo H and Harwood. The optional PP58-S (99g) is a midsize, pistol design and features a straight taper and larger flat surface for face awareness.

Putter Model Descriptions

The timeless Anser is heel-toe tungsten weighted for forgiveness, and the rounded corners, softer ballast surfaces and center line help make alignment easy. For slight-arc stroke types, the Anser makes squaring the face to the target line easy and natural.

Differs from the Anser with a slightly longer and narrower profile, and sharper corners, but shares its clean geometries and center alignment line to making aiming easy. Heel-toe tungsten weighting provides stability, forgiveness and accuracy.

Designed for players who love the classic look and feel of the Anser-style putter and benefit from a strong-arc model. With heel-toe tungsten weighting for forgiveness and slight variations in its longer, narrower profile and sharper corners.

A steel weight in the heel and tungsten in the toe elevate MOI, and this “deep blade” model’s parallel and perpendicular visual cues make alignment easier. Its geometries fit the eye, and for strong-arc players the Kushin 4 promotes a confident, consistent putting stroke.

DS 72
This mid-mallet utilizes a steel weight in the heel and tungsten in the toe to stabilize the head and create high forgiveness, and the clean lines with perpendicular and parallel visual cues combine to simplify alignment. The classic Anser-style hosel promotes a slight rotation.

CA 70
Fits either a slight-arc or straight stroke type, the CA 70 offers a full-width alignment line and contrasting surfaces help frame the ball. An aluminum body and stainless steel sole plate position the CG low-back to ensure a high MOI.

The distinctive design provides a balanced look at address while allowing for a steel weight in the heel and tungsten in the toe to ensure stability and make it highly forgiving and accurate. The “flow neck” hosel promotes a strong-arc stroke rotation.

A unique round cutout is concealed underneath for retrieving the ball with the head, and the weight saved with the cutout moved to the perimeter to increase MOI. The stainless-steel body and aluminum sole plate increase the perimeter weighting for added forgiveness, and this model fits players with a straight stroke.

Center shafting provides a balanced, symmetrical address view and allows the head to fit straight-stroke-type players to promote a more consistent stroke. Heel-toe tungsten weighting stabilizes the head to ensure a high MOI for forgiveness.

A long, clean alignment line, thicker top rail, and soft ballasting focus the eye for easier alignment. The Anser-style hosel fits a slight-arc stroke, and the stainless steel body and aluminum sole plate expand the perimeter weighting to elevate forgiveness.

The Harwood is the most technically advanced model in the line, delivering stability and forgiveness by utilizing an aluminum body and tungsten weighting at each corner to drive up the MOI, while a trio of alignment lines simplify aiming from a model that can be fit for two stroke types.

Armlock players are set-up for success with this mallet, which generates high forgiveness from its lighter aluminum body paired with dense tungsten weighting at each corner to create extreme MOI. Ball-framing alignment cues focus the eye and make aiming natural.

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Turning Stone Resort Announces Openings for Award-Winning Golf Courses

ONIEDA INDIAN NATION HOMELANDS – In time for the spring season, Upstate New York’s Turning Stone Resort Casino has announced that its numerous award-winning golf courses will be made available once again to resort guests and the public throughout the month of April.

Recognized as a top destination for premium golfing experiences, the resort has released the following schedule to the notice of golfers across the nation.

Friday, April 16th – Shenendoah and Sandstone Hollow
Both courses designed by golf icon Rick Smith, Sandstone Hollow’s challenging nine-hole course winds through natural New York woods and wetlands – while Shenendoah offers 18-holes of PGA-level golf amidst sweeping open pastures that capture the links feel.

Friday, April 23rd – Kaluhyat
Named as one of the Top 100 Best Casino Courses by Golfweek, Kaluhyat features 18-holes designed to test players accuracy and strategy, with rolling greens that change in elevation and reach up to 50 feet in some areas.

Friday, April 30th – Atunyote
A vast 18-hole course featuring placid lakes and streams, rolling hills, and open fairway – Atunyote has been home to the Turning Stone Resort Championship, the PGA Professional National Championship, as well as the BC Open.

Turning Stone’s courses are set to open after having been recognized by numerous recent awards, including being named as one of the Best Golf Resorts in the Americas in the Northeast by Golf Digest, and with the Golf Channel’s Golf Advisor ranking Kaluhyat, Shenendoah, and Atunyote as the Top Three Best Courses in New York. Turning Stone’s player-friendly Pleasant Knolls golf course is already open.

As with all Turning Stone features and offerings, the courses will operate under enhanced health and safety protocols to ensure maximum safety and comfort for players. Guests are encouraged to review the resort’s comprehensive health and safety plan, Safer Together, to prepare before arriving.

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