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Golf News – April 12, 2023

My Ball, My Way: TaylorMade Golf Launches MySymbol Program, Its Latest Innovation in Golf Ball Visual Technology

CARLSBAD, CA – As customization, personalization and visual technology are becoming the fastest growing categories in golf, TaylorMade Golf has created industry leading innovations and possibilities for golfers to play in never-before-seen ways that enhance performance and personalization.

Today, TaylorMade takes golf ball personalization to a level no company in the industry has before with the all-new MySymbol golf ball program. MySymbol allows golfers to make TP5 and TP5x completely their own with logo and design options such as picking the color of the TaylorMade logo, choosing a symbol or multi-digital alphanumeric positions below the TaylorMade logo.

With TP5 and TP5x golf balls, golfers can replace the standard number under the TaylorMade logo with one of over 100 stock logo symbols. With the MySymbol program, golfers will no longer be looking for a TP5x No. 3 on the golf course, but now a TP5x taco or a TP5 American flag.

Symbol category options are: animals, countries, foods, holidays, nature, sports and states, amongst others. Golfers can also use the side of the golf ball to place the same or a different stock logo of their choosing.

Not only can golfers replace a number with a symbol, but personal messaging possibilities are endless. Golfers can choose up to four alpha numeric characters to replace the logo or eight characters on three eligible lines of text on the side of the ball. The characters replacing the standard number can be letters, numbers or characters of a four-character variety.

To match the theme of their MySymbol, the color of the TaylorMade logo and/or their custom number/text can be made one-of-a-kind by changing the standard black to five vibrant colors including navy, green, red, orange or pink. Colors can also be mixed and matched to create a ball that best represents them.
Team TaylorMade athletes are also planned to start taking advantage of this new program with Collin Morikawa and Charley Hull will be the first to put their MySymbol balls into play this month.

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New Tom Fazio Golf Course Coming to Reynolds Lake Oconee

GREENSBORO, GA – Acclaimed golf course architect Tom Fazio is returning to Reynolds Lake Oconee. The world-famous designer has completed plans for nine holes that will join his existing Bluff nine on The National course to create an entirely new 18-hole layout.

The original, Fazio-designed 18-hole National course opened in 1997. In 2000, its two nines, The Ridge and The Bluff, were joined by an additional nine holes—called The Cove—allowing for various combinations of play.

The existing 27 holes make use of the natural rolling terrain, highlighted by hardwood forests, streams, ponds, and views of Lake Oconee. The combined nines also provide plenty of challenge, with any of the pairings boasting more bunkers than any of the five other courses at Reynolds Lake Oconee. For these and many other reasons, The National course has consistently been cited by Golfweek as one of America’s Top Residential Courses.

The future 18-hole course will utilize the existing Bluff nine along with adjacent land distinguished by a creek, large natural boulders, and an existing pond. The land slopes gradually down toward a cove of Lake Oconee with more than 100 feet of elevation change. This will be the only course at Reynolds Lake Oconee to traverse both sides of the peninsula and touch the lake from both Richland Creek and Oconee River.

The first five holes will use the existing Bluff routing, followed by nine all-new holes, including a new ninth green that will sit along Lake Oconee. The final four holes will connect back to The Bluff.

Fazio adds, “Members will enjoy this golf course because it will have character and never play the same. This new course will provide a challenge and have endless possibilities of capturing your emotions and feelings.”

“We are fortunate that Tom Fazio again applied his vision to Reynolds Lake Oconee to create nine new holes and integrate them with the world-class golf course he originally designed. It’s an honor for our community,” said Robert Merck, global head of real estate at MetLife Investment Management, investment manager of Reynolds Lake Oconee. “Our members and their guests are certain to be challenged and energized by his latest design.”

The new 18-hole experience is projected to open in late 2024 and be private, accessible only to Reynolds Lake Oconee members. With the addition of the new course, Reynolds Lake Oconee will now have seven golf courses with two private 18-hole courses—including this new course and Creek Club —as well as another 90 holes available for member and resort guest play: The National (Fazio), The Landing (Bob Cupp), Great Waters (Jack Nicklaus), The Preserve (Cupp), and The Oconee (Rees Jones).

Visit Reynolds Lake Oconee HERE

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