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Since its emergence on the scene in 2014, PXG has done things its own way.  From its R&D philosophy and marketing bravado to its product release schedules and pricing structures, the company founded and run by eccentric billionaire Bob Parsons marches to the beat of its own drum.

If you have spent any amount of time reading PIG, you know we are huge advocates of club fitting.  It turns out, so is PXG.  The company’s equipment has traditionally been available through club fitters like Club Champion.  Now, PXG is moving away from those third parties and making its clubs available only through its website and brick-and-mortar locations.

So what can you expect from a fitting at PXG?  I went through a full bag fitting and am eager to share my experience with you as well as some thoughts about the benefits of getting fit from a first-timer’s perspective.


The one to one relationship is a critical aspect of the PXG fitting process.  The obvious part of that is the relationship between the player and the fitter.  My fitter, Brian, used Trackman to collect data about my tendencies and also asked questions about my game, my misses, my existing setup, and where I hope to see improvements.  This conversation became increasingly impactful as the fitting session went on.

The other aspect of 1:1 that differs from every other experience you might have is: one golfer, one brand.  Many fittings will place clubs from several different OEMs in your hands and let you choose.  When you go to PXG, the only clubs you can try are PXG.  To my mind, there are a couple of advantages to this.

One benefit is that the fitters have an extremely detailed level of knowledge about each of the products.  You’re going to be working with someone who has an intimate understanding of the tech involved in each club and the benefits it might be able to bring to your game.  You also don’t have to wonder if the fitter is biased towards one OEM or another.  You know exactly what they are selling.  Finally, it makes the decision making process simpler.  Fewer options = easier decision-making.  You know you’re going to get good clubs, and you need to make fewer considerations in order to make the right choice.

Getting Into the Right Setup

PXG has a limited number of product lines and each one is purposefully designed for a certain segment of golfer.  In the newest line of GEN4 products, there are three irons (the T, P, and XP).  There’s also a more budget-conscious 0211 line, three drivers (the X, XF, and XT), one hybrid, and one fairway wood.  PXG also makes a habit of offering discounts on its prior generation models once a new model is released.  It also has numerous putter models available.

While each club is designed with a certain type of player in mind, most golfers could feasibly fit into two of the three models of iron and driver.  I can’t envision all three being in play for the vast majority.  In terms of selecting the right clubhead, that makes things pretty simple.  Which look do you prefer at address?  What are the numbers telling you?  Getting the most out of the chosen clubhead is the responsibility of the shaft.

Shafts Demystified

Shafts are the one thing PXG sells that it doesn’t make.  It’s a good example of them sticking to what they do well and instead leaving that crucial part of the club to industry leaders like Mitsubishi Chemical, Fujikura, Graphite Design, KBS, Nippon, and Project X.  There is no shortage of aftermarket shafts to try and after watching you warm up and asking about your current gamers and past experience with shafts, my fitter suggested a few to try.

Despite continuing to gain knowledge of golf equipment since I joined PIG in 2018, shafts are still a learning opportunity.  I always assumed I was a stock “stiff shaft” guy because of my age, athletic ability, and swing speed.  With more information and options at my disposal, I found this assumption was partially true but also holding me back.  With my irons, for example, we found that getting into a lighter shaft with a slightly stiffer profile, the Modus 105 X vs. 120 S, helped me launch the ball higher and keep it on my intended target line better.

More Than Clubs

Perhaps more than any other OEM, PXG is about more than just its clubs.  Getting fit in one of its retail stores is an immersive experience in what the brand’s culture is all about.  There’s rock music playing.  There are racks of the brand’s bold clothing line, there’s modern furniture.  And there are people, both employees and customers, who are all about PXG.

Look around and you’ll find plenty of inspiration from the company’s founder, Bob Parsons, and its stable of tour pros.  You won’t confuse the setting for any other golf retail environment, that’s for sure.

A Realistic Look at Your Game

Aside from walking away with nice new clubs and the confidence in knowing they’ve been fit for me, I also felt an increased understanding of my game and its strengths and weaknesses.  It gave me a better sense of direction and purpose with my practice instead of just trying to “hit it better” or “get more consistent.”  While the fitting wasn’t a lesson, my fitter was kind enough to point out tendencies that, if addressed, will enhance my enjoyment of the game.


Ultimately, enjoying the game is why we’re all out there.  Getting a fitting helped me do that by giving me a clearer understanding of what’s going on with my swing.  And let’s face it: getting new gear is a lot of fun on its own.  Whether or not you vibe with the PXG ethos may be what determines whether you head in to one of their stores or you choose a brand agnostic fitter.  But regardless of what you think of its marketing, there’s no doubt that PXG makes a quality product.  If you are interested in having PXG clubs fit for you but aren’t near one of its brick and mortar locations you can call 1-844-PLAY-PXG to speak with a fitting specialist.

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Dylan Thaemert has been a contributor to Plugged In Golf since 2018. He is a clinical mental health therapist living in the Twin Cities area. He is passionate about travel, the arts, and is always searching for ways to increase his knowledge of the game of golf.

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  1. Nice article. I’m considering PXG and this was helpful.

  2. PeterJackson

    PXG are offering this in the UK. The fittings take place at Golf clubs in my area. PXG appear to selected golf clubs rather than retail outlets to carry the fitting which is quite smart!
    It will be first time that I had a proper fitting for a driver and the best bit is that the 0211 driver is offered at a really competitive price

  3. My experience with PXG and their Canadian staff was very positive! Your review confirms that this is so across the board and why they are so successful!!

  4. Great article. I live in NJ and the problem for me is finding a PXG fitting center near my home. Club Champion has but if I’m going to spend the money I’d like to dial in only with a PXG fitter. There are 2 locations in northern NJ that are remotely (not really) close, Liberty National and Jasna down in Princeton. Not ideal. Does PXG have anything on its radar as far as coming out with more fitting centers? I think this could be the idea solution but not sure what their vision is long term. Thanks.

  5. RONNIE Lennox

    Does the newsletter cost

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