G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 & Heated Vest Review

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The G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 pouch is an amazing way to keep your hands warm.  The G-Tech Heated Vest has the same hand-warming tech hidden in a piece of utilitarian outerwear.


Modern apparel is amazing.  Between flexible, waterproof materials and light, thin insulation, we can comfortably play golf in the rain and cold.  That is, if it weren’t for our hands.  Waterproof pants and warm jackets are great, but they don’t do anything for the part of our body that connects us to the golf club.

G-Tech changes that.  Their heated apparel and sport pouch warm the most critical part of our body so we can actually enjoy a longer golf season rather than just enduring it.


G-Tech makes hoodies and vests in addition to their Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 pouch.  Both the hoodie and vest come exclusively in black and have a simple, utilitarian look.  They feature a G-Tech logo on the sleeve and back, respectively, but are otherwise plain.

G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 unboxed

Their pouches, however, come in a wide array of colors.  The standard pouch comes in eight different colors, including white, pink, and navy blue.  There’s also a “Military Grade” version which comes in five different camo patterns, black, and brown.  Finally, there are three RealTree options for the hunters.

How It Works

Each piece of G-Tech apparel comes with a charger and a battery pack.  The charger is actually a double charger, capable of juicing up two batteries at once (additional batteries are sold separately).  Once the light on your charger turns green, the batteries are full.

Connecting the battery to the apparel is simple.  The pouch has a battery pocket within the zipper pocket.  On the vest, the battery gets stashed in the zippered chest pocket (above).  Plug the apparel’s cord into the battery and you’re ready to go.

G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 box

To turn on the warmers, you hold the button for two seconds.  A press of the button cycles through the three heat settings.  Within the pouch or vest pockets, there are soft “handles” that actually produce the heat, as you can see in the picture above.


The most important question, of course, is, “How well does the G-Tech gear warm your hands?”  The answer: very well.  There are three different heat settings, indicated by a red, orange, or green light.  Per G-Tech, the high setting is at or above 200 degrees, the medium setting is about 180 degrees, and the low setting is around 120 degrees.  This is substantially hotter than any of their competitors’ products, and enough to roast your hands on high.

G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 lit up

Battery life depends on both the external temperature and the heat setting that you choose.  At maximum heat, the battery will last 2-4 hours.  Honestly, unless you’re trekking through Antarctica, you won’t need that.  On medium heat, the battery lasts 3-6 hours, which should get you through a round of golf unless you’re playing in truly frigid temperatures.  If you want maximum battery life, set your device to low and enjoy 6-12 hours of warmth.

Both the vest and pouch are machine washable.  I shouldn’t need to say this, but you must remove the battery before washing.  Both items should be line dried.

Want a garment that heats your whole body?  Check out Venustas HERE

For me, the G-Tech warming pouch has been a godsend.  Over the winter, I do most of my club testing in my garage, which gets quite cold.  When I can’t feel my fingers, testing is over.  With the G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0, my fingers go from frozen to functional in a few seconds, and I can get back to testing.  I’m also extremely excited to use these pieces on the course to warm my hands between shots.

G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0


The G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 is the early favorite for 2023’s “Gear I Didn’t Know I Needed.”  This has been a game changer, allowing me to test for longer and, more importantly, to enjoy the process rather than white-knuckling through it.  As we get into those barely-playable temperatures, I’m excited to put the pouch and the vest to use on the course and really extend my season.

Visit G-Tech HERE

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  1. Perfect review bought one last fall and it was fantastic

  2. Troy Thompson

    Great review and one of the few out there on the vest. Can you tell me on the vest where it heats on the body? My lower back and neck tend to tighten up during the cold rounds. Is there heating in the collar of the vest?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      The vest just heats the hands. There are hand warmers in each pocket similar to what’s in the pouch.



    • Thank you Troy , I spent several hours now trying to find out more information on the location of the heating elements of these vests . Unfortunately there is very limited details in any articles I have found . After reading this I guess it leaves me confused as to why on the g tech apparel web page it leads you to believe that there are several places that are being heated , and in-fact there isn’t .

      I quote from your articles description.

      “The heating elements are strategically placed throughout the vest to provide even and consistent warmth.

      Very misleading , inaccurate and a bit deceptive . Do you not agree ?

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