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The Venustas heated vest is a great way to extend your golf season or stay warmer during any outdoor activity.  Substantial, long-lasting heat.  Battery pack location could be improved.


Last winter, I was introduced to the modern wonder of heated apparel by G-Tech [review HERE].  As we barrel toward another season of cold and snow, I got the opportunity to check out a new heated apparel company, Venustas.  Where G-Tech focuses purely on warming the hands, the Venustas heated vest aims to keep your whole torso warm.  I tested it to see if it can help keep us on the course deeper into the fall.


The Venustas heated vest is a basic black fleece vest.  Nothing about it announces that it has a battery powered heater inside.  Frankly, nothing about the look sets it apart in any way.  And that’s ok.  This is a piece of apparel that you’re buying for the function, not the look.

All that said, Venustas takes vests seriously and offers a wide variety of options.  You can get the vest with or without a hood, with a deep v-neck, or with a variety of different collars.  There are also several heating coil placement options.  Finally, all of the vests are black with the exception of one offered in bright orange.


The Venustas heated vest is meant to be layered on top of other apparel, so it’s cut generously.  I tested one in size large and found that it was very roomy.  There was ample space for two or three base layers underneath.

Around the arms, the cut is tight enough to keep most of the heat in while still allowing freedom of motion.  The lower torso is spacious, but there is an elastic drawstring at the waist that allows you to keep out the breeze.

This vest also features loads of zippered pockets.  In addition to the pockets on either hip, there’s a zippered exterior chest pocket and a zippered interior chest pocket (above).


The Venustas heated vest is powered by a small battery that rests in a zippered pocket on the lower back of the vest.  The placement of the battery is my one major gripe.  Especially when I was seated, I felt the battery pressing into my back.  I wish the battery was located in one of the hand or chest pockets.

That aside, the heat that this vest generates is substantial.  Per Venustas, at room temperate the heating elements gets to 130 degrees on high, 113 on medium and 95 on low.  Turning the vest on requires a press-and-hold of the rubber V on the chest.  Each subsequent press cycles through the power levels, as indicated by the color of the light under the V.  The heat also lasts a long time.  On high, the battery lasts for 3-4 hours.  That extends all the way to 8-9 hours on low.

My experience with the Venustas heated vest is that it goes a long way to taking to the sting out of the cold.  The vest itself is thick and warm, and with the heat turned on it makes cool days a lot more comfortable.  Being bald, my cold tolerance is not what it once was.  With the Venustas heated vest, however, I was able to stay outside as long as I wanted in low 40s temperatures, especially when I was active.

If you want more heated apparel options, Venustas also offers heated jackets, heated hoodies, heated gloves, and heated underwear.


Whether you’re attending a football game or squeezing in a few more rounds before the snow falls, Venustas heated apparel can make you a lot more comfortable.  These battery-powered garments provide a lot of heat and can last through even a painfully slow round of golf.

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  1. If it’s cold enough to warrant a heated vest, a jacket with sleeves is probably what you want to begin with. I have a snowboard jacket that has a removable heated liner. Think I used the liner once and it hasn’t left the closet since.

  2. Just bought one. Look forward to using it on those cold mornings.

  3. Is the light visible to others when you’re wearing it?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, but it’s quite small. The size of a normal embroidered logo.



    • I just got mine and the light is definitely visible. Vest seems great. Giving it a try today. The light is a negative for me though. I’m I’ll get sh@t from my friends :p but I don’t care if I’m warm.

  4. Randy Siedschlag

    For those cold winter rounds. Could really use this to keep my core warm. #DoubleSecret

  5. If you wanted to wear this as more of an underlayer rather than overlayer, would you recommend going a size smaller?

  6. Todd Williams

    Might be worth a try #DoubleSecret

  7. The vest that have has a problem with the connection from the vest to the battery pack. It will not stay engaged and as a consequence the power goes off. I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem? Would a new battery pack solve the problem?

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