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50 Words or Less

Full Wedge Golf polos are a bright spot in terms of value, design, and attitude.  They are for the young, the young at heart, and those who want to have fun. 


Gone are the days when stuffy style plagued golf courses.  Full Wedge fully embraces the continuing and exciting trend in the golf industry of lighthearted enjoyment.  They say it themselves: “Golf should be fun no matter what the course throws at you, and we have created a golf shirt that represents that.”  I agree, and in my experiences with these shirts, I’ve had a ton of fun wearing them.


Loud.  Colorful.  Fun.  Youthful.  These are the words that come to mind when I see these polos.  They encompass a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles.  At the time of writing, there are 29 different styles of men’s shirts on offer, with five of those styles shown here.  While there are a few designs that feature lines, geometry, or shapes, the most common motif is nature scenes in the form of trees, plants, and wildlife.

Eighteen of those styles are available for women, as well.  In addition, six new towels are available (all doubling as shirt designs) along with a pair of rope hats.  While I think the black and white hats don’t fit the style of the brand, the towels are an excellent extension of what’s being offered.

With that being said, there are a couple of critiques I’d note.  While almost every shirt looked just as good if not better in person, one polo featuring a flamingo design looked a bit blurry.  It looked as though the design was almost stretched and enlarged in photoshop.

The other critique is that while wearing the shirts, I was asked more than once if I was wearing a Bad Birdie shirt.  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  While it’s no issue to me that Full Wedge has a similar style to Bad Birdie, the design notes of the black square right in the middle of the chest and the black tag on the arm are perhaps too close to the other brand. 


For this review, I sampled several shirts and found them to be consistent in fit.  I’m 6’1’’, 180 pounds in the photos seen here.  Overall, the sizes lean towards a slimmer more athletic fit.  In testing both medium and large, I found them to be slim fits, even in the large.   

The main difference was that the large offered more fabric down the torso and a bit more arm room.  To feel most comfortable swinging and to have enough fabric if you want to tuck in, size up.  However, I found daily non-golfing use to be just fine in a medium.

Full Wedge provides more information on their fit page that details the chest width with a sizing chart for both men and women (accessible HERE).  They also note that it’s free to send back a shirt and exchange it for a better-fitting option in their range of sizes from small to 3XL. 

One last thing to note about the fit is the buttons.  Where most polos offer buttons that insert into a hole, Full Wedge polos feature either black or white snap buttons.  While effective, these do feel distinctly less premium than the rest of the shirt’s construction.


Through several rounds and washes, these polos are holding up to the typical conditions without noticeable wear or tear.  They stretched where and when they needed to during the swing and felt cool and comfortable.

What’s always drawn me to certain brands are loud and interesting designs paired with performance fabrics that offer a soft and comfortable feel.  But as the price of golf and inflation go up, pricing for equipment and apparel is going to matter more.  Full Wedge is separating itself from the competition in that way too, offering a pleasant feel and performance for less.

The brands that first come to mind in a similar vein are Bad Birdie, William Murray, and RLX Golf (Ralph Lauren).  Each brand offers its shirts at a step higher price point with Birdie at $72, Murray at $88, and RLX at nearly $99, compared to Full Wedge’s at just $65.  Keeping the numbers, fabric, and designs in mind, I saw only a minor dip in quality for Full Wedge polos compared to any of the other brands I mentioned and that’s a testimony to their quality. 


There’s the old phrase that a bad day of golf beats any day at work.  That sentiment is embodied in the designs and polos from Full Wedge.  They have an irreverent, happy-go-lucky look that caused smiles and positive comments on the golf course.  Those smiles came from my playing partners, me, and even strangers who asked who made them.  Get one and have a new favorite shirt, or get a few to enhance the whole wardrobe. 

Visit Full Wedge Golf HERE

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  1. Christopher Shively

    Great review as always. They have some really fun designs and pricing is better than others in that space. Seems like a missed opportunity not to have reviews the Drew and Drew 2.0 polos. LOL

    • I couldn’t agree more. Their pricing is solid. You add in those vibrant designs and I think you have a winning combination!

      Pfft. You know it’s hilarious you mentioned that, my girlfriend said the same thing about those Drew polos hahaha. — Thanks for your kind words, by the way, they are truly appreciated. I hope to read more of your feedback in the future!

  2. Way too close to bad birdie it’s almost identical. Makes me instantly think it’s a knock off brand.

    • The similar black square to me is a bit… much. There’s plenty of room in the golf space for lots of loud polo shirts but if I were Full Wedge, I’d think to nix that black square logo in future iterations.

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