Fujikura Unveils Ventus TR Shaft

Fujikura Unveils Ventus TR Shaft

The Fujikura Ventus has established itself as one of the most successful shaft families with both recreational and professional golfers.  In 2021 alone, it won thirty times on professional tours, including a major.  It was the most played driver and wood shaft on the PGA Tour.  Ventus is also Fujikura’s best-selling shaft line.

Today, Fujikura looks to add to the success of Ventus Red, Ventus Blue [review HERE], and Ventus Black [review HERE] with the new Ventus TR.

The challenge of creating Ventus TR (Tour Rated) was making something that was better than the original Ventus while retaining what its many fans love about it.  Ventus TR does that by using an exotic new material – Spread Tow.  This ultra-light, ultra-strong material reinforces the mid section of the shaft where much of the stress is during the swing.  The mid/handle of Ventus TR has a torsional stiffness that’s almost 10% higher than Ventus Blue which gives it additional stability without giving up the feel that made Ventus Blue so popular.

The Fujikura Ventus TR will be available at retail February 1, 2022.

First Impressions

I was able to test the Ventus TR on the range and during a round at Fujikura’s launch event, and I came away extremely impressed.  It’s the perfect blend of Ventus Blue and Ventus Black.  It has the smoother feel of Blue with the added stability of Black.

The familiar feel of Ventus TR made it an easy shaft to put right into play.  I gamed the Ventus Black for a long stretch, and the Ventus TR gave me that same stability with a more explosive feel.  Though I don’t have the numbers yet, on the course I saw distances beyond what I expect.  On one hole, I actually lost a ball because I thought the water was too far to reach.  But more important than the raw distance was the trademark Ventus consistency.  Even when I was hitting pushes and pulls, the ball never curved wildly, never knuckled, never ballooned.

Finally, Fujikura gave the Ventus TR a noticeable aesthetic upgrade over the original.  The graphics are the same but the base blue is a touch lighter and has a sparkle finish that really pops in the sun.  Also, there’s a subtle fade to black at the handle.  Those with truly sharp eyes will also notice that the graphics above the VENTUS branding highlight the texture of the Spread Tow material.


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  1. Hi,
    Do you think this TR will be easier to draw than the regular Ventus blue? I felt the softer handle made it difficult to turn over.

    • Matt Saternus


      If you find a firmer handle makes it easier to hit a draw, then yes, you’ll be able to hit a draw more easily with the TR.


  2. thank you for all your reviews Matt. do you anticipate the TR label meaning it’s meant for very low handicap , faster swings ?

  3. Solid for for fairway wood as well? My driver is all set but digging this for my 3 wood. Would it be too low spin?

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know is to test it. This will certainly be a great FW option for many players.



  4. Ean Frederick

    I play a black 6 Tx currently and dislike the lack of feel. Do you think this in X tipped 1/2” would yield more feel with similar stability?

    • Matt Saternus


      I wouldn’t presume to guess at the specifics of tipping or flex, but, generally, I think the VENTUS TR is going to be something worth exploring for you.


  5. Hey Matt,
    I understand the feel is a blend of the blue and black but how about the launch? Is it still the same as the blue mid launch?
    Thank you,

  6. Hi Matt. I was debating between a stiff blue 5S and 6S . I like that the 5S is 6gram lighter ( possibly faster swing speed) but worried about “not being able to go after it”. Do you think a blue 5S TR would address this concern? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice is to get a fitting and try both. You may find that the 6 is faster or that the 5 is straighter. Lots of “counterintuitive” things end up being true when we move from theory into the real world.



  7. Two days of use on my sim2 max, I feel so much more confidence. It provided me with more consistent drives vs the stock shaft I had. I could feel the driver not flexing/torquing out of alignment during miss hots from the toe of the driver head. I didn’t notice any improvement in distance, but I hit the fairway much more.

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