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Forely golf balls are some of the highest spinning golf balls I’ve tested.  High spin throughout the bag will mean reduced distance for most players.


Stop me if you’re heard this one before: there’s a new golf ball that promises Tour-style performance at a direct-to-consumer price.

While the basic pitch for Forely golf balls is not unlike Odin [review HERE] or Sugar [review HERE] or countless others, the performance actually is.  Keep reading to find out if the Purely ProTouch should be your new ball of choice.


My testing of the Forely golf balls started out with a bang…or, more accurately, a “clack.”  I hit a pitch shot that was so loud I did a double take, wondering if I’d shanked the shot.  Fortunately (or, perhaps, unfortunately), I had not.  Off of the wedges, irons, and drivers, the Forely golf ball is very loud.  The sound is also rather harsh – the aforementioned “clack”.  While not as harsh as the sound, the feel is quite firm, too.  This ball isn’t a range rock, but the long game feel is not Tour caliber.

Interestingly, the sound and feel are much better off the putter.  The feel is soft enough to fall into the premium category.  There is a slight disconnect with the sound, a small knock.  Finally, if we’re getting deep into nitpicking, there’s a hollowness to the feel of the Forely golf balls that I don’t get from my favorite Tour balls.

Short Game

Forely states that their golf balls are “Made for Spin,” and this was borne out in my testing.  The peak spin numbers on pitches and full wedge shots were as much as 1,000 RPM higher than other premium golf balls.  As a percentage, this is a spin increase of between 8% and 12%, very substantial.  If you’ve never seen a wedge shot check or back up, Forely golf balls are one of your best chances to experience that.

While the spin is excellent, it must be noted that these balls do scuff more easily than others I’ve tested.  One ball had a significant cut in the cover after less than ten swings.

Long Game

For better or worse, that high spin continues through the irons.  As a lower spin player, I typically don’t see a huge spin deviation between golf balls.  However, with the Forely golf balls, I saw 1,000 RPM more spin in my mid irons compared to my gamer, the PXG Xtreme [review HERE].  That led to a decrease in carry distance of almost a full club.

With the driver, the results were worse.  I was consistently losing over 2 to 4 MPH of ball speed, which is a deal breaker.  Additionally, the spin was higher and inconsistent.  With my gamer, my spin was around 2,200 RPM.  With the Forely ProTouch, my best shots were at 2,600 RPM but I had shots well over 3,000 RPM with comparable club delivery numbers.

Forely states that their golf balls are for, “beginner and intermediate players, mid-to-high handicappers.”  Given that higher handicap players need more help controlling their long game and adding distance, I don’t find this to be an accurate statement.


At $31 per dozen, Forely golf balls are priced significantly below any major Tour ball, and even below some mid-tier balls.  However, the high spin performance through the bag makes them a fit for only a fraction of the golfing population.  If you want maximum spin around the green, the ProTouch is great option, but know that you’ll likely make sacrifices in other areas of your game.

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