Sugar Golf Ball Review

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Sugar Golf offers a premium golf ball at a mid-market price.  Great feel.  Environmentally and budget friendly packaging.


I like to think that I have above average math skills, but I have to admit that Sugar Golf broke my brain a little.  Their “sugar cube” contains 27 golf balls and costs $69.  Is this cheap?  I don’t know!  My golf brain only works in multiples of 12!

After a few deep breaths, I computed that each Sugar Golf ball costs roughly $2.55, significantly less than the $4+ that many of the big names charge for their Tour balls.  But, of course, this is only a value if the ball performs, so I took it to the lab for testing.


Sugar Golf balls feel like a premium ball throughout the bag.  On the green, they remind me of a Titleist Pro V1.  The sound off the putter is a muted “tock,” and the ball feels soft and solid.

Around the green, Sugar has that same soft, solid feel.  If you like a golf ball what’s more “thud” and less “click” or “snap” off your wedge and irons, this is for you.

Short Game

The short game is where premium golf balls really distinguish themselves from less expensive models.  Sugar Golf uses a urethane cover on their 3-piece ball to give golfers all the control and spin they could want.

In my short game testing, I found that the Sugar Golf ball is the equal of the number one selling ball in golf.  From short pitches to half and full wedges, this ball produces all the spin you could want.

Long Game

This ball’s Pro V1 impression continues in the long game.  With a mid iron, I found launch, spin, and ball speed numbers to be virtually identical.  The same was true with the driver.  The Sugar Golf ball produces excellent ball speed and mid-low driver spin, relative to other Tour balls.

I wish there was more to say here, but it’s as simple as this: Sugar Golf makes a really good golf ball.

If you want to see Sugar Golf’s data on how their ball stacks up to the Pro V1, click HERE.


By cutting out the “fluff” – Tour contracts and extra packaging – Sugar Golf is able to sell a golf ball that performs as well as the industry leaders at a much lower price.  In their words, it’s “a premium golf ball that we can afford to play and afford to lose.”  While I hope you don’t lose too many, I do think this is a ball that’s worth a try.

Visit Sugar Golf HERE

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  1. Bob Sawyer

    Interesting review Matt. Regarding DTC golf balls Snell seems to have set the bar. How does the Sugar compare to the Snell MTB?

    • Matt Saternus


      In terms of objective quality, Sugar is at least the equal of Snell based on what I’ve seen so far. As far as specific performance characteristics, I’d need to test them head to head to say anything definitive.


  2. How would you compare quality control, durable cover, performance, etc. to the Snell MTB-Black or MTB-X?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have a big enough sample size of either to say anything definitive, but everything in my testing showed that the Sugar ball is at least the equal of Snell in terms of objective quality.


  3. Jeff Houglum

    Good review Matt. Where you able to hit these in the wind at all? The dimple pattern looks a little….off. I wonder if they are as stable in the wind as the some of the top Tour balls.

  4. Gary Wright

    I’ve been using these for a couple of months now at a links course in North East Scotland (not going to name it as I’ll get the keyboard politicians on my case). These balls are as good as if not better than Pro V’s. Great in the wind, good feel around the greens and very durable. Don’t see any difference in distances between the Sugar ball and a ‘premium’ ball.

  5. Josh Prestwood

    I am a 5 hcp, I made the decision to try the Sugar ball and I am more than pleased. I actually hit it a little further than the ProV1, I spin the ball with wedges to much really but the sugar ball does not spin as much as the ProV1, so I control it better. This is and will be my go to ball. Quality ball for the price, Snell ball is comparable but I noticed the Snell scuffed or marked up easily.

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