FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor Review

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Quick to set up and simple to use, the FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor provides a vast array of performance data.  Integrated simulation and the ability to be used indoors or out makes the Mevo+ a true standout.


It’s hard to fathom that it’s been 18 months since Flightscope unveiled the Mevo+ at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show.  In our show recap, the Mevo+ led off our “Most Exciting New Products” section with, Matt Saternus stating:  “If it’s accurate and easy to use, this device could be a game changer.”  Unfortunately, some of that excitement was lost when the pandemic hit and production was interrupted.  With supply back on track, it was finally time to give the Mevo+ a full test.  As it turns out, the Mevo+ is everything we remembered – and more.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

Following the simple instructions in the Mevo+ Quickstart Guide made set up super easy.  Other than the obvious charging via the included cable and block, set up involved scanning two QR codes with my phone.  Scanning the QR code on the bottom of the box took me to the FS Golf App download for a quick install.

With the Mevo+ turned on, the app requested a scan of the QR code on the back of the unit followed by a request to connect with the built in Wi-Fi.  A solid green light indicated that the FS Golf App was connected to the Mevo+ and ready for action.

After unfolding the back, I placed the Mevo+ approximately 8 feet behind my hitting spot.  The only additional interaction required with the app was selecting a club.  The system recorded every ball I hit with full capture of data.  Returning from a water break, the unit had gone into power saving mode, but with one tap on my phone, the Mevo+ was ready again after asking if I wanted to continue with the session or start a new one.

As you can see from the graphic above left, the Mevo+ provides a vast amount of setting options and features that you can turn on/off.  For those Bryson-level folks who want to deep dive into data, the Mevo+ can adjust for local weather conditions, and you can select soft/medium/hard surface types.  Just remember to allow location during setup or on the phone settings page – I had dismissed it initially.  The phone will have to be connected to the unit for the weather conditions to load.  You’ll also need to confirm which direction you are hitting.  The Mevo+ also provides seamless video clipping to assist in swing analysis. 

A feature that elevates the Mevo+ from just being a launch monitor is the simulation integration via E6 Connect.   Although I don’t have a home simulation bay, I did step through the setup process and was impressed with the simplicity.  E6 Connect required a separate app and login, but inputting the product key that was included in the Mevo+ box gave me instant access to 5 golf courses and 17 practice ranges.  The graphics are amazing, and I could envision playing on an iPad, but a full projection system would be the ultimate way to enjoy this feature.


It wasn’t until after my first range session that I started to discover its true power.  First off, I could choose four views:  down the line, top, perspective, or side (not shown above).  Second, I could choose to have data blocks displayed or not – and choose the order.  And finally I could decide between displaying just the current shot or all of them for that session.  Don’t want to save that shank?  Delete – so simple.

All the display options are fun, but data is what golfers are seeking in a launch monitor and the Mevo+ provides 16 parameters.  Some, like smash factor, are obviously just calculations based on measured data, but the amount of data is impressive nonetheless.  One important parameter for me is spin rate, which is often missing in lower priced units.  Similarly, spin loft and spin axis factor into direction – both starting and curve.

Another feature that’s very effective is data margins.  These can be created utilizing any or all the parameters by inputting upper and lower limits.  I created a 7 iron margin with a lower limit of 140 yards and an upper limit of 160 yards.  I applied it to the 7 iron session displayed throughout this review.  Whether in the graphic views or in the shot list (above right) the red and green visual alerts are a great way to quickly analyze consistency.

As far as accuracy, I didn’t have any method to check data other than relative comparisons on distance with my rangefinder and visual assessment of shot shape, but I found no reason to doubt the values presented by the Mevo+.  I also felt inherent trust knowing that FlightScope is utilizing time proven 3D Doppler radar in the Mevo+.  That same technology also allows the Mevo+ to be utilized both indoors and outdoors.


With any electronic device, longevity boils downs to durability and usability – and the Mevo+ excels in both categories.  The unit itself has a sturdy, industrial feel amplified by the thick red rubber perimeter and thick metal stand.  The zippered case adds protection when not in use without much bulk.  Fitting nicely in the larger side pocket of my golf bag, I’ve had no concerns about transporting the Mevo+.

Usability is impacted not only by set up and ease of use, but how often you’re willing to actually use the device without a bunch of consternation.  The simplicity and vast amount of data it provides makes the Mevo+ a training aid I will frequently use.  I’m blessed to be able to hit balls outside year round, but being able to utilize the Mevo+ indoors would still be a huge advantage.  Add in simulation, and the Mevo+ could see action for a long time.


The Mevo+ retails for $1,999, placing it above the $499 Mevo [full review HERE] and well below the $14,995 X3 in the FlightScope golf launch monitor lineup.   The only competition at that same price point is SkyTrak [full review HERE].  What separates both the Mevo+ and SkyTrak from $300-$500 launch monitors is more data and simulation.  What makes the Mevo+ a better investment is the ability to utilize the unit indoors and outdoors.  The question of which one is best for pure indoor simulation will need to be answered later.

Value can be somewhat subjective, but I contend the FlightScope Mevo+ is an excellent value.  It offers all the data most golfers and instructors need to evaluate and improve their game, plus seamless integration with included simulation.  $1,999 is a lot of money, but it’s still a decimal place less than the next tier of launch monitors.

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I’m still amazed at how simple it was to start using the Mevo+.  It’s also been fun discovering new features and tinkering with settings.  Just today I learned how to add a grouping in top view.  As my swing coach Tom recently reminded me, data is the driver of improvement.  The amazing graphics of the integrated simulation has reignited my desire to have a hitting bay at home.  Portable, versatile, and easy to use, the FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor is a great way to gain insight into your golf game and experience the enjoyment of a simulator.

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  1. Richard Barajas

    Informative review. Thanks, Matt!

  2. Does the outdoor mode work hitting into a net? That way i can use it in the back yard to practice and get some good data?

    • Matt Meeker

      You’ll want to select one of the indoor modes if hitting into a net Martin. The ‘outdoor’ highlighted in one of my screen shots states “unrestricted ball tracking or at least 40yds” underneath. The three indoor mode choices are for minimums 8 ft, 13 ft and 40 yards respectively.

      – Meeks

  3. Randy Siedschlag

    Have either of you compared it to the RAPSODO MLM?

    • Matt Meeker

      As you note Randy, Saternus reviewed the MLM. Neither of us have tested the units side by side. There are some clear differences which hopefully you can note from the individual reviews. Thanks for reading.

      – Meeks

  4. Gary Brocket

    Nice review Matt. As a West Australian with great weather istill find this unit great to use home sim. Yes the graphics are great 3metres wide. The ability to have a half hour whenever you feel the need is well worth the cost

  5. Enjoy the articles at Plugged in Golf. My go to for info and reviews. Looking at SkyTrak for indoor practice during the long New England off season, but the ability to use this Mevo outdoors is a nice feature. What additional equipment is needed to make the Mevo work indoor? Any details and device would be great, thank you. Perhaps, Mr. Brocket from Australia has a list of equipment he used to set up? Thank you.

    • Matt Meeker

      If you just use the Mevo+ via your phone or iPad, then no additional equipment is required for indoor use. Setting up a home indoor simulator bay with huge screen I can’t advise on. I agree that Mr. Brocket’s setup sounds pretty sweet.

      – Meeks

  6. Hi Matt,
    As most have indicated, I enjoyed your review. I’m retired and live in North Central Ohio (Nov thru Mar very little golf). My wife isn’t big on becoming a snowbird, so I put up a 24′ x 14′ barn style shed in my backyard to create my winter golf simulator utilizing MEVO+ as the heartbeat! Still a work in progress, but thanks for your confirmation I made a good choice!

  7. The requirement of having 8′ behind the Mevo+ is a non-starter for me indoors. I have a simulator in my garage, so with hitting into my 10’x10’x10′ cage, there just isn’t enough room left to swing. For that reason, I chose SkyTrak and I’ve been pretty happy with it. To be fair, I have only used my SkyTrak indoors, never taken it to the range, nor do I think I would want to. I added “The Golf Club 2019” application to use it for more than just a launch monitor. In Colorado, the winters can be tough, so having an indoor simulator to play different courses keeps my swing lubed up during the down time.

  8. I’m glad to see that FlightScope has released the Mevo launch monitor. This will be a great tool for golfers who want to track their shots.

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