Fighting Golf Impact Improver Review

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The Fighting Golf Impact Improver is a training aid that allows you to swing indoors without a net.


As a Chicagoan, I’m constantly on the hunt for training aids and other golf devices that can be used indoors.  The Fighting Golf Impact Improver fits the bill: it’s a velcro-like shield that slides over the club face and “catches” red “Impact Balls” to give you feedback on impact location.  Is this the solution for golfers who can’t install hitting bays in their homes?

Ease of Use & Setup

Using the Impact Improver is simple – slide the “Strike Shield” over your club face and hit the “Impact Balls.”  That’s it.  Couldn’t be easier.

I slid the Strike Shield over a number of different types of irons and wedges without issue, but a “Facilitator Tool” is included if you have problems getting the shield over a thick top line.


The Impact Improver works exactly as described.  The velcro is uber-sticky – if you find any part of the face, the ball will stick.

One thing that I noticed when using the Impact Improver is that the feedback is not very precise.  With impact tape, you get a mark that’s smaller than the size of a ball.  This, combined with the feeling of the ball hitting the face, allows you to precisely locate impact.  With the Impact Balls, the whole balls stays on the face, plus there’s no impact sensation, so you get only a general idea about impact location.

Despite the lack of precision, I think the Impact Improver is quite good.  Most golfers have no idea where they’re striking the ball, so getting their strikes roughly into the center will be a huge improvement.  Additionally, the Impact Improver is a great tool for working on the types of drills Adam Young lays out in The Strike Plan.


The Impact Improver is a one-trick pony.  It tells you where the ball hit the face, period.  Because you’re not getting any feedback on face angle, club path, or ball flight, I can see some people getting bored with it after a while.


Value is where the Fighting Golf Impact Improver really stands out: it’s only $40 (support PluggedInGolf, buy it HERE).  $40 is the cost of a few buckets of range balls, so it will provide good return on investment after only a few sessions.  Beyond that, it allows you to practice when you otherwise couldn’t, which is invaluable.


Whether you’re trying to keep your sanity during the winter or cure yourself of the shanks, the Impact Improver can be a part of the solution.  It’s not a perfect training aid, but with its very reasonable price, it’s something most golfers should think about adding to their arsenal.

Buy the Impact Improver HERE

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  1. Robert Utsurogi

    I’m assuming it works the same for left handed golfers. I have a basement media room that is 9 feet high and do often make full swings. I would probably be wise to get a matt???

    • Matt Saternus


      A mat is a good idea or else you’ll wear out your carpet.
      Unfortunately, the Impact Improver does not have a LH version at this time. You could try attaching this to a LH club, but it would fit the face perfectly like it does with a RH club.



  2. Anonymous

    I know the owner doesn’t like me cause I’ve told him straight out about the game screwing me over all the time. But this is getting ridiculous about how the computer is helping all these players out. If u want to be screwed over by the computer. Then this is the game for u. I’ve played golf since high school and I know how to hit the ball and the computer makes me hit the ball before I release my shot. The owner hasn’t done anything about it yet. Contacted him several times about it. He’s not doing his job. Reviews mean everything about a game.

  3. Golf impact is good game if u want to be screwed over by the computer. It has certain players that it chooses to win. If ur not one of them u r just out of luck and money. The owner has no intentions of fixing the game. Messaged him several times and still hasn’t fixed the problem. My review is maybe 3 out of 10. Can’t get anything solved on it

  4. The computer is on a really good start this morning. Already screwed me over 4 times and I just got started. It’s time to start taking videos and sending it to the people who actually matter. I understand they have friends on here and they can’t let their friends get beaten but….u know. Things better change for the better. Get my meaning!

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