Edel Golf Wedges – Blue Ribbon Gear


Edel Golf – Blue Ribbon Gear

Unique, artistic, and damn good performers are my immediate thoughts when it comes to Edel Golf wedges.  Every aspect of Edel Golf is the highest of caliber from the craftsmanship in the clubs to the experience you’ll have creating your new equipment alongside the Edel team.  For these reasons, we’re happy to label Edel wedges Blue Ribbon Gear.

Edel wedges are some of the most customizable wedges on the market, giving golfers of all skill levels better opportunities to fine tune their gear.  Rather than just rely on good looks, however, Edel Golf also packs remarkable performance elements into their wedges that are matched by few others in the industry.

Surely the words “custom” and “hand made” must equal big money, right?  Fortunately, that’s not the case.  While I won’t tell you that Edel’s prices are on the lower end of the market, you can easily obtain their equipment for similar prices to big name competitors that crank out generic gear for the masses.  Of course, if you want to go crazy and get the “Neil Oster Treatment,” the prices climb accordingly.  That said, it’s still a good deal for a hand made product, and you will be more satisfied with it than with most golf purchases you’ve made in the past.

For a look at some of Edel’s beautiful work, head over and click around their gallery HERE.

Learn more about Edel Golf in our wedge review. and get the story on their fitting process HERE.



What Is PluggedInGolf.com Blue Ribbon Gear?

Blue Ribbon Gear is PluggedInGolf’s way of recognizing the very best equipment in golf.  From clubs to apparel to accessories, our blue ribbon is a symbol of gear that is head and shoulders above the rest.

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