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The Ecco Street Retro is the latest version of the casual golf shoe made famous by Fred Couples.  For golfers looking for a more street look and comfort on the golf course.

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I remember a day when there was not a chance you would catch any professional golfer wearing a spikeless golf shoe.  Hell, I don’t know if anyone even made a spikeless golf shoe until one day we saw Fred Couples walking the fairways of Augusta in some of the most casual, “chill” looking shoes.  This guy must be some sort of lunatic!  Obviously the spikeless trend absolutely blew up and the charge was led by golf shoe giant, Ecco.  The Ecco Street Retro is a newer version of that same shoe Fred Couples debuted all those years ago and is definitely cementing itself as a staple of the golf shoe game.

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The major reason Fred Couples switched to the Ecco spikeless shoe was because he said his back problems were causing him constant discomfort, and he wanted a shoe that would not only perform well but would accommodate his various ailments.  Ecco did a great job keeping that in mind with his original shoes, and the theme has stayed constant right up through the Street Retro.  The shoe is minimal, it is lightweight, breathable, and durable.  I’ve found these shoes to be a great option for those days I know I’m going to be hanging out at the golf course all day and want to feel comfortable and relaxed but also able to do various golf activities.

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The major appeal for the Ecco Street Retro is that it has a very minimal and casual look.  They don’t scream out for attention, but they definitely are a noticeable departure from your standard golf shoe.  Traditionalists may disagree, but I love heading to the course in a pair of shorts and some casual spikesless shoes like the Street Retro when I’m going to hit the range, do some putting, grab a bite, and practice some more.  It immediately creates a relaxed and comfortable vibe for you and helps to get you into a loose frame of mind…at least it does for me.  You can pick up the Street Retro in a variety of different colors to fit different tastes as well.

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A most important requirement for a golf shoe is its ability to maintain traction out on the golf course, whether it’s walking up and down hills or swinging as hard as you can in soaking wet conditions.  Let me be clear with this statement: the Ecco Street Retro does not have as much traction as a heavily spiked golf shoe.  That being said, the Street Retro worked well for me in regular conditions as well as light moisture like early morning dew or a slight drizzle.  I wouldn’t wear these in heavy water, but they held the ground well for me otherwise.  I will also advise that the more unbalanced you are throughout your swing, the more you will have problems with the Street Retro.  Swinging comfortably and securely in the Street Retro was not difficult to me.  I didn’t experiencing any slipping during the swing or any significant twisting.

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Ecco states on their website that the Street golf shoe started a revolution and it’s hard to argue with them.  Next time you’re at the golf course, just pay attention to how many people you actually see wearing spikeless golf shoes.  Next time you go to the golf store, notice that every major brand has at least one casual/street spikeless shoe in their lineup.  The Ecco Street Retro isn’t necessarily a technologically advanced or game changing performance golf shoe, but it brings a certain sense of cool to a game that is often considered boring and stuffy.  If the Ecco Street is good enough for Freddie Couples week in and week out, well that seems like adequate validation to me.

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  1. Freddie is on the Senior Tour and I am too am a senior! Freddie has always been the epitiomy of coolness, we all like to emulate people in the world of coolnes. What better way to be cool, than to wear the fashion statement of Freddie Couples. The technology that ECCO has brought to the game of golf, is a game changer for the industry and golfers. I sure need step up my coolness factor with a pair the the ECCO shoes!

  2. David Gilroy

    Just purchased the same pair as shown
    Absolutely amazing
    Got the black and red also
    Only shoe worth the money
    So well built so strong in heal area which lets a lot of other top brands down

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