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DUER apparel blends the best aspects of technical fabrics with timeless style.  Materials feel wonderful on your skin.  Loads of mobility and comfort.


Golf apparel has seen a recent shift away from tech fabrics toward clothing you can wear on course and off.  DUER takes that concept to an even broader audience with “stretch performance denim and lifestyle apparel” that moves beautifully while maintaining a classy appearance.


DUER emphasizes “seasonless style” and doing more with a few well-made items.  This translates to a focus on basics.  If you’re looking for trendy prints or even stripes, you need to look elsewhere [try HERE].  DUER makes solid tops and pants that you can wear year in, year out.

That focus on staples extends to their color choices, too.  Their Performance Stretch Button Down has the most options, just six, and the closest thing to trendy in that array is an orange-ish khaki.  If you want to idiot-proof your wardrobe, fill it with DUER.  Every piece in their catalog will look good with everything else.


I tested three different DUER pants: the No Sweat Relaxed Taper, the Live Free Flex, and the NuStretch Relaxed 5-Pocket.  All of these feature DUER’s Relaxed fit, which has a little more room in the thigh and a gentle taper through the lower leg.  For me, the fit is absolutely perfect.  The waist is true to size, but the fit leaves room in the thigh for those that don’t skip leg day.  The taper is modest: just enough to keep the pants looking neat.  Too often, relaxed fit means sloppy, but that’s not the case here.

Moving to the tops, DUER describes The Only Polo as having a “modern slim fit for a tailored look.”  I found this to be a fair description in both the medium and large.  There is a gentle taper through the body which elevates the look and feel by eliminating any excess material.  The large does have noticeably more room but is still well short of baggy for me at 6 feet, 193 pounds.  I found the difference in sleeve length most noticable – the large sits just below mid-bicep, the medium just above.


After my testing, I am a complete convert to DUER pants.  I’m not certain of the order, but these are the top three pants that I own.  The materials are simply outstanding, and they’re all I wanted to wear.

The first time I pulled them on, I noticed how soft and stretchy the material is.  Out of the box, they feel like your most loved, broken in jeans while still looking like proper, adult pants.  They move easily, allowing plenty of room for the golf swing, a jog, or whatever else the situation calls for.  Among the three models I tested, the biggest difference is the weight.  The NuStretch Relaxed 5-Pocket is the lightest, ideal for warmer temperatures.  Both the Live Free Flex Pant and No Sweat Relaxed Taper Pant are mid-weight and will be perfect for spring and fall golf.

DUER’s polos perform the same feat of looking and feeling like natural materials while performing like technical fabrics.  Both The Only Polo and Performance Polo Air Flow Pique are extremely soft and breathable, but they allow a full range of motion.


DUER apparel looks great and performs well in a variety of settings.  Not only that, it’s clothing you can feel good about wearing.  DUER makes their apparel from 95% plant-based or recycled fibers, aiming to eliminate plastic from their clothes entirely.  If you want timeless style with modern fit and performance, DUER is a brand you must check out.


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  1. What color is the lighter blue?

  2. On the DUER website they have a navy, steel blue, atlantic, sail, etc listed as colors.

    Which color is the lighter blue pants you reviewed in the pictures?


  3. Matt, if you’ve tried any of lululemon’s pants, how do the three DU/ER types you reviewed compare to those?

    30-day return at their site is nice. Beats having to go to their 2 stores in the US.

    Thanks for the review.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, I have some Lululemon pants. I prefer the DUER pants as they have slightly more stretch and the material looks more traditional. If I wasn’t wearing them, I’d never know they weren’t “normal” khakis. I prefer that to the look of tech fabrics.



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