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Tired of ruining expensive gloves in hot and humid weather?  Dry Glove is a lotion that keeps your hands, and your feet, from sweating. It really works.


From July to late September, the weather in Central Florida can get pretty brutal.  The humidity soaks you and makes it difficult to keep your glove dry.  It was not uncommon for me to use three to four gloves during a single round.  I had even resorted to using a rain glove to help with the excess moisture on my hands and on my grip.  That wear and tear can get pricey.

Applying a small amount of Dry Glove really made a difference.  My hand was dry the whole round.  If you struggle keeping a dry grip on your clubs, I recommend you give Dry Glove a try.

Does It Work?

I had very mixed results the first time I tried Dry Glove. I applied Dry Glove at the course, before my round on the driving range.  Although, I really could feel a difference, my hands were still a little damp.  I had to re-apply the lotion a second time to help make it through the round.  Though disappointed, I gave Dry Glove another chance.

The second time out, I made sure to apply Dry Glove before I even stepped out of the car into the humidity.  Big difference.  On a day when the temperature is 96° and the heat index is 105°, dry hands make a big difference in your grip.  To get the best results, make sure your hands are dry before applying the lotion.

On that particular day, I made it home after the round and decided to mow the back yard.  It takes a good hour and a half to trim and mow my back yard.  I did not think of it at first, but realized, “Hey, my hands are still dry!”  Eight hours, one round of golf, a mowed back yard, and my hands were still dry. Amazing!

Dry Glove is a lotion and dries pretty quickly.  The lotion is not tacky, and once it dries, all you feel are dry hands.  There is a very slight smell out of the tube, but it is very neutral and fades quickly.  The tackiness is easily washed off with soap and water.  Dry Glove does not stain your gloves or clothing.


If you are like me and really struggle keeping your hands dry during the hot summer golf months, Dry Glove will keep your hands dry and help you maintain a solid grip.  Dry Glove comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the results, return the product within thirty days of purchase and get a full refund as long as the tube is no more than 30% used.

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