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The EdgePro from currexSole is a performance insole geared toward golfers.  Designed to provide added support and comfort for golfers of all foot shapes.


The EdgePro line for currexSole provides golfers with a comfortable insole based on the arch size of their foot.  This allows for the most comfortable fit, while delivering high levels of support and performance.  The EdgePro line is what currexSole designates for golfers, as it provides added support around the edges of the feet where golfers apply the most pressure when swinging.  For this review, we checked out both the low profile (for those with small arches) and high profile (larger arches) in two different golfers, and this what we found.


As soon as I received these, I was extremely eager to try them.  I recruited my cousin to help me in the test, as soreness in his feet really keeps him from playing as much golf as he would like.

I inserted the low profile into my usual Under Armour shoe, and my cousin into his Nikes.  The performance blew us both away.  After 18 holes, my feet feel almost as good as new.  I felt that I had enough support in my entire foot, while maintaining a snug, comfortable fit.  My feet were a little tighter than normal inside the shoe, but were still comfortably able to breathe.

My cousin saw the biggest impact.  He felt that he was wearing a completely new shoe.  His feet felt zero pain after 18 holes, and he even asked if I wanted to play 18 more (he never does that).  He has never been able to find a shoe that provides him enough support in his arches, and the EdgePro solved that problem instantly.

Overall, the insoles provided a premium level of both comfort and support, making our feet feel stable while playing, without leaving your feet aching after 18.


The EdgePro comes in three different foot profiles: low, medium, and high arch.  Unlike your typical Doctor Scholl’s insole, which are usually made of gel, these insoles are much more firm.  They utilize PORON beads in both the heel and balls of the feet to help relieve stress and create a memory foam-like cushion.  The nylon composite arch area provides a firm support on the edges of your feet for maximum stability.

After a simple measurement and cut, the insoles fit perfectly into my golf shoes.  The ergonomic cup heel keeps the insole snugly in place, and the insole doesn’t move around in the shoe.  My feet did fit more snugly than usual on the top of the foot, and my cousin said that was especially so with the high arch.  This is because stock insoles don’t provide a ton of arch support. While the fit was more snug, my feet were still perfectly comfortable and were able to breathe easily.


For anyone with foot problems, or those who feel like their feet are on fire after 18 holes, I highly recommend the currexSole Edge Pro.  For added support, pain due to a high arch, or just more comfort in your shoe, look no further than the currexSole EdgePro.

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  1. Do you know if these insoles relieve plantar fasciitus? How does one identify the size of their arches?

  2. To identify the right arch height simply wet your feet then step onto some paper. The shape of your footprint determines the arch type. I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, I completed the test outlined above and surprisingly the support recommended was the medium support as my arch height was not as high as I thought. I bought 3 sets of insoles and they have worked very well. It takes a few rounds to get used to the extra support but after that no problems. I also ordered a size bigger than I needed so I could position the arch support correctly for my foot shape.

    See for selecting the correct arch support type and best of luck.

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