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Cole Haan GrandPro AM Golf Sneaker Review

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The Cole Haan GrandPro AM Golf Sneaker is one of the better go-anywhere golf shoes that I’ve tested.  Very comfortable.  Strong performer on the course.  Good waterproofing.


If you’re like me, you think of Cole Haan as a maker of dress shoes, not golf shoes.  But after reading Matt Meeker’s review of the Generation ZERØGRAND Golf Sneaker [check it out HERE], I was fully intrigued and jumped at the chance to check out the GrandPro AM Golf Sneaker.  I discovered a shoe that performs well on the course and looks great everywhere.


Where the Generation ZERØGRAND goes all in on the modern look, the GrandPro AM has a classic sneaker vibe.  The leather upper is monotone and there’s very limited branding, so the focus is on the high quality stitching.

Of course, we also need to mention the very bold sole color.  I like the pairing of a classic look with a healthy dose of color.  These work whether you’re a bold dresser who wears these to dial it down or the staid type who wears these to add some spice.

As you can see above, the GrandPro AM comes with two sets of laces.  While I tend to be more conservative in my style, I actually liked the matching grey and yellow laces better.

The Cole Haan GrandPro AM golf sneaker comes in four colorways: Ironstone (shown here), Habana (light brown), Ombre Blue Camo, and White.


As we expect from modern golf footwear, the Cole Haan GrandPro AM is very comfortable right out of the box.  Despite being a leather shoe, there’s no break in period required.  The shoe moved with me easily from the first wearing.

The fit of the GrandPro AM is middle of the road.  When I say that, I mean that this is neither an overbuilt stability shoe nor a structure-free knit.  There is some support laterally, and the heel is neither sloppy nor totally locked in.  This makes it very comfortable for walking, on course or off.

One thing I really like about the GrandPro AM is that the laces actually change the fit.  I’ve found that on many modern shoes the laces are almost purely aesthetic.  On the GrandPro AM, you can leave them loose for a roomier fit, or you can lock your foot in with a tight lacing.

While I’m not much for going sockless, the combination of the liner’s feeling and Meeker’s review compelled me to try it.  I’m glad I did.  Cole Haan uses an Ortholite® sockliner that feels fantastic on bare feet or socks.  It’s very soft on the skin with a light cushioning.  In a word, it feels luxurious.

Finally, I want to note the weight.  Looking at these shoes, I expected something mid to heavy weight.  However, when I slipped them on they were surprisingly light.  Throwing them on the scale revealed them to be the same weight as the TRUE Lux [review HERE], which is to say, they’re safely in the mid weight range.


One of the first things I noticed when I unboxed the GrandPro AM Golf Sneaker is the sole.  What I call “spikes that tilt in different directions,” Cole Haan describes it as a “multi-directional rubber traction pattern.”  Their way sounds better.  Whatever you call it, the sole is extremely versatile.  Many golfers are familiar with the spikeless shoe that is a total safety hazard on paved surfaces.  The GrandPro AM, however, is sure-footed on concrete, gravel, grass, sand, or anywhere else you want to go.

More importantly, these shoes provide excellent traction during the swing.  I tested them in everything from dusty, dry, no-rain-in-a-week conditions to rained-all-night conditions and they were always solid.  I felt like I could put everything I had into a swing and not worry about slipping.

Speaking of rain, one of the focuses of the GrandPro AM is the waterproofing.  I gave these the garden hose test, and they passed with flying colors.  Whether you’re dealing with light morning dew or an unexpected downpour, these shoes will keep your feet dry.


Despite being relatively new in the golf shoe category, Cole Haan has put out a real contender with the GrandPro AM Golf Sneaker.  If you want a shoe that can perform and look sharp in a variety of settings, this it it.

Visit Cole Haan HERE

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  1. I don’t understand the desire to wear golf shoes anywhere other than the golf course. Changing shoes takes literally one minute.

    • Yeah well, now that minute can be spent headed straight to the practice green or tee. Then again, some guys just treasure the ritual of changing shoes in the locker room. To each his own.

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