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Designed to maximize forgiveness across the face, the Cobra KING SPEEDZONE XTREME driver delivers consistent performance with a distinctive look.


Depending on context, the infinity symbol can evoke a lot of different thoughts.  The concept of limitless always comes to mind anytime I gaze out at the seemingly endless horizon of the ocean.  Examining the milled lines on the face of the Cobra KING SPEEDZONE XTREME driver as they passed the edges, imagery of the disappearing ocean emerged – it was time for the two to meet.


Although the face looks bright, it’s just the result of capturing the right angle for exposing the intricate CNC milling and infinity symbol.  In normal conditions the face is dark and the milling subtle.  The black gloss crown also reveals a few speckles and the carbon composite construction in the right light.  I like how the red and yellow pin striping give the large head definition.

The color scheme continues more prominently on the sole.  The badging is bold without looking busy.  If the tail of the KING SPEEDZONE XTREME driver head reminds you of exhaust pipes on a sports car, congratulations, that’s exactly what the Cobra designers had in mind.  Similar to the F9 Speedback, the driver is also available in a matte black and white combination.

Sound & Feel

I’ve come to really appreciate the distinctive but not attention getting sound of the Cobra KING SPEEDZONE XTREME driver.  Metallic with a slightly hollow tone, the sound is loudish, maybe a medium plus on a simple volume scale.  Initially I thought the driver lacked feel, which aligned with a max forgiveness club, until I caught one inside the infinity circle – pure satisfaction.


I’ve played a 10.5 degree driver for as long as I can remember, and my initial results with the 9 degree driver were, not surprisingly, mediocre.  Adding loft with the MyFly hosel adjustment system was super simple and intuitive, and I immediately achieved a launch angle that better fit my swing.  I had never spent significant time with a Mitsubishi Tensei CK AV Blue shaft but am now a huge fan.  Looking over the other 3 stock offerings for the KING SPEEDZONE XTREME driver, Cobra has truly given golfers premium shaft options.

Reviewing my launch monitor data with Jay Marino, master club fitter at Club Champion, two performance factors stood out – power and forgiveness.  Digging deeper, these factors go hand in hand in terms of efficiency and consistency.  Smash factor was amazingly consistent and high, even with significant off-center strikes.

Cobra breaks down their performance attributes into 6 zones [power, strength, light, low cg, aero and stability] with various analogies to race cars, but it really boils down to construction.  Titanium for a strong chassis, 360 Carbon Wrap for weight savings, and weight positioning for a low center of gravity.  Mix in optimized aerodynamics and the infinity face, and the KING SPEEDZONE XTREME driver is a reliable workhorse.


Much like early explorers were rewarded for pushing towards the horizon, Cobra’s pursuit of a fully CNC milled face seems to have hit the power jackpot.  Cobra designers also focused on overall construction details of the KING SPEEDZONE XTREME to produce their highest MOI driver to date.  Cobra has set the bar for 2020 drivers high.

Cobra KING SPEEDZONE XTREME Driver Price & Specs

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Matt Meeker

Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. He's also a proud coach with The First Tee of Central Florida who loves teaching kids about golf and life skills.

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  1. Have the F9 Speedback driver and hit more fairways ever w great overall distance especially on off-center hits. Looking forward to hitting the 2020 version.

  2. Bruce R Neerhof

    How does it compare to the F9? Is it worth the upgrade?

    • The question of “worth it” between concurrent model years is always a tough one Bruce. The XTREME is a more forgiving version of the SPEEDZONE which should be more in line with the F9. The true answer lies with hitting all three and seeing if the results warrant the cost of the latest version.

      – Meeks

  3. Chris Morgan

    Thank you for the review. I wonder how you compare this to the new Cleveland Launcher Turbo driver? They seem to be after the same golfing crowd!? Thank you.

    • Great question/observation Chris. It really comes down to performance for the individual. If the stock Launcher Turbo performs well and say equally to the XTREME, there’s a $100 savings to be had. For some, having the ability to dial in performance with the hosel may be worth the extra money. And of course, some people want to be like Ricky.

      – Meeks

  4. The difference between the F9 and the SpeedZone are minimal from the comparisons I’ve read and seen. Cobra has made two outstanding drivers in 2019 & 2020. I’m going with the Cleveland Launcher Turbo for 2020. It was very forgiving and longer than their driver from last year. The Miyazaki counter balanced shaft gives this driver a smooth feel and added club head speed without extra effort. I apologize for the review, but for the price IMHO this driver should be in the top 5 for 2020.

    • i had the f9 and now the speedzone for just about 200 hits….i can say the speedzone is way way more consistent. the f9 for me was fairly inconsistent especially toward toe hits… last night on about 50 range balls they all landed within 5 yards deep of each other and 39 yard dispersion. the side view of all the shots looked identical. im a 1 cap but this is better than my ping g400 lst and certainly the f9. i would say i dont think the speedzone is miraculously long or anything. just long and consistent. also the top profile sitting at address is the best ive ever had in a driver. it almost looks set open as opposed to f9. love it.

  5. Just a heads up. That is not the CK shaft, thats the new AV shaft. Very similar, but with quite a few improvements over the original CK series.

    • Mitsubishi Tensei CK AV Blue just to be clear.

      – Meeks

    • Ryan you’re right. The CK and AV are completely different series. There is no CK AV, its one or the other

      • Joe,

        This is straight off the Cobra Spec sheet they provided me: “Tensei CK AV Blue 65”. Actual photo shows AV. We’ll have to check the Cobra website when the product goes live.

        – Meeks

  6. Great review Matt . I have been holding off to get fit for a driver until I saw cobra offering.

  7. How do you find the forgiveness compared to last years F9?

  8. Great review. Thanks for your time in putting these together. I’ll be testing this as an option for my next driver.

  9. Great review Matt. Thanks. My swing speed is close to yours so I like to read your reviews.

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