Cobra KING SPEEDZONE Driver Review

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With six design features focused on optimizing performance, the Cobra KING SPEEDZONE driver is powerful and consistent.  Great looks and distinctive CNC milled Infinity Face.


While the Cobra KING SPEEDZONE XTREME driver (review HERE) was designed to maximize forgiveness, engineers turned their focus to adjustability for dialing in performance for the standard version SPEEDZONE.  With interchangeable front and back weight ports, the SPEEDZONE driver allows players to fine tune launch and spin – all while benefiting from Cobra’s new CNC milled Infinity Face.


Having gamed the Cobra F9 in the Avalanche colorway the past year, I immediately gravitated to the matte black and white version of the SPEEDZONE driver.  The all matte crown has a cleaner look and the edge of the Infinity Face creates a wonderful reference for setup.  I also like the fresh crowned C for ball alignment.  For golfers who prefer a bolder color scheme, the SPEEDZONE is also available in yellow with a lustrous clear coat finish.

Catch the light just right and you can really see the intricacies of the CNC milling and infinity symbol on the dark face.  Branding on the sole is bold, but promotes the streamline, aerodynamic head shape.  The distinctive red exhaust ports reflect Cobra’s race car inspired theme.

Sound & Feel

Across the face of the SPEEDZONE driver, the sound is a solid metallic ‘tink’ with a slightly hollow tone.  The head felt stable regardless of strike location.

Learning that the milled area was expanded by 95%, and the head is built around a strong titanium t-bar chassis, I wasn’t surprised that the sound and feel are consistent.   The limited audible and tactile feedback is simply the result of a unified design that’s focused on delivering reliable and strong performance. 


The two design features described above constitute the power and strength ‘zones’ – two of the SPEEDZONE driver’s six performance zones.  To increase potential club head speed Cobra utilized 360 Carbon Wrap, saving 25 grams of weight in the crown (light zone), and an aero shape to harness airflow and reduce drag.  For low CG, Cobra positioned even more weight low and deep than in the F9 SPEEDBACK, and strategically placed weight in the front corners of the head to create the stability zone for high MOI.  That’s a lot to process and it boils down to maximizing performance, even on mishits.

On the launch monitor at Club Champion, my performance numbers were rock solid across the board.  Most notable was the remarkable consistency.  The penalty for mishits was minimal.  It’s such a nice feeling to look up and see positive results even when I could tell my swing was off or contact location wasn’t great.

The numbers presented above were with the weights in their stock position – 14 gram weight forward, 2 gram back.  Flipping them, my numbers moved counter to logic.  With the heavier weight in the rear, my launch angle and spin went down slightly while carry and total yardage improved a bit.  More reason why, as you’ll often hear us preach at PIG, you need to try clubs yourself.

PIG readers also know having the right shaft is a critical component of a club’s performance and the stock Mitsubishi Tensei CK AV Blue shaft fits me very well.  For golfers who need other flex profiles, Cobra also offers three additional premium stock shafts.  The SPEEDZONE driver also comes equipped with an Arccos embedded grip sensor.


In its pursuit of a fully CNC milled face, Cobra seems to have found its “face with no limits.”  The face, when combined with the other five performance zones, gives the KING SPEEDZONE driver a wonderful balance of power and consistency.  Appealing looks and adjustability have this driver destined for my bag.

Cobra KING SPEEDZONE Driver Price & Specs

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Matt Meeker

Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. He's also a proud coach with The First Tee of Central Florida who loves teaching kids about golf and life skills.

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  1. If one was to regrip a cobra club and get rid of the sensor, would they need to add a counterbalance weight to maintain swing weight, or is it negligible? I love my F9 with the atmos black 7X, but the grip has a slight bulge where the sensor is that I don’t much care for.

    • Matt Meeker

      With the help of my local Club Champion, I changed shaft and grip without any concern or impact. Physics dictates that there has to be an impact to swing weight, but it is negligible.

      Re-grip it and rip it Brandon.

      – Meeks

  2. Kristofer Liaw

    I am now using F9 before is F8 so far I am ok with F9 in near further hopefully I will change speedZ at moment no cause I am afraid i might loss confident if I cannot handle the speedZ

  3. Jim Nalepa

    I love my current Cobra F9 , not enough information on what I can expect if I upgrade to the newer version. Lets compare the 2 drivers , is it more foregiving, higher launch , faster bad speed ?????

    • Matt Meeker


      Overall, performance is very similar between the F9 and the SZ. The noteworthy improvement in my testing was forgiveness. Like most models that get released annually, its hard to financially justify the upgrade to the latest if you own the previous version.

      – Meeks

  4. Recently switched driver heads, F-9 to Speed Zone. I really liked the F-9, but Love the Speed Zone – everything about the new head is just a little bit better! I kept the same shaft, custom fit at Club Champion with the Paderson shaft.

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