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The Cobra King Oversize irons are incredibly forgiving, long, and a ton of fun to play on the course.



Cobra Golf aptly named their latest game improvement iron the Cobra King Oversize, and its the largest iron profile they’ve ever made.  Not only is the King Oversize a large profile but its Sweet Zone technology and detailed focus on center of gravity make for an extremely forgiving and long distance iron.  Cobra claims, “If hitting dead center is not the strongest part of your game, we’ve got your back! Worrying about off-center shots will now be a distant memory.”  Boy, were they right.



I’m not going to pull any punches, the Cobra King Oversize irons are a large game improvement iron.  Typically big game improvement irons look like giant shovels.  Where I think Cobra knocked it out of the park is that they managed to make a large profile game improvement iron that looks clean and smooth.

Yes, the footprint is large and there’s significant offset, but the King Oversize will definitely inspire confidence in the player looking for help.  The face even has a circular pattern on it to frame the ball and indicate a larger sweet spot.  The King Oversize is every bit a game improvement iron with thick soles and top lines, but that’s what this category of club is supposed to look like.


Sound & Feel

When I hear an iron has a hollow face, I immediately get concerned about sound and feel.  They typically sound dead, like a metal wood, or flat, because they’re packed with so much urethane between the face and cavity.  The Cobra King Oversize has a hollow body, but I don’t think there is a sacrifice to the sound and feel of the club.  There is definitely forgiveness as you travel from the center making for more “well-struck shots” because of Cobra’s larger “Sweet Zone.”  Those well-struck shots are rewarded with explosive feel and solid “snap” sound that almost sounds like a cap gun going off.



Distance, forgiveness, and turf interaction are the hallmarks of the Cobra King Oversize irons.  Once I adjusted to the King Oversize irons, I realized I was hitting the ball about twenty-five yards longer in most of my clubs.  Though I’m not switching to a GI iron anytime soon, I have to tell you that I had a ton of fun hitting these on the range.  The flight was a piercing, rising line that repeatedly set down softly at the target.  The shorter irons went straight in the air and carried for days.  The longer irons had a similar flight to that of a hybrid but with the feel and turf interaction of an iron.

The turf interaction is what made the King Oversize irons feel so automatic to me.  It seemed like no matter what I did, I couldn’t hit a fat shot.  The divots were always shallow, and the club would stay on track throughout the ball.  This may be some sort of placebo effect, but the results were very real.  Maybe it’s the lower center of gravity that makes the club easier to hit, but at the end of the day I was hitting the ball well with ease and that’s the whole point of the Cobra King Oversize irons.  Off-center shots that would normally suffer were still strong and did not see any significant loss of ball speed.



The whole idea behind a game improvement iron is to make it easier for a golfer to hit the ball well, which will in turn makes the golfer have more fun on the course.  Cobra did an excellent job making the King Oversize irons very easy to hit with lots of distance.  I know I certainly had a lot of fun testing the Cobra King Oversize irons, and I would definitely recommend testing them out if you’re looking to upgrade from your current game improvement set.

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