Cobra KING MIM Wedge Review

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Cobra produces a classic-looking wedge with a dash of flash and a unique manufacturing process.  Three grind options.  Looks, feels, and plays the part.


The Cobra KING MIM (Metal Injection Molded) wedge introduces a unique manufacturing process which, according to Cobra, results in a “more even grain structure than forged and cast wedges” and softer feel.  The company has garnered plenty of praise for recent products like its drivers and one length irons.  Do its wedges warrant the same type of attention?


The blacked out look on a wedge is tough to beat.  While the MIM wedge also comes in a more classic chrome finish, I can only judge what I see.  And I like what I see, both in the bag and at address.

While the stealth-ninja finish is great, the shape of the club is also very pleasing to the eye.  There is minimal offset and the size of the club head appears compact down by the ball, a definite player’s shape.  The Cobra graphics on the back and the milling pattern on the face also contribute positively to the club’s high quality look.

Sound & Feel

The sound of a well-struck ball is a nice, crisp mid-range ‘tock.’  Something struck less than pure will come off with more of a dull ‘thud.’  This provides concise, immediate feedback in the way that I prefer with short game clubs.  The feel of impact does not approach mushy at all, and to me, that’s a good thing.

The feel is smooth.  For me, the rhythm of full swings was noticeably enhanced by the KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shaft, which is a slightly heavier wedge shaft than I am used to.


The Cobra KING MIM wedge performed at a very high level around the greens, from the sand, in the rough, and from the fairway.  I especially looked forward to the chance to hit it with a full swing from a fairway lie, as the sound and feel of impact is just sublime.

One thing I would look for if I were considering buying this wedge is which grind best suits my needs?  Cobra has provided three grind options for this club: Versatile, Wide Low, and Classic.  I tested the Classic grind which seemed ready to perform on all kinds of shots, but the Versatile grind has added toe and heel relief, which means it will be more forgiving when opening the face, a shot I very much enjoy using from tight lies around the green.  The Wide Low grind has a wider sole and will be better suited to shots played from rough or soft sand.

Whatever you do, don’t just close your eyes and grab whichever one you can pull off the rack first.  At the very least, talk to a fitter about your game and the courses you play regularly to find out which makes the most sense for you.


This is the first new wedge Cobra has released since the KING in 2017.  While several other OEMs make more noise and get more hype about the quality of their wedge offerings, perhaps Cobra ought to get some more airtime in that conversation.  I know I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience playing the KING MIM wedge.

Cobra KING MIM Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. I play these the 52 and 56 in the versatile grind. Easy to open the face around the greens and 3/4 shots are very spiny with the KBS shaft. The 60 wide is awesome off tight lies. Very easy to hit delicate slips or sod landing chips.

  2. Curious if these are bendable to 48°? With the new lofts of my set, I’ve got 8° between PW and 52 – maybe I just go 50-55-60 instead? These are beautiful (!) wedges

    • Matt Saternus


      I think a good club builder should be able to make a 2 degree bend. Just know that you’ll be changing the bounce, too.



    • Since my Speedzone gap wedge loft is 48 degrees, getting my MiM loft adjusted to 48 degrees is a logical progression. I will try it at 50 degrees first.

  3. James Perna

    How does the size of the clubhead compare to a Vokey? Same, Smaller, Bigger?

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi James,

      Hard to say without a Vokey wedge on hand to compare. I also couldn’t find any measurements listed online.
      What I’d say is that the Cobra MIM appears very compact to me. I do suspect part of that appearance is the matte black finish but I haven’t seen many wedges that looked significantly more compact to me.


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