Cobra King F7 One Length Irons Review

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The Cobra King F7 irons are full of forgiveness and distance, making for a great game improvement iron.  Available in the One Length configuration to simplify your setup.


There’s a lot to say about Cobra‘s King F7 iron line this season.  First and foremost, the King F7 is available in two configurations – the One Length set as well as traditional Variable Length.  The irons themselves are full of technology that make for a great game improvement iron.


Cobra made an effort to clearly differentiate the One Length and Variable version of the King F7 irons.  The One Length irons have a red and blue theme while the Variable set has Cobra’s signature black and orange.

From address, the King F7 is a moderate GI looking club.  The top line isn’t super thick but it’s far from thin, and the head size isn’t exceptionally large.  Similarly, there is medium offset and when you flip the club over, the soles are midsize.  Blade players aren’t going to be fooled by the F7, but these clubs don’t scream “GAME IMPROVEMENT” at you.

Sound & Feel

My “professional” opinion is that the sound and feel of GI irons has improved the most over the past five years or so.  Cobra Golf may be one of the most improved in the industry.  Gone are the days of metallic sounding, empty feeling shovel shots.

The King F7 irons had a really nice “whoosh” at impact, and the feel was more responsive than I’ve seen in previous Cobra GI irons.  I would even go so far as to say these don’t feel like a typical GI iron at all.  When you miss the sweet spot – which is large – you know it, but you aren’t severely punished.

A major contributor to improved feel is the progressive hollow design through the set.  In the picture above, you can see how the cavity progresses through the set.  These hollows paired with the thinner, stronger PWRShell face makes for an exceptional GI feel.


Both versions of Cobra King F7 irons are solid performers with similar characteristics.  The King F7 has notable offset to it which definitely makes them draw biased.  My typical shot is a straight ball, but with the King F7 my shot is an easy draw.  In fact, when I tried to fade the ball, I just hit it straight.  When I would try and hit a monster slice, then I could get the ball right, but I wouldn’t consider it a serviceable shot for me.  The point is, the King F7 make hitting the ball straight easier.  Slicing players will find these favorable.

I was also hitting the ball a country mile with these irons.  I tested a 5-GW set and played them longer than I would a 3-PW set.  Both the King F7 sets have the same lofts which are about 3º stronger than my usual irons.  Whatever the reasons for the added length, the King F7 is easy to hit through the whole set, and players will like those extra yards in each club.

One Length vs Variable Length

Naturally, the configurations of Cobra One Length and Variable are going to make a difference.  I’m not going to claim I got fully acclimated to a single length throughout my iron set, but I could definitely see advantages.  Setting up and swinging the same way improved my consistency.

I found the most advantage in the long irons and struggled the most in the short irons.  With the short irons, a standard shot was long and about as high as I’ve ever hit normal golf shots.  When I tried to adjust trajectory, I struggled.  For that player looking to hit one type of shot, the adjustment will be a piece of cake.  For me, I struggled to find the adjustment required to manipulate my shots.

The Variable Length irons are long and I found them a little easier to hit higher or lower.  I have no doubt in my mind that’s because I’m more use to traditional lengths.


There may be a lot going on with the Cobra King F7 irons, but the fact is they make for a great game improvement iron.  Distance, forgiveness, great feel, and ease of use are everything you need in a good GI iron.  True, Cobra has introduced a lot of variables to consider, but with great club fitters like Club Champion around, there’s an opportunity to work with a professional to make your golf game more consistent and fun.

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  1. Thanks for the review.

    In your view, what’s the difference between the F6 and the F7 irons (variable length). Do you prefer one above the other?

    • Honestly it’s been so long since I hit the F6, I have a tough time recalling to compare. Top of my head, and reviewing my previous F6 review, I’d say the F7.

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