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Cobra King F7 Hybrid Review


50 Words or Less

The Cobra King F7 hybrid has a sturdy feel and plenty of forgiveness.  One easy to play hybrid.

Introduction has covered the evolution of Cobra equipment fairly well since 2013.  While not as exciting as innovative drivers and flashy irons, the hybrids have been a quiet success this whole time.  Cobra brought back their familiar Baffler rail technology in the King F7 hybrid to create one of their best hybrids to date.



Cobra‘s hybrid footprint hasn’t really changed all that much since the Bio Cell days.  At address the head is a moderate pear shape with a medium depth face.  The F7 hybrid’s crown is a gloss black with minor matte black accents.  I would have preferred the matte finish like the King F7+ driver, but it’s not a deal breaker here.  On the sole you’ll find silver baffler rails, the orange weight, and orange accenting to give the F7 hybrid a dash of flair.


Sound & Feel

My favorite part about the King F7 hybrid is how it sounds and feels.  As the Cobra hybrids have evolved, the sound and feel have been getting more muted and solid.  In this new hybrid, the sound is a firm crack, and the feel is powerful and responsive.  Cobra isn’t advertising any new technology that would create this effect, but it’s a great bonus.  Any decent shot I struck sounded great and felt even better.  If all future Cobra hybrids share these characteristics, I won’t be upset.



There are a lot of things to cover in regards to the Cobra King F7 hybrid.  In the interest of consolidating the basics, I’ll say the King F7 is easy to hit with a nice high launch.  The area of real interest is the Baffler system on the sole and how it impacts performance.  Baffler rails are actually a very old concept from Cobra that has come and gone over the decades.  The Bafflers are designed to create smoother turf interaction and keep a square face at impact.

I will tell you that I noticed a significant difference having the Baffler rails on the F7 sole.  First, it was almost impossible to hit a truly fat shot.  The Baffler rails would almost pop the club up and keep it tracking through the ground.  Second, once the rails set into the turf, I could feel the head tracking on its path.  There was noticeable resistance from the club if it tried to twist through impact.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s impossible to hit a squirrelly shot, but the rails certainly make a difference in keeping the club face square.



Though not full of cool space ports and adjustable weight systems, the King F7 hybrid is still worth checking out.  Cobra‘s combination of great feel with stability and reliability from the Baffler rails make the F7 a trustworthy hybrid to help with that tough, critical, spot in the bag.  With such a simple and effective design, Cobra has succeeded in delivering what I believe to be their best hybrid ever.

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Cobra King F7 Hybrid Price & Specs


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  1. William Bacon

    Fairway review coming soon??

  2. Where’s a good place to get fitted besides Club Champion & Cool Clubs?

  3. I have 3 Cobra F6 hybrids and they are really good and have been in bag going on a year. Except for the baffler rails is there that much difference between them and the F7 for me to upgrade now? Thanks.

    • I have been playing the F6 as well, and the only reason I’m not switching is because I don’t have the F7 in a 3 hybrid. I think the new F7 has a more powerful/solid feel to it which is an even bigger deal to me than the Baffler rails.

      In terms of upgrading now, I can’t really answer that without knowing why you think you need an upgrade in that spot in the bag.

  4. Atlanta Don

    Guys, just stumbled onto your site. Appreciate both the pros and cons as opposed to the non-stop equipment commercials masquerading as the other ‘review sites’. I subscribed this AM. Keep up the great work.

  5. One thing you didn’t mention that’s key for me is the easy adjustability of the lofts. This is great for those of us trying to fit a couple of hybrids into the gaps between our irons and fairway wood. Many other hybrids have a single loft – these have up to 8 different loft options (that you don’t have to do any math to figure out ; ). Combined with 4 different stock shaft options these clubs are really tunable. Plus the one thing I can’t get over is how they adjust the flight to bring the ball back towards center. The old ‘gear effect’ marketing seems to actually work with these. I’m really pretty amazed.
    Thanks for the review.

  6. The Cobra F7 hybrid, in my opinion,is the best hybrid I have ever used. For me the most impressive feature is the amazing accuracy. Feel and sound are excellent and my golfing partner said the flight was like a bullet.

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